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Time for Everything I Couldn't Do on LSD
Citation:   H3AD_JAR. "Time for Everything I Couldn't Do on LSD: An Experience with DOB (exp97945)". Apr 5, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1 hit   DOB (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30 2 hits   DOB (blotter / tab)


I have always said DOB allows me time to do whatever I didn't have time for on LSD. This is because while an LSD trip may last a good 8 hours or more, a good DOB trip will last around 18-30 hours (This report is going to be long too).

My first and only encounter with this incredible substance was my freshman year in college while I was living in the dorms. My experience at that time was limited to cannabis, alcohol, adderall, and opiates, but since I can remember I have always had a strong interest in psychedelics and spiritual awakenings. My curiosity had been brewing for some time, so the first chance I saw to trip I took.

The DOB was sold to me as LSD on blotter paper (strangely enough, the same blotter paper that is pictured on Erowid's DOB page) from a friend coming back from a festival. I purchased 3 tabs which were fairly large and somewhat damp, as though they had just been dosed. As any devoted psychonaut knows, you should always research a substance thoroughly before ingesting it. As far as I was informed at that point in time, LSD was the only substance potent enough to provide a significant dose on blotter paper, leading me to conclude that it was indeed LSD. I was familiar with only the more popular psychedelics and had never heard about Phenethylamines. I was as prepared for my first LSD trip as much as you can be, but I was not prepared for this...

I wanted to be cautious and not over-do it for my first trip. I placed a tab under my tongue and waited. The taste was horrible but worth it for a new experience. About an hour passed. Anyone who has done LSD before knows that the effects normally become
apparent after 40 minutes to an hour. I however felt nothing. No change in consciousness, no visuals, no bright colors, nothing. It was a little disappointing.

I came to the conclusion that either a) The doses were bunk or b) I had a natural tolerance for psychedelics and that an additional dose would be necessary to achieve the desired effects. Trying to be optimistic, I assumed that maybe only the one dose was bunk. If they were all bad then what would be the harm in taking another, right?

Wrong. WRONG!

The time was now about an hour and a half after the initial dose. I decided I would take the other two(Thumbs up guys). I was pretty determined to trip at this point. I take the remaining two and place them under my tongue. Horrible taste again but as I said before, WORTH IT!

Another 30 minutes passed until the first traces of effects from the first dose were felt. Unlike LSD, DOB takes around 2-2 1/2 hours to take hold and IT CREEPS! The first thing I noticed was a feeling as though the atmosphere in the room was changing. It was as though someone had opened a window and a draft was sweeping through the room. The chills came over me and I felt my stomach start sinking. It sank lower and lower until I felt as if it completely left my body.

The body is a vessel for the mind, and this is exactly what I felt. My body became hollow as if it was nothing more than a bag to hold my breath, and my mind separated from my body. Everything started to become strange. Having never tripped before, this headspace was a little alarming. My hands and feet became cold as ice but my head was warm. I started to become aware of my facial features such as my nose, ears, eyes, and lips. They were no longer just facial features. They took on a separate existence of
their own, as if my brain was showing me that, although they are connected, your senses all experience things individually.

It seemed as though my perception was starting to change. Around the 3 hour mark is when I started to notice the visual effects, which are unlike any other I have experienced. They started out as a 'glow' that would surround the lights in the rooms. Nothing too vivid. I began to question whether this was a placebo effect created in my head or if maybe I was starting to trip. Keep in mind that I had never done any psychedelics at this time and this was all new to me. My roommate/sitter, who we will call Cliff, was now back in the dorm. I had informed him earlier that I was planning on tripping and he was aware that he would be my sitter for the night.

'I may have just bought the most expensive paper I've ever purchased in my life' I said.

He turned to me, 'You're pupils look pretty dilated.'

But I didn't hear him. All I could focus on was his face. Dark bags surrounded his eyes giving him almost demonic features. Every contour of his face was filled with shadows. with His hair appeared sharp, as if it were made of pins and knife blades.

'Nevermind' I said, realizing that things were becoming very strange.

My eyes began scanning the room and noticing how different everything was. Colors were vivid but not bright. They remind me of a pastel painting. Very bold but not like the almost neon visuals I sometimes experience with LSD. I could see an aura of light around everything and pits of dark shadows in the corners of the room. My vision still seemed clear but the auras made things appear to be fuzzy. My dorm was covered in trip toys, black lights, and big colorful Christmas lights which made for a very comfy atmosphere.

I got off my bed to put on some music only to find technology very difficult to use. I tried to concentrate harder. 'How do I do this?' was repeating in my head. It was overwhelming.

That's when it happened.

The dam broke and the flood was let loose. Albums, artists, songs, flooded my brain. Now I had entirely forgotten about focusing on how to use a computer. There were so many choices at my fingertips. I wanted to see if I could reproduce the songs in my head just from memory. After what I would guess was 10 minutes of trying to do this I realized that the constant stream of information flowing through my head was too strong to be able to focus on one part of a single song, and I gave up. There was a song playing though. It wasn't coming from my or my roommates computer or from my iPod. I had never heard this song before. It was a classical piece and it wasn't coming from anywhere. I made sure that my roommate did not hear it and he did not, but the song kept playing.

I was sure that this was a sign of madness and decided to move my attention to something else. I take another glance around the room and notice things are beginning to distort. Not a fluid distortion that you would see on LSD. I see a Cheeze-it box sitting on a shelf above my desk and realized the shape towards the top of the box was no longer square, but more diamond shaped. I stared at the box to see if I could see a dramatic visual change but it stayed the same, a little acute at the top and just all around sort of strange. My vision was still clear but shapes were changing very slowly and they would stay that way.

