Spiders Crawling In Our Minds
DOC & Cannabis
by acidreams
Citation:   acidreams. "Spiders Crawling In Our Minds: An Experience with DOC & Cannabis (exp95985)". Erowid.org. Aug 4, 2017. erowid.org/exp/95985

T+ 0:00
1.5 hits   DOC  
  T+ 5:00 5 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I had managed to get my hands on some DOC from a very trusted 'researcher' I know, for free I may add. Before we began the trip I did some of my own personal research on the chemical, reading that the trip can last anywhere from 8 to 30 hours as well as the fact that cannabis can enhance the chemical to a (++++) (which I would very soon find myself thrust into). Overall feeling very comfortable before the trip began and anxious to see its effects.

The setting begins in my girlfriendís room at around ten as we are fonder of the night trips. Her parents are asleep and have to work the next day, us planning on sleeping in a trailer conveniently located in their backyard. We take the doses at around ten and wait for the effects, also acknowledging that the coming up stage can take around 2.5 hours (which it did).

During the first three hours I gained a heavy stomach which thankfully disappeared when the visuals began appearing. Whiling waiting, we played uno on the front lawn, watching cars drive by, under the light of the corner streetlight. After some time we began to grow cold and returned indoors, waiting under the covers for the trip to begin.

(T+3) We begin to get slight visuals. Body load is small but not insignificant. We begin to see things, I personally see colors, where as my girlfriend has no visual experience, just the mindset of a trip.

(T+4) Visuals become stronger, trip is becoming more intense yet not as sufficient as acid, or shrooms, we talk about smoking later on to see what may happen. At around a (++) if even.

(T+5) We decide to walk outside again. The night is beautiful and young. The lights on the ground appear to shift and move. We walk the street some more and come across what I first suspect to be a turtle but ends up being a butterfly, a strangely dark one, not very common around this area. We continue on our walk, discussing how great this trip is becoming. After some time we decide to try and make it better by smoking.

This is the turning point in the story. Time from here on out is nonexistent.
After we head into the trailer, I hand grind a small nug and we light it up. Taking about 5 hits each. Its dark in the trailer but we have a candle lit which helps a little. Thatís when it all begins to change. I notice straight away, my girlfriend is concentrating on her breathing but I'm trying to concentrate on her face. At first in the flickering candlelight I see one half of a white clown, not a happy one, but strangely sinister. The other side of her face is pitch black. Darker than anything I've ever seen or even thought of seeing before. I knew then and there that the whole world was turned upside down and we were in for a ride. One that we would never forget.

We realize that the trip has gone bad and begin to freak out, finally opening the trailer door to try not to enclose ourselves. I can no longer look at my girlfriends face even though I am sometimes drawn back to it. I'm at a solid (++++++++++++++???). Completely gone. How I even held onto my sanity I could not even tell you. We begin talking and the conversation is so confusing but we have to keep talking otherwise the trip will take control and I fear it will never let go.

I see images of human carcasses, and empty skulls, and things that I had never even known were in my head. Yet we stuck together and continued on. Hoping for the best and that this 12 hour trip would end shortly. Luckily my girlfriend is still not visually tripping but let me say that I have never tripped that hard before ever, nor even knew such an experience was possible. The visuals were so vivid not just through my eyes, but in my head as well. I would picture items for every topic of the conversation and it was so realistic. My vision melted together so it seemed as though the world in front of me was as flat as a piece of paper. Body parts separated, nothing was felt. It was just us and our conversation.

After some time like this my girlfriend brings to my attention that there are spiders in the window, which only adds to the fear. We put it out of our minds, but not really. They're still there, crawling in our minds, on us.

We shake it off finally and after what seemed like eternity, I feel myself com down a little bit. Everything was becoming more real. It seemed impossible. Nothing was moving, nothing was shifting, yes we were still tripping, but the worst was over.

At this point we feel as though a giant weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We try to doze off and actually fall into what I like to call ďnot sleepĒ where you're not awake, but donít remember anything, yet you know you didnít sleep. We stay like this until about (T+11) when we finally head back inside. Still tripping.

The trip continues throughout the rest of the day but we are finally able to sleep that night.

If I would have been by myself for this experience, or my girlfriend by herself, I donít think there would be anyone to write this report. We helped each other through the toughest, more stressful, most insane experience of our lives. And although I know it made our relationship stronger, this is not the kind of experience I would like to repeat.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95985
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Aug 4, 2017Views: 1,489
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DOC (357), Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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