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The Best Tripnic
by Goose
Citation:   Goose. "The Best Tripnic: An Experience with LSD (exp96427)". Oct 3, 2012.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


I’d like to begin this report by telling you guys a little about myself. I am seventeen, take absolutely no medication, and have already experimented with a small variety of drugs such as marijuana, MDMA to a minor extent, and LSD. Although I have already dropped acid once, it was at a concert setting so I was not able to fully gauge the intensity of the trip due to the atmosphere, let alone enjoy it to the fullest. I was also with a friend who, even though is pretty funny, I am not too fond of. Before you decide not to read this, let me say that it truly felt like it was my first experience with the drug. Since that one time, I have always wanted to try it once more with a special person who I would be able to fully express my feelings and emotions with, while in a more comfortable setting.

I have become increasingly close with my friend who moved here to Miami from New York about nine months ago; we’ll call her S for the remaining of the report. I pretty much consider her as a sister by this point. What gave me the idea to try it with her was a recurring dream that I had in which we both took it and biked through the forest and ended up in the most serene setting. In this vivid dream we both lied down on a long sloped grass hill with a large lake at the bottom while we watched the sun set behind the mountains (I have no idea where I even conceived this place considering there are no mountains anywhere near Miami). After this I told her about dream and asked her what she though about making it happen. She has not done any drugs before in her life, so I was surprised to hear that she was open to the idea. I assured her that the drug is not what the media portrays it to be, and that we would plan it out perfectly so that nothing could go wrong. Although she was originally going to try smoking weed before this, it never quite happened and I am actually pretty glad. She is the most active, hilarious girl I know, so I would hate to see her so lazy and out of it after smoking. I asked her to trust me about the misconceptions about LSD, and reassured her that everything would be ok. We planned to trip the next weekend.

I was giddy with excitement on Sunday morning when I drove to her house to pick her up. Although we were both slightly nervous, we both had a great mindset because it was a beautiful day, and we had no obligations to take care of. Once we were at my house we prepared our backpacks with water, iced tea, sunglasses, an extra pair of clothes just in case anything happens, a bowl of mixed fruit, and headphones. Our plan was to bike over to a nearby nature trail and have a picnic by the lake. We went into my room, hesitantly placed the blotter tab on our tongues, waited for it to dissolve, and swallowed at precisely 1:40 P.M. We hugged each other in anticipation of the great adventure we were about to experience, and sat on the couch to watch TV while it kicked in. After about ten boring minutes we decide to just leave on our bike ride.

My bike was previously making a really loud screeching noise but I fixed it by loosening a bolt near the front tire only slightly. We slowly pedaled on back roads just casually talking about what was to come. We both had that feeling of anticipation, that something was off but we couldn’t tell what just yet. As we neared the nature trail, we began to feel the first small effects. As an uncontrollable smile fell upon my face, everything seemed a little bit brighter and more beautiful. When we stopped to make sure we were heading in the right direction, I spotted one of those lizards that run on their hind legs. It was very similar to those “Jesus lizards” that run on water but it was over concrete. She didn’t see it so she sarcastically joked about me seeing things. As we arrived to the park, our first decision was to go through one of the trails.

By the time we both got to the trail it had been about 50-60 minutes since we took it so it just started to hit us and the nature surrounding us was quite beautiful. By this time my bike had also started making the noises that I thought I had fixed earlier, but I did my best to ignore them. We rode over the narrow concrete road as we passed hundreds of mangrove-looking trees on both sides. We looked directly in front of us as we flew by the trees at a high speed. We then both looked down at our tires spinning ever so slowly over the ground and bursted out laughing. We must have been going only two miles per hour but the nearby trees that raced passed us on both sides made it seem as if we were going so fast! Up ahead on the road we saw that a mucky substance consisting of leaves, dirt, etc. Completely covering the road. I picked up some speed to that I could pedal through it easily and reached the end of the mucky road pretty quickly. I heard S behind me say, “I don’t like the muck” and I looked back to see her standing next to her bike waiting in the mucky road. We both made eye contact and laughed uncontrollably. She walked it out to where I was and we continued on our way. After about five more minutes we decided to turn back and head towards the lake for our picnic. Once we were off the trail and back in the parking lot, we went over the curb and stopped to make sure no cars coming. We both noticed a patch of dried mud that had a smooth grey appearance. My noticed visual was when I focused on the patch and saw it morph slightly. We took note of this, agreed that it looked liked quicksand, and crossed the street to begin our picnic. By now my bike was making a horrid screeching sound so I was glad to finally get off it. We parked our bikes next to this old concrete structure that looked like it was built in the 1800s and walked near the lake to set up our blanket.

By now it must have been about 1:30-2:00 hours since we took it. We were both pretty hungry so we took out the fruit salad in my bag and started picking the fruit by hand and lifting it up to our mouth. We opened the top and as we both went for our first piece of fruit we bursted out laughing. Right on the top was the biggest chunk of pineapple we had ever seen! “Looks like the supermarket got lazy,” I said. It must have taken S about four separate bites to finish that one chunk. After about ten minutes of eating I realized that we brought plastic forks to eat the fruit with. S said to forget about the forks, “it’s only another thing that can go wrong” I chuckled and accepted the fact that eating it with our hands felt so much better. For some reason, the cold, slimy fruit that would have made us feel so awkward at any other time felt amazing in our fingers. Once we got to the bottom of the fruit bowl there was really only a few chunks of fruit left so out of laziness we tossed them in the grass instead of walking back to a trashcan. Back towards the concrete structure there were three kids of about six or seven years old playing with sticks with two adults following them. I couldn’t help but laugh because of the way the two men were dressed. One of them, who I presumed to be the father, had a long ponytail of grey hair, was dressed in full hiking attire, and even had a long stick he was using to hike with. The other man who looked like he was about 25-35 years old was dressed a little more normal but was wearing a safari-like sun hat. I couldn’t help pointing out to S that if you took the kids out of the picture, it looks like these guys were going to spend their day deep inside the African Sahara!