I suddenly get some rather severe back tension, as though I had been sitting for too long, and lie down on my bed. I see the ceiling. A white stucko covered dorm ceiling. The colorful lights in the room causes every bump to produce a red and purple shadow,
outlined in a bright yellow streak that appears to be sizzling. I check the walls to see if they are breathing but they seem stable. I felt as though I was a moth being attracted to a light. Everything is changing all together but it is happening too slow
for me to notice until it is right there in my face.

My mind was playing games with me. 'You're making all this happen and you are doing it all while my back is turned.'

The visuals were playing with me so I decided it was time to turn inside and do some soul searching. Earphones on and I close my eyes. The stream of consciousness running through my head begins to pick up speed. Everything I had experienced in the last 19
years was with me again. A situation from my past would present itself and I would analyze it, however, I would analyze it not from my perspective, but from the perspectives of others who were also involved. I could see the situation clearly from all points of view and it was magnificent. Everything became clear and I could understand the simple reasoning behind everyone's actions. I could see their logic and began to compare it to my own. I start finding flaws in my personality and my decisions. I acknowledge them and promise myself to correct these flaws.

I am in such awe of this discovery that I do not realize I am bracing and flexing my legs. The chemical name for DOB is 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromoamphetamine. That bromoamphetamine part is especially key. As I mentioned I was experienced with Adderall, a common amphetamine that can give me some pretty decent jaw tension. DOB also causes muscle tension, but in a much more significant way. My muscles were flexing HARD. I felt as though my body has recessed back to ape form and was almost animalistic (Altered States anyone?).

My closed eye visuals are simple geometric images somewhat reminiscent of Mayan art. They and very organized and symmetric and have dots of light flowing through them. I felt as if I was alone at the beginning of existence.

Here's the important part. I let go of everything. I was at the line of sanity, a line that most people would never dare to cross. Everything I know about life is below this line. What happens if I step over it? What is on the other side? The fear of losing my mind becomes very real.

I must see what the grass looks like on the other side. I harmonize with the drug and allow it to take full control of me. The visuals started to subside and I felt things get darker as my mind emptied itself and my thoughts disintegrated.

Now there was nothing. I was alone in this weird space filled with silence and darkness. I was dead. I thought about everything I loved in the physical world. My parents, my dog, my friends, and a sense of dread quickly manifested itself as I thought about never seeing these people again. Then I realized how much love there was between myself and all these people and how much they meant to me and I to them and I was overwhelmed with the most blissful joy I have ever experienced. I was all alone in this dead headspace and all of a sudden I am encompassed in love. I strain this feeling for all that it's worth and enter a realm of endless love and warmth. I AM ALIVE!

I was so happy to be alive, I opened my eyes. It's 6:00 AM. I have been in another world for close to 10 hours. In that 10 hours I experienced death, love, and understanding greater that I could ever possibly understand in a sane mindset.

My roommate is asleep so I decide to take a walk. I walk around the dorm hallways exploring for what I would guess was 20 minute before I noticed the sun starting to come up, meaning there will be people. I hastily walk back to my dorm to find my roommate awake and getting ready for his class.

He looks at me and says' class for you today.'

I gave him a big trip grin. I was so happy to see another face. He asked if I had fun and I informed him 'It's not over yet!'

The sunlight started entering the room and I began to notice I was still getting pretty heavy visuals. The Cheese-it box was now very askew and the stucko on the ceiling appeared to still be boiling. I informed him that the visual distortions I saw last night are still very prevalent and told him I'd be fine. He put on Pink Floyd - The Wall and left for class.

I laid back trying to relax my body since it felt so tired from the muscle tension. I let my thoughts wander. I feel as though every song has a significance that is very clear and true to my life. I lay back and let the madness overtake me again. Thoughts and visions ricochet in my head. My head is tired and I try not to focus on them too much. I was doing a decent job of relaxing until 'The Trial' came on (some people know whats coming). This particular song is about a man breaking away from his sanity.

'Crazy ... toys in the attic, he is crazy.'

Relaxation time is over. This song makes too much sense. I crossed that line of sanity. Am I crazy now. I melt into my bed in fear. It's been 16 hours now and I am still not right.

My roommate comes home late afternoon and I tell him I am still tripping. He has a brilliant idea and takes me for a ride along the blue ridge parkway. It was fall so the leaves were were roaring with color. As we sped along everything matted together to form a tunnel of color that was magnificent. We found a spot to park and hiked to the top of the mountain we were on. On top of this mountain is where I completed my trip.

Sitting on top of a mountain in the fall breeze looking down into the valleys below and across to the mountain faces in the distance. I was tired and sore but more alive than I have ever been. My journey was over. It was time to rest.

We headed back to the dorm. I tried to explain to him what the last 24 hours had been like, but as always, I was unable to communicate my experience in words. The sun is down. I lay down in my bed, take one last look at the askew cheese-it box on the shelf and manage to fall asleep.

To this day I am now extremely organized an neat (to keep things from moving around behind my back :P). I have reformed many of the flaws that I found in myself and vowed to fix. I also have a great respect for psychedelics and give all the love I have to give to my family, friends, and everyone I meet. A first trip is very important and can greatly effect your life. I am glad I had the one I did.

I know it was long but it was a long experience. Thanks for reading.


Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 97945
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 5, 2013Views: 19,818
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DOB (19) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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