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Long Yet Brief Confusion
by G092
Citation:   G092. "Long Yet Brief Confusion: An Experience with 2C-B (exp96648)". Erowid.org. Dec 8, 2012. erowid.org/exp/96648

25 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)


We were going on a weekend trip to attend a Psytrance Festival on the top of a mountain, and my friends suggested we try 2C-B. Not so long ago, I was still a little bit nervous to take on psychedelics because I had tried psilocybin and found it was really heavy on the consciousness and perceptions. Still, I was becoming curious, since MDMA started to lose its magic. So on saturday, we go get the stuff: bright white powder, not pills. The dosage was 25 mg, and according to one of my friends who had tried it, it was quite strong for a first time user like me, but it was too late to change it, and I thought if everyone took the same dosage, it could not be that bad.

So we leave the town and finally get to the beautiful mountain where we were going to camp: natural pool, breathtaking landscapes including lakes, valleys and mountains surrounded us. Before setting up our tents, we ingest the capsules at about 8h30 PM.

T+1 (around 9h30): I start to feel a light change in consciousness and body, but nothing major. Feeling a little more comfortable to talk to the new people I just met, while setting up our tents. We walk down to the site where the people and the music is, and it feels pleasant, yet neutral. I didn't really get the 'euphoric' feeling others did that night. While dancing, I feel like I am really anchored in the ground and not ready to move as much as everyone else.

T+1h30 (around 10h): (I kind of lost track of time at that point so it is approximate) Starting to wonder if something more is going to happen and ask my friend who tells me that the effects of psychedelics can sometimes take up to 3h before being fully installed. And it's after that moment that it starts to get better...

T+2h (around 11h): I go back to where our tents are and find my friends staring at the horizon (we could see fireworks from up there, since it was Quebec's St-Jean Baptiste). I sit with them, starting to feel like my balance is a little perturbed, and notice that the trees right next to us look like hands and heads; me and my friend see the same thing. I find it a little deranging, because I feel stared, while she finds it very funny. Then, we walk back down to the site to dance a little bit.

T+2h30 (around 11h30): I look up at the stars and notice that there seems to be thousands of them... and they softly start to flash and change colors. I find it beautiful, yet strange. Time seems to stretch on forever. One of my friend is dancing next to me (he was on MDMA), and I decide to hug him, and we stay like that for what seems to be a few minutes, like this quick moment froze in time. He starts playing in my back while still holding me and I am paralyzed by all those new sensations: it feels like there are 5 persons touching me at the same time. I don't feel sexually stimulated, I just feel comfortable and want to stay like that, until I realize our friends are looking at us.

Then, we leave the 'dancefloor' to meet with two of our friends whose balance were too deranged to try to dance, and that is when I start to notice that the stars are really glowing more than usual, and while looking at them, red webs appear between them: the sky is so lit up by the visuals that it is hard for me to simply look at it. When I look around me, it even sometimes feel like everything is black, white, and gray except for those sparkles, mainly red and green.

We undertake to go get something in the tent, and it is quite an adventure since grids of colour/light appear over reality... making my orienting in the dark really hard, yet a challenge I feel I can overcome. When I go to the chemical toilets, I find them surrounded and plastered with glitters, which confuses me. At this point, I am starting to feel anxious because my mind and hallucinations are completely restless, and it feels like it's been hours, and like it's going to be like that for hours to come...

Finally, we sit back on rocks and I stare at the sky again, being confused with all the colours, patterns, and shapes. Once, I looked up and saw a red sketch of something I could not distinguish, and finally came up with the idea that it was a drawing of a demon, yet that idea didn't scare me at all.

T+3h (around 12am): We go back to our tents and decide to settle our sleeping bags, but first I want to put on jeans because of the mosquitos... What a surprise it was for me to find out that it felt like there was something jellyfish-like in my bag, while I knew it was only clothes: weirdest feeling ever, yet I laughed so hard on the fact that it was only clothes. My friend had to take the jeans out for me, since it felt too weird. I was still experiencing patterns and colours, but it was starting to calm down a little bit, which was a relief to my tired mind.

We then transferred to our other friends' tent to talk a little bit and chill out. One of them was wearing pants with flower patterns on them and we both found it really amazing that the flowers were breathing and moving. When speaking, I realize that with the bright light in the tent, their faces flicker as in an old movie, I feel relaxed because it is coming down and I start to make more jokes and laugh about all that happened in so little time.

T+4h (at around 1am-1h30am): The effects are mostly gone, no visuals left except when I close my eyes. I find my attention span rather good and easy to divide in doing three tasks at a time (playing with a glow-stick and staring at it, detailing the distant beats from the festival, and actively participating in political and philosophical discussions).

During and after the comedown, I felt relieved, because my mind had been overwhelmed by all the visuals that attacked me. I liked seeing them, but I thought it was a little hard to let go, and just live the experience.

The night seemed long while it was taking place, but after it was over, I noticed that it was actually not as long as I imagined, and that time had flew away without warning. I will definitely try it again, but maybe a smaller dose, something like 20 mg, and be sure to have an illuminated place where I could rest my mind a little bit during the trip. It did not prevent me to sleep or eat, which was a really good thing.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96648
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Dec 8, 2012Views: 3,627
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2C-B (52) : General (1), First Times (2), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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