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TCB-2 Overview
by BilZ0r
Citation:   BilZ0r. "TCB-2 Overview: An Experience with TCB-2 (ID 97779)". Sep 30, 2012.

    TCB-2 (powder / crystals)


Experiments with TCB-2 (hydrobromide salt)

4:35pm 250ug ingested.
6:30pm possible alert. Unsure.
Nothing else to report. Slept well.

Following day
4:30pm 750 ug ingested
5:45 clear alert. I feel the classical body signals I feel when I take hallucingens, an uncomfortability in my neck.

6:45, there has been no progression. No visual or thought disturbances.
7:45, body signals dissipate.

Following day
5:26pm 3mg insuflatted. As expected, this is quite painful. The pain continues in my sinus for 15 minutes while I resist sneezing or blowing my nose.

7:30pm first alert.
8:30pm nothing greater to report. Wondering if the previous days effect was imagined.

Settle in to watch a movie.
9:00pm. I smoke a small amount of marijuana (quarter of a bowl). Feel very very stoned. Having difficulty expressing myself. Realize I am having subtle visual hallucinations when looking at faces. Oddly, no CEVs.

10:30pm. Still having subtle hallucinations and still having difficulty expressing my thoughts when speaking. This is definitely a mild psychedelic experience.
11:00pm take 3.5mg of Zopiclone to sleep. I wake the next day feeling fine.

One week later.
2:17pm ingest 5mg with S (a 110lb female). Being to make a stew, assuming it would take several hours to kick in as it did previously.

2:30pm, first alert. This is not going to take hours to kick in.
2:45pm, the classic body sensations I get are kicking in. The continue to mount for half an hour. No visuals to report, however I am having significant difficulties in expressing myself succinctly. S reports that she felt it kick in within 15 minutes, but didn't want to say anything after I had claimed 'it will take several hours to have an effect'. I took the 5mg dose assuming it would take several hours to kick in, and so I began to make dinner, however, I am already significantly disorientated as I make the bean stew, thankfully it just get it done before I start to experience co-ordination difficulties. I sit down to watch The Fantastic Mister Fox.

2:50pm Open eye Visuals are beginning to start (interestingly, no CEVs) Not currently what I would call classical psychedelic effects, but effects like that TV screen seems further from me than I know it is, or other size and scale distortions.
3:00pm, Full psychedelic state. ++/+++. Large degree of visual hallucinations, fractals patterns, apparent movement of details, etc etc etc.


3:00am, The ++/+++ state continued for the last 12 hours. I was without anxiety, depression or nausea. S reports similarly. She has had potentially a slightly higher degree of visual hallucinations. Insignificant side effects are very shaky hands. S is very stimulated and declares she will not be able to sleep. I am unsure if I will be able to. We both ingest approximately 10mg of zopiclone to sleep.


1:00pm the next day. There are still subtle visual effects, like visual snow. We are both tired and groggy. I develop a rather bad headache. S does not. I attribute the headache to dehydration due to general partying over the preceding days. The next day the headache is gone, and I feel fine.

Conclusions. TCB-2 does not appear to be the ultra potent hallucinogen some of it's pharmacological properties suggest it should be. It appears to be somewhat less potent than DOI.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97779
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Sep 30, 2012Views: 9,994
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