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Multidimensional and Feat. Buddha
by Keeno
Citation:   Keeno. "Multidimensional and Feat. Buddha: An Experience with DMT (exp98050)". Mar 2, 2017.

50 mg smoked DMT (extract)


DMT - Multidimensional Experience Feat Buddha

I had tried DMT before from a batch that I had extracted from MHRB, and tried smoking it in a cigarette, so I was roughly aware of the ‘space’ and felt comfortable entering it. Plus I’d wanted to try if for 20 years or so without ever having come across it.

But this night I had bought a proper glass pipe and burner and was ready to see God. Well, I say ready… as with any psychedelic experience (I tried LSD and liberty caps Mushrooms when I was 18, and periodically through my life, and loved it!) there’s always a level of anxiety and “wtf!?!” beforehand. A similar feeling to right before going up on stage. Life affirming.

So it had been planned. My girlfriend had taken a dose before me but I fear that I overheated the crystals, and whilst she certainly was high and experienced amazing things, it was a whole order of magnitude below my own experience. We were sat on the bed, cushions, low light, comfortable, ready to go.

She held the pipe and started heating the crystals. As the smoke built up, I was really excited and fearful but knew this was going to happen. So I take a really long, slow pull on the pipe, the smoke kept coming, so I kept inhaling. When full I held it for approx 15 seconds, but within 5 or 6 seconds the world changed in front of my eyes. Over about a second, starting from my peripheral vision and working in, everything turned into a cartoon like, oil painted version of my room. Bam! This was way stronger than anything I’d experienced before and faster too. The pipes ready for the second toke, and as I pull it in, seemingly ˝ way through, I stop seeing my room, and find myself in a space that seemed wooden, complex, like the base of a tower with stairs ascending upwards around the edge, except I’m not quite falling into it, more forwards. Then with the smoke still in me, and intensely aware of the harsh taste in my mouth, I start to travel through it, with each ‘floor’ being at a different angle. So this wasn’t a linear progression through this space, but quite jerky, almost topsy turvy. And FAST! And getting faster! And like being on a rollercoaster, I’m saying to myself “fucking hell!!!!”

And I notice a being. It looked like the character from the UNKLE album covers (DJ Shadow and James Lavelle) but with the point missing off his head. I don’t now why it was a he, it just definitely was. He’d be looking over the ‘banisters’ at me, and as I travelled through each ‘floor’ he’d be looking at me from a different space. He didn’t communicate with me, and seeing eyes at this speed was nigh on impossible, but his intention seemed neutral. Even though he looked quite mean, quite gobliny, he was just sort of looking out for me. Observing. At this point I realised I hadn’t exhaled and was aware of the foul foul taste (possibly through my inadequacies during extraction?) so I exhaled. Because I wasn’t aware of my body at all at this point, my mouth, jaw, lips and to part of my throat sort of materialised in this space somewhere and the smoke left me. By now the movement through these levels had become even less linear, it felt as though I was bouncing through one worm hole to another, a proper bumpy ride, and whilst utterly game changing, I wasn’t scared, so much as overwhelmed.

At this point I was aware of a shape, the colours around me being fairly muted oranges, yellows and blacks, and a lot of stripes, it felt wood panelled in some way, and the shape was like a chair, t happened so fast but it was like a classic wooden chair with 4 legs, seat and back made up from 8 or so poles. I was on the outside of it, like my whole being was wrapped around it, and I thought to myself, “I’m outside this” then quickly I passed through and was on the inside of this shape, thinking to myself “I’m on the inside” then just as quickly, I passed through another dimension of this shape and at this point language failed me (where do you go after the inside of a shape?) but I was aware that I’d passed through to another dimension within the chair, everything was unfolding and being turned inside out, and just not stopping there. It felt as if reality was ripped apart 2 or 3 more times as more dimensions opened up within this fast moving whirling space.

Everything was close to me, the UNKLE character was no longer there, and I somehow burst out of this dimensional unfolding into a huge space, with a massive lake made out of crystals, blues reds, green, but not bright like I’d experienced on mushrooms, quite natural in a way (as natural as a multifaceted lake made out of moving coloured crystals could be) its possible there was estimations of lilies on the lake, but I’m not sure. One thing I noticed was that the left hand side of my vision was clouded by something, I’m not sure what, but it just wasn’t possible to see off to my left. No matter, I could see clouds way off in the distance at the edge of the lake, which seemed to have a boundary about a mile away, semi-circular in front of me, like the edge of a snow dome if I’d been sat inside. And the clouds were almost 2d, gently wafting along serenely on the invisible glass of the snow dome, that felt about a mile away and outside of it, nothing. This was bliss and wonder after the chaotic entrance to this world, and I felt I had a moment to ‘breathe’ although even the idea of breath was alien to me and didn’t enter my mind.

After a short time, impossible to say how long, 5 seconds perhaps, or a minute, I noticed the cloud had formed into the head of Buddha, or possibly Vishnu, and it seemed to be smiling and at peace and was beautiful, and I sensed it to be more female than male. This was lovely but seemingly short lived. Colours and liquid were right up close to me now. I’m not sure if I had entered the lake, as these shapes were curved and flowing, whereas the lake was more angular, sharp almost, but small individual pieces and billions of them, so it looked flat but I no longer had a distant view. At this stage I wanted to know what I could learn and was repeating over and over, “what can I learn from this? What can you teach me” and although I wasn’t aware of a distinct voice, the impression I got was “it’s ok, don’t worry about learning anything tonight, it’s fine, you won’t be learning anything this time. It’s fine, don’t worry about it” Almost like a parent saying “hush now, it’s ok, you’re not ready for that” there was a sense of a smile, a laugh at me, but a gentle, loving one. My perception was that it was Buddha/ some loving wisdom.

Perhaps I was too fried from entry? Too bewildered? In a sense I felt like I was drowning in this undulating sea of chrome colours and shapes, reminiscent of the curved stencils artists used to use, French curves, or paisley. It felt a little claustrophobic, but I knew I was safe, I didn’t feel scared, but sensed a return to my body and was a little sad it was ending. At this point I was aware of my hand and grabbed to reach my girlfriend's hand, ah my love, it felt good to hold her and touch her and let her know I was ok. Like the time when I exhaled the smoke entering the space, it was only my hand I was aware of for some time.

The rest of the trip stayed with the close liquidy colours but I asked no more questions. And slowly, bits of reality came flowing back. Seeing my loves face and smiles and nodding to her that I was ok, then drifting off into dreamy time for a few more minutes, but much less pronounced.
Holy wow!!
Holy wow!!

We chatted, I tried to explain what had happened, and I was told that 5 or 6 times I had sat upright and was looking around the room, which blew my mind! At no point did the ‘real’ world enter into my trip. I can’t even think of any motifs from my room that might have been distorted and brought into my new world. Simply amazing!!

The rest of the evening was nearly done but we chatted excitedly and energised and full of life for what seemed like 15 mins but was in fact 2 hours.

Wow, so this was 9 months ago, and post experience I was convinced I’d fallen into my imagination 100%.
But since then, through re-telling the story (my mates are fascinated by it) and quiet contemplation, I’m not so sure.

The themes of other entities are very strong. Are they some part of ourselves or part of a greater truth?
I dunno. I have some interest in trying it again, I’m sure I will at some point, but I’m not in any rush 

Truly game changing though. Once a confirmed atheist, I’d have to now tick the ‘agnostic’ box in a census. And that’s a good thing.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98050
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38 
Published: Mar 2, 2017Views: 2,572
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