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Body Pain Not Spiritual
Morning Glory (Seeds)
by ex sXe
Citation:   ex sXe. "Body Pain Not Spiritual: An Experience with Morning Glory (Seeds) (exp97462)". Feb 1, 2016.

275 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


Morning Glory LSA Report: ~ 275 seeds

+ Shulgin +++3.
+ Painful body sensation, nausea, and vomiting x2.
+ Highly impaired sight, speech, and movement.
+ Minor OEV.
+ Long duration > 12 hours


26 years old / Male / Height: 5 ft 10 in / Weight: 175 LBs

Previous Experience with psychedelics/drugs/alcohol/etc: = None


Growing up I was never draw to alcohol, and deterred from hard drugs due to 'education' of danger in schools. I claimed to be straightedge. Through research I wanted to explore psychedelics, due to their low harm and introspective nature.

I wanted to explore psychedelics with the goal of achieving ego death. The intention was to gradually try substances of increasing intensity. My list included cannabis, LSA, psilocybin, mescaline, and LSD.

I chose to start with LSA over cannabis simply due to drug testing. I was in the process of applying for jobs and LSA is not screened for. Cannabis was on hold until employment secured and drug test passed.

My research about psychedelics in addition to Erowid included trip reports on youtube. One user named Styxhexenhammer 666, spoke very highly of Morning Glory seeds. He stated using it 20-30 times, and claimed it was very mild, slight euphoric, little side effects, and enjoyable outdoors.

I chose Morning Glory seeds over Hawaiian Baby Woodrose because out of the experiences I read, HBWR seemed to cause more nausea and stomach pain.


Seeds were ordered online from a natural dealer, which specified- No pesticide, and grown organically.

I know there is usually an alcohol or water extraction that is commonly used. Again referring to Styxhexenhammer666 on youtube, he stated less significant results with water extraction, and that his positive experiences were from simply eating it ground up in applesauce.

I ground up 275 seeds finely in a coffee grinder and mixed it with flavored yogurt. I read that 200-250 was a moderate dose. I picked 275 assuming I would lose some in the grinder and yogurt I couldn't scrape out of the bowl. I didn't want to risk nausea for a low dose like 100 seeds, and then be unwilling to try it again. I heard it was a mild substance so I thought anything below moderate, would probably not reach the effective dose. In retrospect I should have been more patient, and tried a smaller dose first then upgraded.

Eating was fine, the yogurt didn't 100% cover the taste, it did a good job, but it was hard to hide to texture of powdery seeds. I was able to consume it at a pace as if it was normal yogurt. I had very slight puckering in the sides of my mouth, around the glands, like eating something sour.

Physical State:

I did not fast prior. I had eaten within 6 hours but was hungry. I did want food in my stomach to counteract any nausea. I ate rice and beans, after the yogurt. Immediately noted my stomach was not happy with what I had eaten, and was unable to finish all of the rice and beans.

I did not sleep the night before using seeds. I stayed up and realizing it was a beautiful day with the house to myself I decided to trip. For me I thought this was an advantage, to 'get through' the experience'

Mental State:

In general I was fine. I did not have any negative feelings or thoughts on my mind. I currently had no commitments or stress to worry about, no job, school, etc.

Experience Timeline:

10:45 am [+ 0 hrs from ingestion] (Start)

- took ~275 Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds

11:00 am

I felt minor nausea. I decided that since I had not slept, I would lay outside on a lawn chair. This way I could pass the 'come up' stage and ignore the nausea.

11:30 am [ +.75 hrs] (Beginning)

I woke up. It took me a few seconds to gain my bearings. I felt 'different', before remembering I had taken the seeds. This let me know it was not a placebo affect. Initial onset under 45 minutes for me, possibly sooner as I was asleep. Stomach pain /nausea was worsening. I tried to look at my computer to play video or music to pass time during the remainder of the Come Up. I had no interest in these things, and found looking at a screen or focusing attention on anything to be very unpleasant. Already I knew the audio or visual stimulus would not enhance the experience, and therefore I would not be using them.

11:30-12:15 pm [ +.75 hrs] (1st changes to muscles and eyesight)

-I laid down in my basement where it was mostly dark. I started to experience the first effects on my body and vision. My eyesight became difficult to focus, although I still could. My eyes felt very 'active' like I didn't want to look static. It felt like my peripheral vision had slight wobble to it. When reading about the effects of morning glory seeds, I read that body load and cramps where very characteristic of LSA. I know what cramping feels like, so I also expected to feel a heaviness or pressure on my body. However, I feel like those 2 words fall very short of describing LSA's effect on the body. It was starting to get harder to move. My body felt like it was unable to sustain a firm voluntary contraction. It felt like my agonist and antagonist muscles were fighting against each other or firing simultaneously. It felt like flickering spasm. Moving my shoulder was the most intense, I assuming moving in a diagonal motion was a challenging motion for the small scapula, considering how my muscles were behaving.

