It Makes Me Feel Good
Betel Nut
Citation:   weedwhacker300. "It Makes Me Feel Good: An Experience with Betel Nut (exp97753)". May 7, 2019.

  buccal Betel Nut
Basically, I am a coffee addict. I literally cannot function correctly without a cup in the morning. Caffeine gives me terrible headaches, however, and the crash I get is so bad I pass out while trying to do homework. So I researched some common stimulants and Betel Nuts came up. I ordered a cheap bag of about 20 nuts, crushed them with a hammer (these are as hard as rocks when dried), and chewed on them. The taste is nutty kind of like bitter almonds. I also liked the red spit that came out :).

Upon further research, one would need a strong edible base in order to absorb the chemicals better so I tried to use baking powder. The taste was even more bitter and still no effects. So I ordered a $12 pack of paan masala packets. The packets are prepared with sliced dried betel nuts, cardamoms, dried dates, fennel seed, and anise. Also some artificial flavor that was very strong spearmint in taste and smell.

First time I tried it, I got terrible indigestion and didn't eat dinner that night. The next morning (today) I consumed a pack on the way to school, before second period, and after lunch. The taste is wonderful. Fennel seeds taste kind of like licorice and the dates are really sweet. The effects are definitely more pronounced and wakes me up like coffee but laced with prozac. It makes me feel good. I ate a pack about 20 minutes ago and I was about to start crying it tasted so good.

I think I am getting really addicted to this stuff but I don't even care. I am working on my own masala preparation with the raw nuts I bought before. It consists of crushed areca (about a fourth the size of a dime), fennel, dried crushed mint leaves, sage leaves, and some splenda. It tastes very similar to the paan but I'm going to add some lime paste and see if it produces any changes.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97753
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: May 7, 2019Views: 1,915
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