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A Big Bump From a Bowl Full of Ash
by Volatile Oil
Citation:   Volatile Oil. "A Big Bump From a Bowl Full of Ash: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp98046)". Feb 26, 2013.

1 hit smoked JWH-018
  1 shot oral Alcohol


I smoked a big bump of jwh-081 from a bowl full of ash before eating. This drug has an uncanny come up of 3minutes. So I went and cooked for about 5 minutes and brought my meal back upstairs where I consumed half a shot of 50 proof vodka. My stomach was relatively empty and almost immediately after taking the shot I felt super drunk, probably 1-2shots drunk. I also felt a strong indica like body buzz and a weed like mental state. In general sedated, and relaxed. There is some unwanted body tension in the jaw and face.

I have to say that you shouldn't eyeball research chemicals, I've been working with jwh-081 for over a year, I bought a bunch and am still smoking it once in a while. But even I shouldn't eyeball, I've had 3 separate over doses when eyeballing, and trust me you don't want to O.D. on this shit.

As far as the jwh-081 is concerned, I sometimes throw up, this is the same with jwh-122. It greatly potentates the effects of alcohol, the spins come faster and vomiting is more likely. Unfortunately being drunk and smoking 081 diminishes the positive mental effects of alcohol, mostly I get spaced like I've been doing alot of 3rd generation commercal blend Spice(10/2011-2/2012) and some weed. The body high is nice though.

Be carful folks, I just posted this because I'm shocked at how suddenly drunk I am from only a half shot of liqueur.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98046
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Feb 26, 2013Views: 4,041
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JWH-018 (483), Alcohol (61) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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