12:15 pm [ +1.5 hrs] (VOMIT)

-I got up to pee from laying down. The nausea in combination with change in body position, caused me to vomit. I was going to sooner or later. Despite eating food after the seeds, I did not throw up any food. The puke was all powdery seed particles mixed in very little dairy. I only get specific about this description because it clearly shows how this substance specifically did not agree with me, as the expulsion was very particular.

12:15-12:45 pm [+2 Hrs] (No longer able to see clear, DEC finger sensation, INC brain activity, Pleasurable cooling feeling in face):

- I lay down again. My eyes felt like they were zooming in and out. It felt physical and not just visual. I checked 2 different mirrors in different light settings to see if they were constricting and dilating. Overall they seemed to respond to light normally. At this point, it felt like 'I was looking past' everything. I could not focus my eyesight I was not experiencing generalized euphoria. To summarize my overall feelings, I had no drive, and I was gradually losing awareness. . I had a pleasurable sensation 2 or 3 times. Underneath my eyes, across my upper cheeks I felt a very brief cooling sensation that lasted only 5 seconds. It felt like instant menthol, and it made me smile. At this point I noticed, my finger tips were losing sensation. I had maybe 5/10 of what my normal sensation was. I felt a continuous heightened sensation in the back of my brain that maybe lasted 3-5 minutes. Its an odd sensation to feel only one part of your mind increased in activity. If I had to guess I would say it was my occipital lobe and the sensation existed in a 45 degree plane from cephalo- to caudal from anterior to posterior.

I got the urge to go outside, that I should be there instead of indoors. In hindsight it is the only time I had any motivation or thought to perform any real desired task.

12:45 – 1 pm [+2 Hrs] (Muscles sore, clonus):

- I set up a raft in my backyard to lay on. While walking my muscles felt sore. The type of soreness I feel after working out then 1 or 2 days later it hurts to move in the same motions. When I laid down my muscles had fasciculation's. For instance if I bent my knee and flexed my ankle, my foot could go into a very mild clonus, which is a sustained rhythmic contraction without consciously doing it. I could see my calf muscle contract and relax. It's interesting because this is associated with neurological conditions, showing my upper motor pathways were affected. I would have been curious to see if I would have had a positive babinski sign also.

1-3pm [+ 4 hrs] (DEC Fine motor, Numb Lips):

- I slept. When I woke up I wanted to see my handwriting. I could sense that my fine motor skills were impaired. I wrote random things written around my desk. It was hard to keep uniform size and speed. It felt like the pen was going away from me and I had to slow it down. I tried big and small. It was still legible. I went back outside. At this time I also noticed that my lips were numb.

3:15-6pm [+ 7 hrs] (OEV, PEAK):

- Slept hr. I woke up, I was still aware who I was and that I was on a drug. However I was very out of it. I don't know if mildly detached is too strong of a word. When I was looking at things, I forgot about time, setting, etc. 1st 'OEV' was false. I was looking at the sky and noticed 'carbonated' looking spots moving around. I must have never noticed these before growing up, as I have tested it since to see that it's visible anytime I unfocus my gaze in clear blue sky. I've come to learn its called Blue Filed Entopic Phenomenon. I would say that comparing BFEP under the influence versus sober, it seemed to have a 'white noise'/very fast flickering so fast it always looked like it was there, but you know it's off. I remember looking at the sky and there were 2 or 3 layers of clouds and one was moving really fast. I'm sure this is normal, the thing about it and the real OEV I had, I lost the ability to conclusively distinguish between reality and distortion with speed of movement and shadows.

Real Visuals. Looking at the siding on my house I saw interesting OEV. The long parallel lines of the wedge shaped siding made shadows. In these shadows I saw scattered dark black blobs. They seemed to be sketched in. As if in cartoons when they break the 4th wall and you see a hand and pencil draw in a character. It was 'etchy' similar to that. When I looked away, I saw 1 or 2 of the blob shadows come out from under the siding with 3 or 4 tentacles that would pop out and disappear. On the flat part of the siding, the shadows made long vertical scratch like etching. These started to continuously flow down, like a waterfall. I saw shimmers in my vision similar to how light reflects on the back of a cd. When I looked at black surface of a grill cover I saw flickering 'gem' shaped black spots in an arch layout, that would sparkle.

