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Colored Filter With Heavy Time Dilation
by shuddupayoface
Citation:   shuddupayoface. "Colored Filter With Heavy Time Dilation: An Experience with DOB (exp96256)". Erowid.org. May 31, 2012. erowid.org/exp/96256

4 hits oral DOB (blotter / tab)


[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] We get to the pool and find a plethora of people, this makes both Jason and me uncomfortable, so we head across the street to a different pool. Same situation. However, during that walk, we do a time dilation test. E times 30 seconds and J and I are supposed to tell him when we think 30 seconds is up. I yell stop! 16 seconds. J keeps going. He yells stop, 26 seconds! He was so close, but those 10 seconds between us felt like 10 minutes. We then head back to the first pool and walk through the gate this time. We turn the corner and there is another section that was hid from us that has even more people, J and I keep walking. E is not pleased with us, as he just wants to swim and there were about 90% girls there. We then walk back to his car and relax there for a few minutes. E tries to explain to us that any pool we go to this day will be full of people. Eventually we compromise and head out to get milkshakes.

T 3:30 Ė By the time we get milkshake we are close to my place. And I convince E and J to just go to my places pool, where I know it will be less crowded. They oblige and drive to my place, but then, I am confused. Why did they drive to my place? It doesnít have a pool! I tell them this and E gets visibly angry while J just laughs at how stupid I could be. I then tell them the pool is at a different apartment complex, where my leasing office is. I had somehow realized that all people and things are connected and just assumed they would know where it was. I begin to wonder if E is actually mad, or just annoyed at that statement. He knows the state I am in, oh well, the next time I see him, we will all have a laugh about it. We eventually get to the pool and relax. It is all grad students and E makes a comment about how lame it is. I donít see what the big deal is, as grad students are typically much more laid back and not loud or obnoxious. E eventually sees this and is fine. We sit there for a while and eventually I just want to go on a walk. I go to the gate to leave, but Iíll be damned, I canít figure out how to open the thing. I quickly give up and sit down in a chair next to it, so as to not draw too much attention to myself, though Iím sure sitting there did that anyways. I relax there and actually start to feel really good. Eventually some girls leave and I sneak out behind them. Looking back, I must have looked like a complete moron at that pool.

T 3:45 Ė I begin my walk. Campus is about a 90 second car ride from that pool, but I walk it and make it there in about 25 minutes. The entire walk, I start to sweat profusely and am sure I am extremely dehydrated. I decide to make the student center my destination, as I know it will be open and I can get some much needed water and relax in the air conditioning until E and J come pick me up. The entire walk, I donít really hallucinate and begin to think that aspect has worn off. Everything is just so pretty and I focus on that. Eventually I get to campus, but am still about a 4 minute walk from the student center when E calls and says they are finished at the pool and come to pick me up. We head back to Jís apartment to relax and watch some tv. In the car ride back I learn that the pool was to J what Van Wilder was to me. Of course, it had just hit him later! I also notice that I am not in fact finished hallucinating as I am still seeing colored lines whizzing around objects and at one point, saw the door next to J open up mid drive.

T 4:45 Ė We are back at Jís. I am extremely grimy and sweaty, but donít care because I am still feeling great. We watch a couple of episodes of Pawn Stars. E slips in and out of naps the entire time, while J just sits there, appearing overcome by everything he has seen and done for the day. By now I am about a +1, maybe a very week +2. At one point in an episode, they talk about the Geneva Convention banning certain types of knives, but not others. I realize how silly that and the entire human race is. We come together to create a ďcivilizedĒ way to fight war. That just seems extremely contradictory and amuses me greatly. I tell E and he too laughs, probably at me for realizing it in my state.

T 6:15 Ė E leaves to get some dinner with his roommates leaving me a J. J goes to sit outside on the balcony and look at the sky. He calls for me to look at the clouds, to which I do. I am no longer hallucinating and obviously canít see what he sees, but I do see the utter beauty of them nonetheless. I suddenly wish it would rain, the idea of sitting and watching a storm roll in sounds amazing. We quickly decide to go for a walk. We walk for about 20 minutes, discussing things we had seen and thought about throughout the day. J tells me how much he loved it. We get back to his place and decide to go to Cís for dinner. J assures me he is able to drive, as he too has now stopped hallucinating and is at the same stage I am, a +1, just taking the world in and seeing the beauty.

T 6:45 Ė We head to the store to pick up some food and beer. I went to pee while at the store, and to my surprise, I could still see the wall tiles breathe and shift a little bit if I let them! This made me happy as there was still a little bit left in me if I so chose to go that route. We get to Cís and make dinner. I am starting to feel the beer as a calm relaxed feeling washes over me. Combining this with the euphoric feeling of coming down from my trip, and I am a very tranquil and happy person. Just as the sun sets, we all go outside to throw a Frisbee around. Eventually I get bored with that and sit to watch the sun slowly set beneath the mountains. It is beautiful and I begin to feel like I am in a Grateful Dead picture.

T 8:45 Ė We all go back inside to watch some basketball. I realize my trip is all but gone, and just relax and enjoy the alcohol taking effect. M comes over and takes a few bong rips with C, then we all decide to go play the card game Asshole. I am slowly getting drunker.

T 10:30 Ė R arrives and me and J run out to the store to get more beer before it closes. We make it just in time and head back to continue Asshole. Eventually we stop because C says he is too drunk. R heads home and shortly after me and J head back to his place. I realize I could probably drive home, but didnít see a need to other than to take a nice long shower. But really, why would I need a shower when I feel this good? I go to sleep on Jís futon, sometime around T 13:00.

I had no trouble sleeping and had some very odd and bizarre dreams. I canít really remember any details other than me having no idea what was happening in them. I get about 7 hours of sleep, then wake up and head home to get a shower and then write this, approximately T 22:00 after ingestion. I have a very slight headache which I attribute to the beer and lack of sufficient water consumption throughout the day.

Overall, I am not 100% certain what I took was DOB, but after doing some more research this morning, I am almost 100% certain. The only thing that doesnít quite fit is the duration of the trip. Mine seems to be slightly shorter than what I have read about, though to combat this, Jís trip was more in line with the time duration I have read about. Combining my research, Jís trip duration, and the fact that C was almost certain it was DOB, I would say I am about 98% sure.

I feel like I could up my next trip to 4 hits, but am slightly hesitant about this. I feel if I went up to 4, those two trance-states I was in earlier would overwhelm me and I would be stuck in them for a much longer time, maybe hours. I would have to have a completely sober sitter with me, as I am not sure what I might see. Doing on trip with 4 sounds beneficial, just to get that trance-thought, however, I donít know if it will be as fun overall as this trip with 3. The visuals were a lot of fun and I canít wait to return to them!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96256
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: May 31, 2012Views: 8,061
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DOB (19) : General (1), First Times (2), Nature / Outdoors (23), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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