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Encountering Death
by Happenstance
Citation:   Happenstance. "Encountering Death: An Experience with DMT (exp97894)". Mar 11, 2020.

31 mg IV DMT


Back in about April or May of 2012, an associate of mine had whipped up a batch of some pure DMT. He had about 7.5 grams as a personal cache, and he got rid of the rest. We had taken it orally mainly through vaporization, or by coating a bowl of cannabis with it.

After about a month or so of doing it this way, we decided to take it to the next level. He soluted it in with RO water and hydrochloric acid to stabilize the base. He injected me with roughly 1.15x the dose that Strassman had used in his DMT trials.

This is my story of the events

After the solution was fully injected, the belt on my arm was removed. I was slightly apprehensive of the dosage, but not scared or nervous (needles don't scare me). Approx. 4 seconds after the belt was removed, it felt as if I was kicked in the diaphragm by a mule of sorts. I coughed, and as I leaned my head back I watched as my vision of the subtly lit room was invaded from the outside in by a forming opalescent static. Then it was dark, for a split second, before I was then torn by my center shakra out of my body.

I began to soar out of the limits of our atmosphere, whizzing past moons and planets going progressively faster and faster as the vibrations shook my soul to the very core. It was like a cacophony of static sound and low frequency oscillators.
It was like a cacophony of static sound and low frequency oscillators.

As I began to slow down, I began to become slightly more conscious of my surroundings and, as if guided by a higher force, made my way towards a nebula of massive proportions resembling the horse head nebula. I stopped in the middle of the plasmic forces of the gaseous mass, witnessing some of the greatest events in astrological science.

Then, off in the distance a light began to shine; hazy at first, then brighter. I realized it was approaching me at a moderate speed, and the vibrations stopped. It was silent as I watched this 4th dimensional tesseract of light approach and envelope me (I later identified this as the Metatron Cube). As it blinded me with heavenly light and ambient sound, I grew a sudden universal understanding. Yet to this day I cannot comprehend entirely what it meant, only fragments of a higher nature at work in an ouroboratic state of space and time.

I was then launched back to my body. Upon arriving, I opened my eyes to the most horrific scenario I've ever witnessed. I've never hallucinated black before in any hallucinogenic state. I've taken LSD over 60 times, mushrooms about a dozen times, mescaline, various 2c molecules, MDMA, etc.; and I've never had a bad trip on any of these substances. But this was on a level of sheer terror I can't even fully comprehend. Unaware of my associate having dosed himself in a like manner (he had taken a slightly smaller dose) I began to state what I believed happened.

'Something's wrong,' I said. 'I think I'm dying.'

And although, claiming to have been completely deaf during this period of time, my associate had the sheer instinct to detect I was in distress and calm my tits.

'No way, man. It's ok, you're going to be ok,' he said.

Both of our voices were distorted as run through a matrix filter, and around us the creeping black ichor I watched spread from floor to ceiling began to take upon a form in the corner. A looming, twisting figure with a 12' span of what I assume were wings made entirely of the ichor. Its facial features distorted to the point of and unidentifiable blur, yet I knew it was watching our every move both physical and metaphysical.

I identified it as Death, I realized that I had died and that I was rejected from my spiritual state by a higher power. But that the escort was still active in his duties. My life in its entirety began violently flashing before my vision, shaking my vision. Memories of my childhood I thought long forgotten began to become significant in this state. I thought of my mom...

...and how angry she would be that this is how I would die. This thought made me violently ill, and my stomach lurched once forcing me from my sprawled position to an upright one sitting on the couch I was on.

I looked at my associate and mumbled, 'Grab a bucket,' but it was too late. I threw up the hamburger I had eaten prior to heading to my associate's house, and as we both stared at it things began to become slightly clearer. Gaining the ability to consciously recognize objects became obvious after I noticed the pickle sitting in the mess on the floor. The trip and the excitement began to leave my self and associate, and realizing what I had just done my associate stood up and went to the bathroom to vomit himself and grab paper towels.

Afterwards, we discussed our trips in great detail to each other as we smoked a bowl of Lavender Haze.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97894
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Mar 11, 2020Views: 681
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Bad Trips (6)

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