Talking for Hours
Methylone & 4-Fluoroamphetamine
by Esoteric Vision
Citation:   Esoteric Vision. "Talking for Hours: An Experience with Methylone & 4-Fluoroamphetamine (exp97810)". Mar 21, 2017.

  oral Alcohol - Hard  
  110 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  120 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine (powder / crystals)


Sharing Experience

I don't remember exactly at what time we did these substances but it was my first time trying Methylone. I had tried 4 f-a various times before. It was 4 of us; my boyfriend, his sister, our friend and me. we did these substances outside my bf's house.

We drank some vodka prior to the substances. We all take about 110 mg of pure Methylone. In about 30 we started to feel a little different. I felt like I could do anything so me and my boyfriend's sister started dancing. We ended up talking for hours and opening up about our feelings, etc. I was very happy, euphoric and crazy high. My boyfriend's sister felt amazing from what she told me and everyone else was just having a good ol' time.

We then decided to take the 4 f-a. That's when the real fun began. We all had such an amazing time talking individually with each other. Time flew by and we all had so much to say. Me and my boyfriend connected and we solved a lot of the problems we had in a couple of hours of talking.

3 hours after the 4 f-a I started to get on a mild downer. I started worrying about my heart rate, and vasoconstriction (which always happens to me with 4 f-a). I could not sleep due to the disassociation I felt so I started drinking a lot of water. The other girl in the group started vomiting and I think the male friend did too. I was so high that I could barely stand or concentrate on anything (everything was hitting me really hard). my hands started to get itchy and I could barely feel my arms ( always happens when I take 4 f-a).

Later on we arrived home and went to sleep. Some of us had trouble sleeping due to the stimulation cause mostly by 4 f-a.

Overall, we all had an amazing time and we all got to know each other in a deeper level.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97810
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Mar 21, 2017Views: 1,068
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Methylone (255), 4-Fluoroamphetamine (276) : Relationships (44), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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