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I Made a Mistake
Mimosa tenuiflora & Skullcap
by Lara
Citation:   Lara. "I Made a Mistake: An Experience with Mimosa tenuiflora & Skullcap (exp96446)". Mar 24, 2018.

8 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (tea)
  40 g oral Skullcap (tea)
During the process of brewing a mild Ayahuasca analog with Mimosa Hostilis and Passionflower, I made a bad mistake. I actually wanted to experiment with Passionflower instead of the stronger Syrian Rue as MAO-inhibitor. So I started the brewing with Passionflower and Mimosa Hostilis. Knowing that this is a low dosage, I wanted to double the passionflower to 80g and 120g during next tries if required. I really just wanted to find out if it would work.

What I did not know: I made a stupid mistake and took the wrong box of ingredients for the brew. Instead of Passionflower, I mixed Scullcap into the brew and made two strong (scullcap) teas applied 30 and 60mins before I swallowed the brew.

The outcome would have been no surprise, if I just had known about my mistake. In fact, I just found out the day after the first experiment as I cleaned my kitchen and put the herb-boxes back into the cupboard.

Lucky me - I am absolutely aware that this could have ended much worse, if I had taken something else but Scullcap. I am usually a very careful person with mixing chemicals and herbs - I have no idea how I could have done this wrong.

About 60mins after I swallowed the brew, I felt tired (to no surprise). I took a sit instead of laying down, and listened to some good music with headphones, in absolutely dark. The peak set in after about 2 hours. With closed eyes I had a few very mild visuals. Music sounded deeper and overall: I felt something is not ok here. But opening my eyes brought me back into reality quickly. I also had a few problems with walking in the dark - which is not usually a problems in my house. I have not seen colored objects, but even in the dark with closed eyes, the darkness was broken by waves and small fractals in sort of gray color. Very hard to describe.

After about 3 hours I must have found sleep and awoke this morning pretty fresh and well feeling.

Conclusion: I never felt this mild optics/visuals by taking scullcap alone. When done, I felt usually tired and relaxed from Scullcap, but my mind was not affected by any visuals. So my conclusion is: Adding Mimosa Hostilis seems to have a very mild effect on me even if not taken with an MAO-inhibitor. I can not say if Scullcap was any benefit here of course. The outcome was overall not worth the long process of brewing. So will go on with real Passionflower the next time, with double care.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96446
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Mar 24, 2018Views: 4,530
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