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Introspective Adderall
2C-E & 2C-T-2
by MrMoran
Citation:   MrMoran. "Introspective Adderall: An Experience with 2C-E & 2C-T-2 (exp96538)". Nov 7, 2012.




Mindset & Setting: First time around, I was at college and it was a very nice day outside. My mindset was rather clear, and slightly optimistic. Second time was at a park with my friend and mindset was slightly depressed.

Dosage: 1st time was 15mg, 2nd time was 10mg.

The main effects of 2C-E, I've noticed, are that it messes with my thought patterns. In the first trip, I went from an 4/10 to an 8/10 in a matter of minutes as far as my mood went but the compound itself never really enhanced my just made it a lot more sensitive to changes. It never really made me feel happy, but made it a lot easier for me to feel sad. That was a major component of my second trip was the fact that I was unemployed and broke, but tripping, and I kept thinking to myself 'What am I doing with myself?'

This brings me to my point: 2C-E is very good for introspection. I found that I was able to analyze my fears and worries with no difficulty, however I also found that if I got on a negative train of thought, it was incredibly difficult to get off that set of tracks. For psychotherapy, I think this compound is very important, yes, but it also should be used in conjunction with something that elevates one's mood, to guarantee that the experience is a positive one. The compound is very benevolent, and the last thing anyone should feel is scared while under its influence. It will allow you to go deeper into your mind than you'd otherwise be willing to go, and it can get scary and overwhelming at times; hence why I think a safety rope of induced positive feelings is necessary. Unlike 2C-T-2, it is not very clear-headed.

Like its analog, 2C-T-2, it produces many visual effects as well. Things wouldn't really breathe or morph as they did with shrooms, but colors did appear more vibrant, tracers, and fractalline patterns were definitely prominent. Classical psychedelia was definitely there. Another thing I noticed with this compound was that things like wood grain would appear to melt and many things would have a shining and often times iridescent luster. With 2C-T-2, there were plenty of fractalline and paisley patterns, but the melting feeling was absent.

Another thing was that music was definitely enhanced with 2C-E, but it was relatively normal on 2C-T-2. I could feel each pluck of each string when I was listening to classic rock, and I could hear the differences between a tube amp being used and an amp using modern technology. I could feel the emotions behind every single word that the singer used, and why he used that word in particular rather than any other synonym. I could understand music, and truly feel it.

Tastes were also enhanced beyond what weed does, and appetite was relatively unaffected. As I chewed gum (something I would advise having around, because jaw clenching and teeth grinding can become quite problematic), I felt my teeth feel as though they were moving effortlessly through the gum, and I felt the flavors of the gum coat and melt into my tongue. Simply put: things tasted amazing. However, I could feel when I was full and when I was not. I might eat just a little less than usual under the influence of this substance.

Tactile sensations are also heightened, and 2C-T-2 is known for this as well. However, again, I feel like 2C-E does tactile sensations just a little bit better. However, along with that comes a body load which is pretty heavy and I found myself to be quite restless. If I was moving around, however, it was slightly more bearable than if I were sitting. When I sat, I would wiggle my leg or drum my fingers against the table a lot. Another thing that affected tactile senses was that my body seemed to be very sensitive to temperature changes as small as 2 degrees Celsius.

Nausea was another thing that occasionally accompanied the body load. I found that a quick bowl of weed helped completely abate all nausea symptoms, but was sometimes at the cost of making the trip a lot stronger (and sometimes mentally overwhelming). The first time, however, I did not have weed at my disposal, so I had to bear through the purge, which occurred for me at about 90 minutes post-dosage. After the purge, though, I found everything to be alright.

Dosage response was completely wild and unpredictable. The first time I experienced this compound, I found its effects to be milder than the second time. The next time I take it, I am not sure whether or not I am going to go up to 15mg again, or keep it 10mg. I am still trying to decide what dosage I could take this compound and not be overwhelmed should I mix it with cannabis. On my third trip, I might see if 5mg can mix well with cannabis and not feel overwhelming.

Compound safety is another thing I feel like needs addressing. This compound, 2C-E, seems safe when used within its proper dosage. I would not mix it with an MAOI, as that can be very dangerous. I know of very few medical issues when mixed with other 2C's, but I would again urge extreme caution and plenty of research before you mix it with anything. It feels quite fine on its own. The first time I felt like otherwise, but the second time proved me wrong. I would also advise against insufflating it as that can prove to be very painful and possibly dangerous.

Conversations on just plain 2C-E are relatively easy to maintain and hold, but mixed with weed became completely unmanageable (even on the tail-end of a trip). I would start talking, and I would feel my mind go off on another tangent, and then I would get lost on that tangent and head off on another tangent...eventually I forgot what I was saying. This can lead into a bad trip. Otherwise, however, conversations are relatively fluid and easy to hold.

Overall commentaries:

This compound has been next to impossible for me to describe accurately. There is a lot to it and it doesn't really have a character to it. 2C-D is regarded as 'pharmacological tofu' by Shulgin; I feel like this is its bigger, stronger, more characterized brother -- the difference is only a carbon chain, and yet it is almost entirely different. Above all, I felt like this compound was rather mind-fucking, to be blunt. It has a lot of potential to manifest the mind and it certainly gives an incredible amount of introspection. I regarded 2C-T-2, this compound's cousin, as 'Artistic Adderall'; this is much like that, except it's 'Introspective Adderall.' This compound doesn't guarantee anything other than a body load, a trip, and possibly some nausea. It doesn't even have a chance of inducing euphoria. Almost everything that this compound does effects your thoughts, and your actions to a lesser extent.

It is an interesting compound, though I would not call it my favorite. I still prefer 2C-T-2 for its relative clear-headedness and visual aspects. However, I am still glad to have experienced this compound.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96538
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Nov 7, 2012Views: 7,198
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2C-T-2 (53), 2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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