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Lasting Longer Than Expected
Methiopropamine & Caffeine
Citation:   Anonymous . "Lasting Longer Than Expected: An Experience with Methiopropamine & Caffeine (exp98091)". Sep 24, 2017.

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral Methiopropamine (capsule)
  T+ 0:52 90 mg oral Methiopropamine (capsule)
  T+ 1:52 90 mg oral Methiopropamine (capsule)
  T+ 1:57 10090 mg oral Caffeine  
Fitness: Good health, train weekly.
Previous experiences: Limited; MDMA, Valium, Canabis, Nos, Mushrooms, My first RC MPA.
Route of administration: Oral in Capsule.
Taste: Very sweet slightly salty.
Description: White clumpy powder.

Went for a run early morning and had oats for breakfast with an apple other than that I have eaten nothing else.

12:23 Ingested 1x capsule of MPA 50mg (0.001mg scales used)

12:46 I feel a little more frigidity, willing to do something constructive but I am normal other than that.

12:51 Feel warm sensation, I can tell I'm coming up now, feel very concentrated to work.

13:10 Same sensation a lot more aware, clear headed.

13:15 Ingested 1x capsule of MPA 90mg.

13:20 Capsule is definitely the better way to administer this drug compared to mixing with water. Feel really nice and at ease no stress clear headed, feel as if I could do whatever I want with no harm. Positive sensations are running through my body. Started to play a video game with some friends online
I had no problem functioning as I normally would.

13:25 Feels like a chilled out caffeine buzz but more clear headed.

13:35 Feel really really good, at one with my self very mild euphoria but its definitely noticeable.

13:40 Feel very relaxed and comfortable, no worries.

13:50 Libido lifted going to masturbate.

14:15 Ingested 1x capsule of MPA 90mg.

14:20 Finished masturbating, Took 100mg of caffeine.

14:30 Feel at one, peaceful, generally good mood, listening to some PSY trance. This try is a lot better than my previous mixture into water and drink approach, I also feel that using capsule and booster doses are the way to do this drug. I am in complete control of my actions and thoughts, communication may be a slight issue, as I wouldn't normally use small talk which is out of my character. Still noticing a slight euphoria, but nothing compared to other stims. Perfect drug for manual or mentally intense labour.

14:25 Decided to organize/clean my room, went outside to my pond after to feed the fish, felt very happy :)

15:05 Listen to PSY trance, very very chilled out, I'm loving life :) Mild euphoria still but noticeable. This is the sort of stim I would take on a sociable night out down the pub or friendly gathering.

15:10 Very clear head, I have no worries whatsoever, I really think this drug has potential. It is slightly moreish but I think that is more the fact that I expect something more to happen. I have no appetite, no pupil dilatation as of yet, no palpitations noticed, urination hasn't been a problem.

15:15 For me it seems to take one hour for the previous dose to take effect. I feel really confident and happy at one with my self, slight euphoria, lifted. Willing to get on with something, relaxed. Keep getting flushes of positive feelings run through my body, its quite pleasurable.

15:25 My head has a slight tight sensation.

15:45 Tight head sensation persists but it is nothing which I would consider an uncomfortable effect, just noticeable. I watched TV for a bit, literally 5 minutes I cant seem to sit still I keep changing what I'm doing. Pupils have dilated slightly.

15:50 I think I'm peaking now, really nice sensation running through my body, I'm reading up on norepinephrine and really focused and taking the information in easily.

16:00: I just fed my dogs, I have a very strong positive sensation running through my body, I have no worries what so ever, I'm on track. This is definitely the most heightened feelings so far, I'm getting tingly sensations of happiness. My inhibitions have been lowered. Really absorbing the music and want to talk to people.

16:15: I've noticed I keep swaying and nodding to the music, really getting into it :) contemplating whether to take another dose or ride it out.

16:20: Still peaking.

16:25: I have the urge to read a book and continue to do so.

16:35: I keep getting the need to get up and walk around the house, I started to dance to the music on my own. I'm really enjoying this experience, I've noticed that bruxism is starting to take affect.

16:45: Experiencing the same feeling for the past hour and a half, Mild euphoria, feels as if mental stimulation is almost a must, I need to read or do something, positive attitude, no worries, clear headed, music appears better.

16:50: Thinking about masturbating again, libido is definitely increased and the positive effects of this drug are still increasing, wow this stuff is seriously good. I cant stop swaying my head backwards and forwards to the music. Bruxism is definitely noticeable, wondering how the come down will be and when it will begin.

17:05: Appears to be peaking even still, decide to go for a shower, I have messaged people on facebook I really wanna chat to someone.

17:30: Decided to masturbate again.

19:35: finished masturbating, omfg marathon wank, went for another shower. Still feel up definitely coming down now, not as intense as it was.

21:00: Nothing has changed really, still got bruxism and pupils are still dilated. But the mild euphoria has eased off, still feel relaxed and at one with my self, wouldn't say I'm very clear headed any more.

21:15: Gonna start playing an online game, and I'm talking to some friends over Skype. Feel normal, slightly more chatty, inhibitions lowered. Urination is no problem.

21:30: This stuff is lasting longer than expected, not complaining lol. Mentally challenging problems seem to be no issue.

22:05: still slightly up, Bruxism still slightly active. Really enjoying music.

23:00: going to bed.

07:00: Bruxism has stopped, I can still notice the trail ends of the high, slightly depressed, finding it hard to eat. I found it hard to get to sleep took aprox 2-3 hours.

Three days later and all noticeable effects are completely gone, I am as it seems back to my normal self.

Something to take to keep me awake and more sociable on a night out. I will be doing this again.

Height: 170cms

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98091
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 24, 2017Views: 3,773
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