Since we didn’t bother looking at our phones much to check the time, these are estimates (2:00-3:00 since we took it). Towards the peak of our trip, we decided to lie down and relax. As soon as my back made contact with the ground, I felt a wave of relief. I had never felt so relaxed and in unison with S and everything around me. We wanted to listen to some music now so S took out her iPod Shuffle and began skipping through songs. Since she shares it with two of her sisters, nothing too appealing came on so I decided to plug in my music. After two minutes of indecisiveness, I chose D’yer Mak’er by Led Zeppelin. The music sounded amazing and I felt like I was transported back to the seventies. But once the song reached the point where Robert Plant starts screaming, S read my mind and asked me to change it. As we continued to listen to some tunes, we put our shades on and stared up at the clouds. The clouds moved slowly in every direction and the edges of the clouds swirled slightly, it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. After what felt like an hour of just looking up at the sky, S needed to go to the bathroom. When I checked my phone, only twenty minutes had passed since we first lied down! We were both completely shocked by how altered our time perception was and agreed that this trip was going to feel like forever. I had no Idea where the bathrooms were but S said she saw them earlier before we went on the trail, so we made it our “mission” to find the bathroom. I hopped on my bike after having completely forgotten about the noise and as I took the first pedal, my bike screamed like a banshee. I felt everyone’s eyes on me but I laughed it out. I told S that my bike was pretty bipolar because every now and then it would be quiet for a while, but as soon as you got accustomed to the silence, it would start screeching again.

It turned out that the bathroom was about sixty seconds away so it wasn’t as much of a “mission” as what was about to come. I waited outside the bathroom as she walked in and not even fifteen seconds later she came out with a frown on her face. “that was quick,” I joked. She said there was a spider in the stall and she can’t do it. I started laughing while thinking to myself “is she serious?” So I took a look inside and at first sight it seemed fine, but hanging right above the stall was the biggest spider I had ever seen! The entire place was covered in insects! I went outside in embarrassment and told her to try the last stall, which was the least insect-ridden. After waiting for her to come out I decided that I also needed to pee. “Can’t I just go in the women’s bathroom where I know it’s safe?”

“No we need to be normal people” She laughed. So I went across to the men’s restroom and finished up in a sec.

(3:30-4:30 since we took it) We decide to look for another spot to chill, so after a few minutes of noisy biking, we found a nice clearing with a picnic table. We decide to sit on the top of the bench like the “cool kids”. She had brought her sketchbook and colored pencils so it was the perfect time to start doodling. We both collaborated on a drawing on the same page and when it was done, it was the most disgusting, dog/rabbit-looking creature I had ever seen. I laughed so hard at what we created and determined it was best if we try drawing individually for a few minutes. She ended up drawing a picture of us sitting on the bench and titled it “The Best…” She said she was about to write “trip” but I insisted not to just in case her parents came across the sketchbook. I took a colored pencil and filled it in, The Best “Picnic”. Then she got her pencil, crossed out picnic and wrote “Thing”. We both laughed at this war we were having and ended up talking the rest of the time. We looked back where our bikes were and saw the same three kids with those two creepy adults following them. We both noticed a really pretty bird that was in the tree, and little-by-little, more and more birds showed up. These weren’t pigeons and crows either; these were some pretty exotic-looking birds. Before we knew it we were standing under a tree full of these awesome birds that had colorful patterns on their tail wings. “What are we doing here? This is like a prime bird-watching location,” S said. We laughed and ended up sitting back down on the bench. As we came down from our peak we talked and messed around for another hour or so before hopping on our bikes and leaving the park.

(5:30-6:00 since we took it) Once arriving at the checkpoint we previously stopped at on the way over here, S spotted the lizard I saw earlier. It easily could have been a different one but it was cool to see one in the same exact spot as earlier. I later figured out that they are called Basilisk Lizards. As we neared my house, S exclaimed, “We didn’t listen to Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds!” So I pulled up the song on my phone and we began to listen to it. We were practically drenched in sweat, wearing dorky bike helmets, and could barely hear the song due to the loud screeching of my bike. “It’s like the ending of a really bad movie,” S said. I started laughing uncontrollably. Even though we were coming down from our trip, it was definitely one of the funniest moments of the day.

We were both starving when we got to my house so we immediately started making sandwiches. After barely putting anything but meat and cheese on the pita bread, S goes for a bite but I told her to wait, this sandwich has to be epic. So we each put two sandwiches of meats and cheese in the toaster and placed our condiments in between each of our two sandwiches to make something that was worth the wait. About 45 minutes later we scarfed down the food and I went back to the sketchbook to look at what we drew. I saw The Best “Picnic” drawing and crossed it out and put The Best Sandwich.

As soon as we finished eating we jumped in the pool to relax. S insisted in taking my surfboard in the pool so I couldn’t tell her no. We paddled around in “the flattest ocean you will ever surf in” and I tried teaching her how to duck dive, which she almost got (She at least learned how to sit on the board). After a great day we dried off and I took her home.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96427
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Oct 3, 2012Views: 9,337
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LSD (2) : General (1), Nature / Outdoors (23), Music Discussion (22), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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