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A Better Life. Now In A Pill
Aniracetam & Choline
Citation:   English Teacher. "A Better Life. Now In A Pill: An Experience with Aniracetam & Choline (exp95946)". Erowid.org. Apr 5, 2020. erowid.org/exp/95946

1000 - 1500 mg oral Aniracetam
  1300 - 1950 mg oral Vitamins - Choline
I began dosing with Aniracetam exactly eight days before the writing of this report. I had a strong desire to increase my capacity for learning, as my ambition of the last few years has been that of teaching abroad, and the ability to retain information about the languages being spoken in my new countries of residence would certainly be an asset in getting the job. I've never had a great attention span toward things I had no interest in. Very often I found myself interested in projects and artistic endeavors only so long as they remained enjoyable. When it came to menial tasks, I had a poor ability to stay focused. I have a vast collection of novels, short stories, screenplays, songs, and even films which remain incomplete-- all because I became bored and moved on to the next big idea.

As I sit here typing this, I can't help but be amused by the fact that just one week ago, I may not have finished writing this experience.

The first few days I dosed on Aniracetam I felt close to nothing in terms of cognitive enhancement. One thing was very apparent, however. Colors were enhanced. I seemed to notice the way light shone on particular surfaces in a very special way, similar to how I perceive light and colors while using cannabis.

Throughout the first week of my initial dosing, I had a severe sunburn and the associated heat exhaustion to boot. I felt completely terrible, and doing simple things like moving about the office at work was painful and annoying. My skin was flaking and falling off everywhere, I had terrible headaches, I was just in a rotten mood my entire 9 to 5. At work, I found it impossible to concentrate on anything. I ended up leaving on Friday with a ton on my plate to take care of the next week. While at home, I did my usual procrastinating and television viewing. I had a great idea come to me in the shower and I didn't even want to attempt to make it happen.

On the sixth day, I had noticed a slight cognitive effect that I found bizarre, but quite neat. As I'd move about or just watch things unfold, I felt as though I was watching a film. I didn't feel disconnected from reality in any way, but I felt as though just by thinking it, I could change camera angles and see myself from anywhere in the room-- and I could! My imagination was so vivid that I was able to effortlessly reconstruct the room around me and think of myself as I move around in real time, at different angles. When things happened, they seemed to happen fluidly and effortlessly, as if I were simply watching them happen on screen instead of actively making them happen. It was actually kind of nice.

That evening I said to myself before going to bed, that if on the seventh day, which is the day purported by many to be the threshold of feeling Aniracetam's effects, I did not notice anything-- I would discontinue use of the drug. Or at the very least, never order it again. This stuff better work some magic, or we're through.

Then came the morning.


Work was never so rewarding. I set out to finish all of the work I had left behind the previous week and actually got things done. New inquiries and projects were popping up as it was quite a busy day. No problem, I handled everything that came my way and then some. The menial tasks I hate so much were actually kind of... enjoyable. At the very least, I was able to sit and get them done without feeling distracted.

After work I stopped at the library to read, as I often do. My problem with reading has always been my attention span. No matter how much I enjoy a book, I'll never finish it because my brain just goes in a different direction. This time, however, I sat down and began reading from The Book of Tobit, which is in the Biblical apocrypha. I completed half before I had to leave and help out with some work at home.

Today, I went into work wondering if the Aniracetam would continue to work its magic. It did. Oh boy, it did. My work ethic has increased ten fold. I feel very efficient, responsible, even valued at my job. God, this stuff is changing my life.

I stopped at the library once again and finished The Book of Tobit as well as the Gospel According to Mary. I found that I retained much of what I read, and at this very moment can clearly remember passages from either book. A few moments ago, somebody asked if I remembered something going way back into my youth. I know from past experience that had I not been using Aniracetam, I'd have never remembered. I have one of the absolute worst memories, and yet... here I am, remembering something I hadn't even thought about for at least 6 or 7 years.

my daily stack is thus:

500mg Aniracetam (Early Morning)
2 grams Fish Oil (Early Morning)
650 mg Choline (Early Morning)

500mg Aniracetam (Mid Morning)
2 grams Fish Oil (Mid Morning)
650 mg Choline (Mid Morning)

500mg Aniracetam (Afternoon)
2 grams Fish Oil (Afternoon)
650 mg Choline (Afternoon)

Around the house, I am way more dedicated to chores like laundry and cleaning. I am normally very slob-like but I feel the desire to maintain a clean living space. With Aniracetam, it's more than feeling it, I actually want to DO it.

Aniracetam is quickly on its way to changing my entire life. It is my sincere belief that I will, indeed have already, become a better person after using it. I hope it can do the same for he or she that reads this experience.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95946
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 5, 2020Views: 3,685
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Aniracetam (286) : Various (28), Performance Enhancement (50), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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