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Began to Take More Frequent Lower Doses
H.B. Woodrose & Yohimbe
Citation:   mcspoo. "Began to Take More Frequent Lower Doses: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Yohimbe (exp96639)". Nov 9, 2015.

    H.B. Woodrose (seeds)
This is not a normal trip report, this is an analysis of long term use of hbwr in conjunction with yohimbine.

Following my study of the physical effects of LSA-containing seeds I became extremely interested in combining them with the vasodilator yohimbine to prevent the painful vasoconstriction that natural ergolines are famous for and allow for physically safe administration of powerful doses.

Fortunately consuming yohimbine in conjunction with hbwr did do this in addition to intensifying and providing energy and clarity to the experience.

Over a period of several months I consumed this combination many times personally in addition to giving doses to friends. After collecting individual experiences there were some frequent similarities in experiences.

HBWR often causes extreme nausea on the come up. Extraction cannot change this since this is an effect of the active compounds in the seeds... After some number of uses I no longer experienced the purge associated with this trip.

Sometimes, especially if when people did hbwr for the first time they would experience a profound deep physical and mental ecstasy. Usually when this happened the individual could not move. I personally experienced this the second time I consumed hbwr.

Frequently people would have emotionally jarring experiences that would make acid look like a little bitch. One individual, though he said it was the most profound trip of his life said the trip made him question whether any interaction he had ever had was genuine. The follow-up realization was that it was about impossible for him to be able to determine this or not given the nature of human interaction.

Contrary to the statement that this substance does not cause visual hallucinations, it sometimes can be very visual. Although not typical powerful visuals I experienced on hbwr include morphing and swirling of patterns as well as three-dimensional projections of morphing color changing lines, reminiscent of a screen saver.

At higher doses hbwr usually causes extreme delirium, and mind-shattering aural hallucinations. Following the consumption of 30 seeds each with three individuals once each of us peaked we could no longer hear what people were saying, it instead became a hallucination. The hallucination for me became a discussion of all my flaws and failures. As it turns out the conversation I was witnessing was in fact a discussion about titties and road trips. Dx

Person number two realized they could no longer communicate in what had become a bad trip and wept for three hours.

Person number three was no longer with me when he peaked. He had locked himself out of his dorm room and could no longer hear what people said or recognize what people were. Campus police had to fight him to get him to an ambulance to take him to a hospital since they could not communicate with him about what was happening. The officer looked like a ninja by this point. As did the hospital orderlies once he arrived at the hospital. Sadly it was probably good that this person went to the hospital since his solute levels were dangerously low and he was extremely dehydrated.

The nature of the hbwr/yohimbe experience at reasonable doses tended to be so pleasurable and profound that those who were not shocked by the experience wanted to try it again in a short period of time so as to experience the understanding and self clarity they experienced again.

I began to deny people repeat doses as I could tell I was losing my grip on reality due to the effects of this drug. Yet I no longer cared if I personally lost my mind since it was so goddamn beautiful. I began to take more frequent lower doses to extend the psychological effects of the drug throughout my daily life.

In every little thing I came to see how everything was within everything. Our separation as individuals was utterly fake. We were all manifestations of the same existence. We were in fact all the same shit. Yet our separation was both very real and part of the manifestation of this one single existence. Time is an illusion. Infinity exists fully at this very instance. An existence where you decide not to fart at grandma's to be polite exists even though in this reality, you cracked off that fart loud and proud. Planet of the Apes fucking exists.

I am you and you are me and we're all god and existence is a manifestation of that unity.

It was beautiful. However I no longer cared if I lived or died. It occurred to me that I no longer could function and that regardless of whether or not these pervasive psychotic thoughts were real I did not want to live like this.

So I stopped using hbwr. But the thoughts did not stop. After two months of climbing desperation and no drug use I smoked pot hoping the antipsychotic effects of cannabidiol would make it stop. It did. The thoughts stopped immediately. I cried. I was so happy I wept. Like a baby.

They started to creep back. I smoked again 4 days later. I convinced myself they weren't real, smoked again 7 days later and they haven't come back since. I could probably get them back if I tried.

HBWR is an extremely powerful psychedelic that is particularly risky in terms of triggering schizoid tendencies. Although I used this substance stupidly it made me and others want to do this in a way no other psychedelic I have done has...

Powerful frequent doses of other substances have done nothing like hbwr did to me.

[Reported Dose: '15-20 seeds'; original title: 'Wicked HPPD']

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 96639
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 9, 2015Views: 3,634
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Yohimbe (96) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Post Trip Problems (8), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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