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A Relaxing and Sedating Beverage
by volatile oil
Citation:   volatile oil. "A Relaxing and Sedating Beverage: An Experience with Galangal (exp96087)". Dec 15, 2015.

2 Tbsp oral Galangal (tea)


Galangal, dried powdered root obtained from a kitchen spice specialty store.
2 heaping soup spoons added to a few gleeks of saliva and 12-16oz of hot water from a Bunn coffee pot dispenser. Once it cooled about 30min it was microwaved to boiling 1m 45sec. liquid was filtered through 3 layered wire mesh tea strainers.
Stomach is hungry
I use a stopwatch for the timeline
0m I intend to chug the tea but holy spicy no way to do that. The taste has all the fire power of hot sauce, but the flavor of fresh ginger. Itís about twice as spicy as the Goya ginger beer that comes in glass bottles. It has a slightly bitter after taste and warms the throat and stomach on the way down.
7m I finish half the beverage, Iím noticing some tmj tension, and a slightly floaty feeling in the head, hard to describe and barely noticeable.
11m I notice a my limbs feel lighter, my body is becoming relaxed and my mind is not as sharp as it was a moment ago, but reading is still easy.
15m a dull throbbing in the base of my head has been coming and going for the past few minutes, but its not intrusive. Iím feeling a bit sedated, my saliva is a thicker texture, my soft pallet is inflamed in the same way it would be after eating super spicy food.
23m I finish my beverage. Iím feeling more spaced out than before, reading is either no longer holding my interest or Iím not able to focus on it enough to integrate new information.
33m sensation of blood pumping in head has moved to the top part of the head and brain. Sedation is the main feeling that Iím experiencing. A cigarette may be pleasurable in the same way its pleasurable to smoke when drunk, but I donít have any because I only smoke when I drink. Drinking cool water settles the burning in my stomach when it gets to intense
38m might be coming down, moment of clarity.
52m still feeling sedated, stomach no longer feels warm
64m every time I get up and move I feel more awake, but after sitting down for about ten minutes I begin to feel more sedated.
117m no effects still noticeable.
some galangal burps occurred, and some farts that burn a little and smell sulfurous. I have irritable bowl syndrome and am constantly farting so your mileage may vary. Overall a pleasant experience, all side effects that could be unpleasant were so mild that they were easily ignored. Donít expect a strong reaction, and I doubt that it would serve as a replacement for anything but a night tonic. I want to try this with kava soon as well as nutmeg tobacco and cannabis. I think those substances would synergize nicely. I also plan on trying it with a lecithin tablet, the only way I feel kava is with a lecithin tablet so I want to see if it hold true for galangal.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96087
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Dec 15, 2015Views: 3,564
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Galangal (24) : General (1), Alone (16)

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