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Most Powerful Trip I've EVER Had...
by Mac
Citation:   Mac. "Most Powerful Trip I've EVER Had...: An Experience with DPT (exp9801)". Oct 7, 2001.

110 mg IM DPT (liquid)
I recently had an experience with 110Mg of DPT (intra-muscularly) and was fortunate enough to remember some of it. I'll try to keep the following in order, but after the first 10 minutes that's about impossible to do. I began sitting at my computer with my sitter about 10ft away making a hemp neclace or something similar. I injected all of the dpt (disolved in 2.5cc of distilled water) into my right thigh and then walked to the kitchen to get some water.

T+:03 - I'm starting to getting some pretty strong visuals. My previous experiments with 50Mg-60Mg had taken about 10 minutes, so I go back to my room.

T+:05 - I'm now at my computer trying to put some music on. It isn't very easy to navigate to my MP3's, and once I get there I have to chase them down.

T+:10 - Sitting up has become somewhat difficult... I decide to lay on my bed.

T+:20 - At this point I can no longer understand the characters on the digital clock. My sitter just remembers me looking at it oddly and saying 'huh?'.

T+:?? - After looking at the clock I pretty much fall backwards through the floor (not physically of course). At one point I think that my heart stopped for a few seconds, but that's probably just some hallucination. Even after reading many reports of people thinking they had overdosed, I ponder the possibility that I have taken too much. Then I start wondering that if I die, how will I know... that's comforting for some reason. The visuals are absolutely amazing. When I look at my hand there are about 5 or 6 transparent duplicates surrounding it, and they each have some vague duplicates and that just kinda fractales off into infinity. The duplicates leave tracers too.

T+~:30 - I think I'm about half an hour into it here. I'm still on my bed (where I remain for the next 2 hours and 30 minutes) and my vision is becoming clouded by the visuals. I look at K (my sitter) and she in melting back through the wall. I pass my hand across my view and it takes about 2 or 3 seconds before I can see her through the tracers. Eventually the sensory crossover blends into a single unified sense. There's no way to distinguish between sound or smell or touch or whatever. All sensory input is broken down into it's most basic components and processed sequencially. I can see how these small parts combine to make up more complex sensations and emotions and how all reactions and thoughts I have are just built on these low-level foundations.

The visions and thought processes are far beyond anything I've ever experienced. They move and change at speeds that are difficult to keep up with. It's hard to hang on to the memory of one vision because as soon as it happens a new completely unrelated one has replaces it. One thing I do know is that they are all cartoonish visions. They don't really move like a televison cartoon, it's more like a newspaper comic strip only with brighter and more varied colors. When I recieve sensory input the first of the sensations is translated into a vision, and then instead of that leading to the next cognitive step, the vision from the first becomes the sensory input, and then the first sensation from that vision is translated into a vision and the cycle repeats over and over on itself until something new actually mades it through the fractal noise that surrounds me. For a while I can't even see through it. A lot of the visions end up being patterns of random object fitting together like a puzzle... for instance the profile of an elephant's head shares an outline of a giraff's neck, geometric patters form infinite wallpaper, etc.

After it was over K said I just writhed around some and then would look up, only to cover up in the quilt again... I have no real memory of that. She also said that my breathing would become very heavy and forced for a few seconds and would then become more relaxed for a while. I figure that's just some of the extraordinary sensory crossover getting into my breathing reflex. I know several times I would see something and it would bleed over into my motor functions and one of my limbs would move without me directly telling it to... I think my arm flew up and hit the wall at one point.

T+2:10 - This is the first time I really remember being able to interact with reality. I'm starting to remember what the characters on the clock stand for, though walking is still not a recovered ability. I can see my thoughts... they look like a lot of different colors of paint mixed together, but always staying as individual colors. As a test to myself I create a random object in my head just to see how long I can maintain its form. I manage to keep it for around 5-10 seconds before the edges start disolving into the soup sloshing around it. Iver the next half hour it's easier to hold onto thoughts longer, and eventually they don't change without me telling them to.

T+2:40 - I'm pretty far out of it now. The visuals are still the level of a strong lsd trip, but compared to the last few hours it's pretty tame. The liquid fractals in my head have since drained out of my ears and left very little thought behind. It feels like I've taken a grill scraper to the inside of my head, ripping out all the baggage and random crap that seems to get stuck in there over time.

T+3:00 - The visuals are all but gone. I'm left with a very pleasant afterglow and a warm inner feeling. My thoughts are very clear and unclouded, though the previous concentration has left me a little mentally drained.

T+3:30 - Completely baseline.

On the whole I'd have to say this is the most powerfull trip I've ever had, even beyond the time I smoked 35mg of 5-meo-dmt. Aside from the body vibration (which I actually didn't really mind) the physical and mental effects were all positive and I learned a lot about myself, but even so I'll probably not do that level of DPT in the future. I used to think I liked strong trips, and I like taking 10 hits of acid as much as the next guy, but I just don't need to do something THIS strong more than once or twice. I only know of one person I could recommend that dosage to, and even then it would be with a lot of warning. If you plan on doing this, be sure you have a sitter and a VERY positive set and setting... if you start out bad on this then you could REALLY screw yourself up. It's been 2 months and I'm still trying to integrate 90% of the experience (the only experience I've had that has really taken more than a week or 2). This is really a wonderful substance. If you've never experienced this stuff then you should, just at a lower dose.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9801
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 7, 2001Views: 36,441
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DPT (21) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Guides / Sitters (39), General (1)

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