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Wow Fuccccck
by ahhmanthetrees
Citation:   ahhmanthetrees. "Wow Fuccccck: An Experience with DMT (exp97495)". Apr 10, 2018.

2 hits smoked DMT
  1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


I think some people are naturally more prone to contact with entities and it takes less for those people to break through. The last contact I had with an entity was absolutely terrifying and I believe I am done using DMT as a spiritual tool.

Took 2 hits, held it in, started hearing a low frequency and it got higher and higher (I felt like I was vibrating faster and faster as it got higher) I broke through, seeing yellow and white/grey fractals and an orange man sitting indian style with a black and purple-ish spiral for a face. I heard him say 'it's inevitable' and then I saw a swirl of colored chaos I cant possibly describe. Pure chaos and no order in anything. I felt as though I was being ripped apart by every atom over and over again. I was crying out, 'Oh God! I'm so sorry' over and over and an occasional 'Fuck' inbetween. The colored chaos started getting darker and darker and as it got darker my soul hurt more and more. I heard a voice say ' Oh, you thought this was going to be fun? Fun like it was before? Before it was like THIS. THIS IS HOW ITS GONNA BE NOW. NOW ITS GONNA BE LIKE THIS. THIS IS TRUE SADNESS.' It got pitch black by this point and it felt like my soul was being wrung out like a dirty wash cloth. It felt like I was contorting into myself and every time I did I could see thousands and thousands of others in the same pain as me. I was in hell.

It kept up like this for a long time then slowly but surely I started to see the room again. I see my friend looking at me concerned and he says, 'Are you okay-youokayokayokayokayyouokay' getting higher in pitch with every repeat. I fumble for a cigarette. As I light it he says again, 'Dude, are you okay?-youokayyouokayyouokayYOUOKAY??' This time the pitch got lower and lower until it sounded like a demon. I then got pulled back into that place. Feeling so much in disbelief that I was in hell and wouldnt come back, smoking a cig in hell. How cliche. I saw skulls and demons everywhere. I thought I was stuck there forever. The frequency started getting lower and I started seeing the room again. Wow. Mind blown. It took me a good 15 mins to be convinced I was back in reality. I dont think I will ever break through again. Fuck..

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 97495
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Apr 10, 2018Views: 1,378
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DMT (18) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Entities / Beings (37), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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