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Incredible Zen Headspace
Citation:   RamblingPsychonaut. "Incredible Zen Headspace: An Experience with 2C-I (exp96799)". Oct 24, 2012.

10 mg   2C-I
Subject: Male, 185 pounds, Healthy, and No Medications

2C-I 8-10mg Oral

It was a Friday night, and I (let's call me 'J') was getting ready to visit my cousin “D” who lives a couple states over, for the weekend. I asked “D” earlier that day if he wanted to join me on a 2C-I experience on Sunday while I was up there, as I had gotten in my package of goods earlier that week and had been planning to experience 2C-I first. I always approach psychedelics/entheogens with total respect, so I decided to weigh out around 10mg (upper end of a threshold dose) for each of us, as a good starting dose. I'm not sure how accurate my scale is, so we will say it was around 8-10mg each. We planned the “trip” for Sunday morning, and I was hoping for an amazing experience.

Some of my previous experience includes LSA, Syrian Rue, Psilocybin Mushrooms (my favorite), Mescaline (2nd favorite), Salvia Divinorum, DMT, DXM, MXE, and of course Ganja (I'm a nightly toker for insomnia).

Let's jump to Sunday morning. We both wake up sufficiently hung over from the bachelor party we attended the night before. I am contemplating going through with the experience planned that day, because my head is still spinning. Breakfast was super tasty, but had to be choked down (not much of an appetite when I'm hung over). We both go outside after b-fast to enjoy the beautiful summer sun and each take our dose at around 10:30am.

I wasn't keeping good track of time, so this may be a bit off, but you will get the point either way. I am also writing this almost a week after the experience, but it is still fairly fresh in my mind.

+00:30/11:00am – Sitting in a plastic lawn chair, and I can feel the compound making it's way through my system. I'm feeling very meditative, and it seems to be snapping me out of my hangover. “D” says that it is making him feel normal, and his mind feels more awake at this point. The nice weather feels amazing, birds are chirping and flying overhead, and big fluffy clouds rolling in the sky.

+01:00/11:30am – Still locked in the lawn chairs, while we are creeping up higher. We had a hike planned for our experience (there is an awesome hiking spot near where “D” lives). We are both starting to feel lazy, and talk back and forth contemplating our plans for a hike. I look up at the clouds, and realized I haven't taken notice of how much depth clouds actually have, since I was a child. The complex layers, swirling, and expansion movements of the clouds are feeling more and more “trippy”, as they seem to zoom in on us. It is at this point I notice some minor closed eye visuals (some interesting root and leaf patterns displayed on the back of my eyelids).

+01:15/11:45am – Still staring up at the sky, watching the clouds do their thing, having an awesome time. A little over an hour in, and this is reminding me of a mild dose of mescaline. The clouds are even more incredible at this point, and I wonder why I never really noticed them before. I'm starting to see some interesting things in the clouds, and they swirl by. I liken the clouds to life, quickly coming into existence then fading away to create another cloud. I feel very comfortable with life, and death, for everything is part of the circle of life, and I'm just thankful for every day I wake up and have the power of life still flowing through my body. “D” is having a very good experience as well, soaking in everything around him, and on this note we decide that we should get out to our hiking spot, because if we don't move now, we may be locked in these chairs for eternity.

+01:30/12:00am – It's around this time we make it safely to our destination, and begin our journey through the woods. Hiking seems a bit challenging, we are both staggering a bit back and forth as we make our way down the trail. I think to myself “Damn, why did I have to drink so much last night, after being away from alcohol for a long time”. (Just quit alcohol again, probably for good. I don't see any benefit in it, and it just poisons me mentally, physically, and spiritually.)

+01:45/12:15pm – We decide we are going to hike down a steep decline to make it down to a large pond in the nature reserve. It was a very tricky descent, and I banged up my legs a bit on the way down, but made it safely. We make it to a rock jutting out into the pond, and decide this is our destination. We both sprawl out on the rock, to soak in some sun, fresh air, and time.

+02:45/1:15pm – We have been on this rock for an hour, but it feels like half a day has gone by. Each time I look at the time, I am awe struck by how little time has gone by (one of my favorite parts of psychedelia is the time dilation). I have had some pretty interesting closed eye visuals over the last hour. At one point I noticed peoples faces in great detail, then this turned into a spider web pattern, and then into a venus fly trap chomping down flies, then dna spiraling into the black distance. The ripples on the pond look incredible, and dance, creating their own organic patterns.

The most amazing part of chilling on this rock was when a 3-4 inch dragonfly landed on my shoulder. I looked down at it, and it had a bug in it's grasp. It proceeded to chomp around the neck of the insect, like a precision can opener, popped the head off, then sucked dry the insides. I had never seen anything like this happen before, let alone six inches from my face. After an hour or so on the rock, we decide it's time to hike back, and head back to his house.

+03:15/1:30pm – We made it back to his house safely, and spent most of the afternoon laying on the grass, watching clouds, watching animals, and we had a lot of silly moments. Also had some interesting, insightful, philosophical discussions during our time under the sun. This has been one of the most incredible Sundays I've had in a long time, and I will always remember it. There is not much to comment on at this point, still enjoying some interesting CEVs and minor OEVs. This compound seems very introspective, and has a nice calming effect. At no point did either of us feel any anxiety or paranoia, just a very relaxed attitude and outlook on life.

+06:45/5:00pm – We are both still feeling nice, but it seems that we are on our way back down to baseline. We decide to go inside and watch some of the old boob tube. We put on some Futurama, then Bob's Burgers and had some more laughs. A little past 6:00pm I decide I have come down enough to make my way back home (NOTE: I do not suggest driving while under the influence of anything). [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] I make it home safely by 7:30pm, still feeling some slight after effects. I sleep like a baby at around 10:00pm, and wake the next morning feeling great, with a minor afterglow!

Additional Notes: This compound worked great with my system, and provided me with exactly the experience I was looking for that particular day. I should also point out it is a real creeper and the ride up took a few hours to reach the peak. This may have been because I had food in my stomach at the time, and who knows how much being hung over effected the experience. I feel like I may have had more energy had I not been hung over like I was. Overall at this ~10mg dose I experienced time dilation, introspective thinking, CEVs, and minor OEVs later on. It was reminiscent of of a nice mescaline experience, which makes sense, as it's in the same class.

If I had to choose one word to describe the experience, it would be “Zen” across the board. My next experience with this compound will be around 15mg, and I plan on fasting for a few hours before hand, and will mainly be a meditative session. Above all, please be careful with these compounds, and treat them with respect. Everyone's system and chemistry is different, and you don't know how you will react, always start off low and work your way up.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96799
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Oct 24, 2012Views: 9,895
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2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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