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A Smooth Ride
Citation:   redalus. "A Smooth Ride: An Experience with 2C-B (exp96279)". Jun 5, 2012.

25 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
First, I must state that I am not a greatly experienced tripper. 6 months prior to this report was the first time I ever took a psychedelic, psilocybe cubensis, and at that time experienced a +++ on the Shulgin scale. I have also tried a low dose of LSD, and a low dose of mushrooms in the interim but never got beyond a low ++. I have also rolled on MDMA one time, 6 months prior. Aside from that, I have not taken any drugs besides plenty of drinking, and rarely smoking weed. I am not on any prescription medication, nor did I smoke any weed or drink during this experience. The LSD dose was taken 4 days prior to this experience, and the most recent mushrooms dose 14 days prior. This was my first time consuming a research chemical of any kind.

The material was a slightly off-white powder identified as pure 2C-B HBr by the seller. I used a milligram scale to measure 125mg and dissolved it in 25mL of water for dosing, so I am confident in the specified dose of 25mg. Note that 25mg of the HBr salt will be closer to 22mg of the HCl salt due to differences in molecular weight.

I took the dose at 9:45PM with 3 others (who I will refer to as R, L, and W) who had never tried 2C-B before. However, overall they are much more experienced trippers than myself. Throughout the experience they were smoking weed at various intervals. There were also 2 others present who were only smoking weed (T and S). All of our doses were 25mg, with 5mL of solution being added to a small glass of water to ensure that leftover drops in the cup would not contain significant amounts of the material.

The setting was split between an indoor, moderately lit room with several couches and a good stereo hooked up to a computer, a lit porch right outside, and an abandoned, dark, outdoor plant nursery next door.

T0: We down our glasses, and walk over to the neighbor's house to chat for a while.

T+0:30: First alerts, feels similar to the first stages of an MDMA roll. It comes in light waves for the next half-hour or so.

T+1:00: Feels like a strong roll, much stronger than the time I took MDMA, but seemed similar. Now in a state of almost perma-grin, everything seems pleasant and I am glad that I decided to do this.

T+1:30: The roll seems to have leveled off and now strong OEVs are taking place. Sound seems pretty normal but the music we are listening to is very enjoyable.

T+2:00-4:00: Plateau, very strong OEVs, euphoria, short attention span. There is not a moment where I am 'worried' during this whole experience.

T+4:30: Effects are subsiding, though it still comes in waves. It is an easy comedown, and the main bulk of it occurs over a ~30 minute period.

T+5:30: Near baseline. Minor aftereffects, but feel very normal. Went home and looked in the mirror, and checked pupil response which was normal. Easily went to sleep.

Overall it was very fun and a rewarding experience. I have heard 'depth' described before and from my limited experience would generally agree that mushrooms are 'deeper' than 2C-B, but only because my attention span was very short on 2C-B compared to mushrooms. It was hard to hold an idea for more than a few seconds. During the early part of the experience (T+1:00-2:00) I experienced serious time dilation, and it felt like I lived maybe 3 hours during that one actual hour. The time dilation was still present but seemed less severe once plateau was reached.

The OEVs were, for me, a strong waving and bending of everything I looked at. Any straight line was wiggling, and any pattern was breathing. At several points I looked up at the stars and the closest description I could come up with of what they were doing was that the stars were bending. A large bush near the porch was breathing, and appeared to be ever moving despite no wind of any kind. R, L and W agreed that the bush appeared constantly moving. There was also serious color-fringing which seemed related to the music, and waves of blues and pinks and purples seemed to wash over surfaces. W described his visuals earlier in the experience to be more geometric, where everything he saw had been broken up into a grid, which I never experienced. We had those rainbow 'Fireworks' glasses which give multicolored duplicates of objects when you look through them. Generally this seemed quite uninteresting because for me it seemed to flatten everything out, despite being more colorful. The only exception to this was with a plastic cup, where if held within arm's length and moved around gave a strong sense of beyond-3-dimensional space, owing to the apparent layers that each one of the multicolored duplicates seemed to live on.

I did not experience strong CEVs at all. Moving colors on a black background which swelled and moved with the music, but for me did not seem as interesting as the OEVs.

The trip was very controllable and clear-headed. My thought patterns did not seem substantially altered besides having a short attention span and they were occurring faster than normal. I did not feel like I was being dragged around at all. While this was a private environment, I think that I would not have a problem at a typical music event or similar, though I would try a smaller dose because the OEVs could be very disorienting at times. Communication was occasionally difficult, as my thought process often outpaced my ability to get the words out, and I would typically get half of a sentence out and then stop, having lost the synchronization between what I wanted to say and what I was saying. W went to the convenience store with T at T+2:15, and said he didn't have any trouble finding what he wanted and paying for it. Outside of the plateau/peak I could usually turn the trip 'off' if I wanted, though some less serious OEVs and general euphoria persisted. This is what leads me to believe a smaller dose would be ideal for concerts and shows, because I think at that level the plateau would be within this controllable level, allowing one to trip when dancing or experiencing the music, but otherwise function normally.

I never experienced more than very minor nausea, and the body load was low. I had some mucus buildup in my nose, but never got totally stuffed up. I did not experience teeth grinding, though sometimes I felt like I was vibrating. Unlike when I rolled on MDMA, I could stop moving pretty easily, though. I enjoyed swaying and moving, but it was not compulsive in any way. Sitting still was very doable even during peak. Touch sensation was enhanced, but not greatly. I never felt uncomfortable or worried.

The comedown was very easy, and was nice and relaxed. It did return in waves during a 30 minute period, but was totally controllable. It is now the next day, and I feel no real hangover or afterglow effects. Very normal feeling, other than a little bit of fatigue from staying up late.

If one is looking for fun from their psychedelics, and not an insightful or solo trip (the social aspect was great, very talkative and open), then 2C-B is an absolute treat. On 25mg it was a low/mid +++ for me. I prefer it to MDMA based on my experience, and though I will probably not try it again for a while I will test it at a lower dose in a more active setting.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96279
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 5, 2012Views: 39,973
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2C-B (52) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), General (1)

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