6-6:15 [ +7 hrs] (DEC Proprioception, DEC Auditory Sensation, Wasted- Could not speak or walk well ):

I had to move indoors to my room. My family was home. I underestimated my control of the drug. I expected it to be more mild to not affect me so strongly. I also thought by 7 hours I would be past the peak and coming down, when actually the drug was in full effect. Coming up to sitting from laying, was extremely demanding physically, it was heavily uncomfortable to move because of how the muscles were acting. The shaking feeling was at its worst. My body was moving as I intended but it felt like my limbs were jerking up and down 6 inches over and over. I had to respond verbally to a family member. It took conscious effort to reply, and I was unsure if it made sense or sounded normal. In no way could I hold a conversation without it being known I was high. I said hi, hope they had fun with their day out and went to my room. Walking was very hard. I had no feedback mechanism. I would put my feet infront of each other, since walking is so innately reciprocal, but I had only a vague awareness of where my feet were on the ground. I wish I could compare my lack of coordination to being drunk, but I cant. I don't believe I was staggering. However my goal to walk in a straight line was a hope, and it worked but it wasn't because I controlled it, I aimed for a spot and went. I had difficulty hearing anything that wasn't vocal. All other noise sounded very muffled to me. I was unable to 'tune' into anything, if I attempted to focus on something farther away/ lower, it didn't sound any louder.

I probably could not safely drive at almost any point in this trip once the vision changes started. At this point I knew I was intoxicated past the point where safety was a concern for doing things.

6-11 pm [+12 hrs] (Hide/avoid):

I slept, mostly to hide my appearance. I wasn't enjoying myself. I wasn't getting anything out of it. I was physically incapacitated. It was slightly painful to move. I could not see, and the visuals had stopped.

11-12am [+13 hrs] (VOMIT, Dysmetria, Comedown):

I puked again. There was still very little food. It was mostly seed particles. I thought about forcing more up, but didn't. I had an episode of dysmetria. I tried to brush my teeth. When trying to place the brush in my mouth, I hit my right cheek. Upon attempting to correct it, I hit a similar spot but didn't find my mouth. I was still unable to look at a screen tv/or computer comfortably. I closed my eyes and laid down. I had rather uncomfortable withdrawal feelings for 15-20 seconds. I experienced maybe 5 of them. The sensation was a sudden surge of being flush and tense. It seemed to happen to thirds of my body. I would feel it on my right or left side, or I would feel it centrally in my head. I would just ride them out. I also had pain in my knee joints. Previously the pain always felt muscular but this felt synovial.

12 - 8am: [+21 hrs] (NEXT Day Recovery) :

- I felt 60-70% of normal. My body was really beat up. It didn't just feel 'sore', like I expected. Honestly like my muscles had been slightly hurt. My left back, spinal thoracic muscles seemed to be the most affected. I still had very minor shaking but not like it was, and speaking was hesitant but better, vision was the biggest improvement.

11 am [+24 hrs]: I ate bread, first time I was able to eat.
7 pm [+32 hrs]: Able to eat a real meal
11 pm [+36 hrs]: Early sleep, by the end of day I felt 80-90% of normal.
2 – 7 days: Eventually I was 100%. I think even at a week of writing this, my stomach is a little delicate. It seems something will upset it at some point of the day.

I had minor constipation on 2nd day. I had no libido during experience.


I would say for me 275 seeds was above a moderate dose. I've read some reports that people are not affected by it, and don't think they work. I was surprised how strongly LSA affected me, and interested that I had minor visuals, which I hear are rare with this. My experience was very negative and very different from what I expected. For me I got into psychedelics to have mental experiences different from those I have without substances.
My experience was very negative and very different from what I expected. For me I got into psychedelics to have mental experiences different from those I have without substances.
I assume to dissociate from the body, a lot of the substances will have intoxicating affects on the body. I wasn't necessarily seeking a high or to forget. Any euphoria was welcome of course, and I hoped any visuals would not only look cool but add to the mental experience. My experience failed to accomplish any of these aspects in a positive way. I was incapacitated, and for a very long duration, 275 seeds meant I was unable to do anything else for an entire day. I had no euphoria, and visuals so minor and awareness still intact enough that the spiritual side was minimal, especially for the trade off of being useless to function. For this reason there was no point to morning glory. The things I expected to be 'side effects' such as cramping, were not minor enough to be called so. I think the body changes were actually the major affect I felt, and no one would take anything to voluntarily experience shake and vomit.

I doubt I would ever try again. The only curiosity would be if an extracted low dose like 100 seeds would give me an experience without the body pain. However since I had no euphoria and only minor visuals at higher intensity, I suspect the only symptoms that would persist at this level would be moderately strong visual distortion with mild numbness and lethargy. I wouldn't have a reason why I would want that.

I know I would never try a stronger dose. I cant imagine how bad 400 seeds would feel on the body. I suspect it could completely incapacitate me physically and mentally. However I would speculate there must be more enjoyable, and enlightening ways to do this. I would also seek another entheogenic substance because a shorter duration would be desirable.

Shulgin Scale: +++ Three, because I couldn't suppress the body load or visual changes enough to go about my day at this dosage to be labeled a ++ Two

I know with any substance everyone will respond slightly different. However I read a lot about morning glory and I am still shocked with how my experience was completely unlike anything I expected.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97462
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Feb 1, 2016Views: 6,912
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Morning Glory (38) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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