In All Directions at Once
LSD & 2C-T-7
Citation:   Starbucks. "In All Directions at Once: An Experience with LSD & 2C-T-7 (exp97602)". Feb 27, 2020.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  10 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
My friends and I had a turbulent and highly variable experience yesterday combining approx 400 micrograms of ingested LSD and approx 10mg of insufflated 2C-T-7.

Brief background: we are all in our 30s, range from rather small to rather large in size. We are all mentally stable yet far from normal. There was one woman in the group. Only I have traveled the length and breadth of the psychedelic landscape in the past, but the other travelers had all had a good bit of experience. We had recently (as in 2 weeks ago) come off the back of a glorious acid trip on a mountain.

We began this trip early in the day with 2 blotters each, in a domestic setting.
We began this trip early in the day with 2 blotters each, in a domestic setting.
The plan was to add the 2C-T-7 into the mix, experience a substantial peak behind closed doors, and then head out to enjoy the tail end in public places.

We had all done acid before, and most of us had combined acid with ecstasy to good outcomes. I had tried 2C-T-7 a few times and found it unremarkable though effective.

Once we laid out and snorted the 2C-T-7 time became very hard to judge. At best I would say that the first 15~30 mins everybody was having an excellent time, sitting around listening to The Flaming Lips' version of Dark Side of the Moon. All but me were tripping as hard as they ever had, but even for me I could feel this to be very full-on. Indeed, I was the first to throw up.

Then it slowly became apparent that one among us was really struggling with this combo – physically. Her body temperature was way up, and she had trouble communicating and moving. It was certainly a cause for concern. Not least because the rest of us we were barely capable of either diagnosing or attending to the needs of person in the midst of medical problem.

When the puke hit the floor, a voice of wisdom prevailed – her body is still doing its job and knows that it is fighting a battle; therefore, the worst is over. She should be fine as long as she stabilizes. And she did, physically, though still in a lot of discomfort.

Somebody had to clean up that sick. And who'd have thought it? The act of cleaning up that sick ended up being my personal highlight of the day. After scooping up the surface layer I got to cleaning the carpet with a wet towel. I'm not a musician, yet as I rubbed that wet towel across the carpet I felt I was in the midst of composing a symphony. The sound and sensation shook me to my core. It was fucking awesome.

But then, she started crying. And not in a good way. Things basically went from bad to worse. The person best suited to comfort her had entered into his own extended session of vomiting. And the one person who was yet to vomit was becoming overwhelmed by the physical and emotional carnage around him. Try as I might I could not rein in the chaos that was breaking out around me.

It was a hard few hours. But in the end it was a textbook example that bad trips do end. Our sick and crying friend did have a bad day, mostly due to intense uterine contractions (caused by LSD but exacerbated by the 2C-T-7?), but by the end was able to smile about it. Our other friend went from being overwhelmed, to disturbed, and that mental and emotional torment took a long time to settle – but he was fine in the end.

And the next day, the guy who had mostly sat on the sidelines, only giving us glimpses of what he was going through, wrote this:

“Crying is understandable. When you're cruising along through familiar waters and are suddenly torn from those waters and thrust through and beyond the cradling atmosphere into the raw void, it's all right to cry. After all, we were hurtling through space at the speed of mind. She lay cheek-slammed against the wood floor, her body fetal, and like a helpless, worried traveler, I crouched over her saying words. Words that, though I understood, I could not comprehend the meaning of – the individual sounds as they combined to form words baffled me. It's ok. Sometimes traveling can make you sick. And sometimes you feel like you're giving birth. Shattering sobs shook her, and her hair clung like a spider web to her wet brow. We were building toward something. Her wailing was jet fuel, propelling us deeper into space. The rough journey worked us all over – I mean, who of us was actually prepared for space travel that day?

We thought we'd go to the mall, or throw a frisbee in the park, or maybe play with the puppies at the pet store. We had a list, and it was summarily forgot. Our untrained bodies and minds rebelled and responded appropriately. She couldn't make it to the bathroom, and I made it only as far as the kitchen sink. Where were we going? Silence heralded our arrival. She had stopped crying, and the roiling rings of Jupiter swirled beyond her. The floor held her there and kept her from falling into the planet. My other fellow travelers moved about the apartment, and as long as they kept their feet planted on the floor or sat on the bed or on a chair, they, too, were held in place – as I was – in orbit of Jupiter. It was everywhere, just beyond the walls. The door frames and the floor were the limit of our ship – beyond that nothing but the humming silence of a turning planet. There was no shadow of night on the surface – and yet I never saw my own shadow. My eyes traveled through and around and up and down Jupiter's bands of raging storms, and though I searched for the horizon, I never found it. We were too close. Jupiter was everywhere. My fellow travelers passed before the planet like moons, and my orbit was so close to theirs I thought we might crash into one another. But Jupiter held us all in perfect alignment by its concordant whispers and hums. How long I stayed there marveling at the beauty of the planet I don't know – I could've stayed longer. I would've liked to. Jupiter sings in my memory, and I can't help but wonder what the other planets sound like.”

Clearly the combination of LSD & 2C-T-7 is not for everyone. Please tread carefully.

Of the four of us there that day, one was having a miserable time, one a hard time, one a good time against the odds, and one an extraordinary experience to the extent that the troubles of the day were essentially viewed from orbit and didn't seem that bad.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97602
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Feb 27, 2020Views: 1,502
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2C-T-7 (54), LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Second Hand Report (42), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Combinations (3)

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