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I Don't Like Tofu
by 686
Citation:   686. "I Don't Like Tofu: An Experience with 2C-D (exp96564)". Erowid.org. Dec 31, 2016. erowid.org/exp/96564

12 mg oral 2C-D (pill / tablet)
  25 mg oral 2C-D (pill / tablet)
  12 mg oral 2C-D (pill / tablet)


This is a report about my first (and only) 2C-D experience. I bought 50 mg pills from an online vendor. The pills were labeled 'bong cleaner' and delivered in a small box with 'bong cleaning' instructions printed on it. Thanks guys, try to find something more stupid next time. Although possession of bongs and pot paraphernalia isnt illegal in my country, it can lead to problems with the police like being searched for drugs, drug-testing, being harrassed by cops and many other fun stuff. Fortunately, the parcel wasnt opened by customs.

When it comes to psychedelics, I'm experienced with l.s.a containing seeds, mild DMT-related compounds containing plants like Virola or Acacia formosa, Salvia d., Amanita muscaria, low doses of Datura stramonium and Mandrake, San Pedro/Peruvian Torch cactus and I've had one strong Iboga experience in a Bwiti setting. I've used non-psychedelic entheogens, like Salvia apiana, Salvia officinalis, Tansy (this one could be regarded as mildly psychedelic) and Poppy (yes, this one is an entheogen, while its extracted/transformed alkaloids are not at all, in my experience). Powerful medicinals like Mulungu and Cat's Claw also have an entheogenic dimension. I've worked a lot with the holy San Pedro cactus, although I've never taken truly heroic doses. I'm pretty used to minor visual distortions and I dont find it interesting or spectacular anymore, except when it induces illusions that can be used for psychological / spiritual questionment. I like the cactus a lot and I think It likes me. I rely totally on plants for medicine and my spiritual life and have been disappointed by synthetic drugs (like mdma, which I found weak and toxic) or extracted alkaloids (like cocaine, which feels artificial and is very inferior to raw coca leaves). So I've got a bias against man-made chemicals.

To compare the effects, I will refer to San Pedro, as I know the effects very well and as mescaline is a psychedelic phenethylamine, like 2C-D.

I cut a pill in two and perform a quick allergy check with some powder produced in the process by putting it on my tongue. The taste is bitter and reminds of aspirin or heroin. Later, I take a 1/4 of a pill (containing 12 mg of 2C-D +/-). The onset is quick (5-10 minutes) and soon, stomach discomfort takes place. There are no mental effects and no intellectual stimulation. No physical stimulation or obvious speeding of the heartbeat either. The visual distortions (like things moving or rotating) are relatively strong for such a low dose, but nothing to write home about. It lasts for 4 hours, slowly fading after the 2 firsts hours. The stomach discomfort lasts the whole time of the experiment. After 2 hours , I've eaten a quick snack and it fixed my stomach... for 5 minutes.

Having had no adverse side-effects, except for the stomach discomfort, I decide to experiment further the same day. It's now early in the evening, I smoke a stick of very old pot, a good relaxant but with very few high/stoned effects. I've smoked because this is my regular schedule. 10 minutes later I take a half pill, which contains 25 mg of 2C-D. I intended to take the remaining 3/4, but I'm suddenly afraid to get sick or to have a too strong experience.

5 minutes later, I change my mind and swallow the last 1/4. I then leave the house and take a walk in the fields as in my experience, indoor trips are dull, specially when done watching a computer screen. This is spring, a cold and wet one. Weeds are from 1 to 1,6 meter high, and wet. Soon, I start to feel the effects coming on. I feel a physical stimulation, like having drunk too much coffee, but without the head rush. My heartbeat is mildly accelerated and my breathing is a bit short. Nothing too strong, but a bit uncomfortable. My mind is more or less empty, I feel no euphoria. I'm having some visual distortion.

I'm walking through the wet weeds. My trousers start to get soaked in water. Cold water drips in my boots and this is very unpleasant. At this stage, I'm starting to think about how differently I'm feeling things compared to a San Pedro trip. On cactus, getting soaked in water would be very present, but not so unpleasant, because it would be a connection to the place and the plants. There would be obvious reasons for getting wet and cold, because it's the way plants are, it's the way of the moment, I would take the experience with serenity and feel a deep connection to my surroundings. with 2C-D, there's no connection. plants are aliens, cold water is disagreeable I'm a tourist there, like a guy coming from the city and crying to go back home and watch TV. Colors of the plants, which are beautiful at this time of the year are slightly brightened, but look dry and flat. It's a bit shocking. The connection I have with the place, weeds and trees is not only very inferior to the one I feel on San Pedro, but it is inferior to what I'm feeling in my sober state. In fact, I never have been so disconnected from Nature, except maybe after binge drinking
I never have been so disconnected from Nature, except maybe after binge drinking
( a very rare occurrence ) or when I was younger and living in a big city with no idea of the greatness of Life. In my sober state, or mildly high or, of course, on cactus, I'm catching small insects from the corner of my eye, I'm seeing a lot of details. On 2C-D, it doesnt work this way.

My vision is ok, but I'm not seeing anything interesting in this flat and dull (although slightly distorted) landscape. To me this stuff is an anti-entheogen, compromising my spiritual life. At the peak of the experience, I feel like getting in touch with a robot mind, but it didnt last. I go back home and I eat a light meal. The stomach discomfort which is not stronger than with 12 mg vanishes. I spend some time surfing the Internet. I have a very short burst of euphoria, but nothing strong. I feel a bit like having taken a recreational drug from a dystopic Sci-Fi world, like Logan's Run or other 60s' anticipation. When getting down, I feel my muscles tensed and some vasoconstriction. Vasoconstriction lasted the next day and I had a slight hangover. My muscles were a bit sore but nothing too hard.

The feeling of having been sliced from the natural world lasted the next day, and I was pretty unhappy about that. In the afternoon, I rubbed my temples, wrists, the back of my knees, elbow pits and ankles with fresh white sage leaves (Salvia Apiana) which is an important ally of mine. I felt instant relief and reconnection to Life. It was a very good thing. Later that day, I smoked some low grade pot in my field, surrounded by weeds and things were totally back to normal.

Overall the experience was disappointing. It's just an industrial chemical which poorly mimics some effects of true entheogens and has unpleasant side effects although they're mild. I'll probably not take it again and it made me even more wary toward designer drugs. It wasnt fun, it wasnt interesting, it was a waste of time and money.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96564
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 48 
Published: Dec 31, 2016Views: 4,047
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2C-D (103) : Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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