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Who Thought Jail Could Be Fun?
LSD & 2C-C
by redballz
Citation:   redballz. "Who Thought Jail Could Be Fun?: An Experience with LSD & 2C-C (exp95894)". Nov 26, 2012.

T+ 0:00
1.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:15   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 7:20 30 mg oral 2C-C  
  T+ 12:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


A friend of mine, J, needed to go to a museum for a class, so J, S, and I decided to go to the Eastern State Penitentiary museum and take a tab and a half of LSD. Prior to taking it we got lunch and picked up some craft beer. I got a sixpack of Abita Strawberry and another 6pk of a random assortment of mostly fruity beers.

3:30 - We take the acid and walk to the bus stop. We have a 10 minute bus ride, then a six block ahead of us. By the time we get to the penitentiary it is about 3:50 and the acid is starting to work.

4:00 - The tour is a self-guided tour of the old prison. We have a map and a set of headphones with Steve Buscemi narrating. When we get in, its starting to get hard to read the map and we aren't really sure where the tour begins so we follow another group on the tour so we don't have to stand around looking like idiots.

4:15 - Listening to the audio tour is getting difficult. Visuals aren't noticeable, but its also getting hard to read. My friends are having a blast, not minding the crowds. I'm a little more cautious at this point but I do better than expected. Eventually the tour splits away from the other group and there is plenty of room to walk around by ourselves. Anxiety settles a bit and conversations are goofy and funny. Definitely a lot of neat stuff to look at both inside and outside.

4:45 - We do two short guided tours of specific parts of the prison. Talking to the tour guides is difficult and awkward, I'm not really sure how to make eye contact while they are talking to me. My friends have no problem with this and make jokes that are very awkward. I feel like I'm hanging out with Larry David.

5:00 - The penitentiary closes and we set out to walk the 6 blocks back to the bus. We stop at rite aid and buy drinks. Interacting with the cashiers is easier than expected. I guess I have enough experience with LSD at this point, and it's not my first public outing. Plus, the hit and a half isn't very strong compared to what I normally take. The weather is 50 degrees F and overcast, and we make jokes about how it's such a shitty day. At this point the visuals still aren't noticeable. J makes a comment about how even though we aren't tripping hard, at least the acid makes everything a little funnier and more enjoyable. I add that it also makes everything a little bit more difficult and they both agree.

5:15 - We end up missing the bus and taking the subway. The subway is hot but my skin is still cold from outside. I have a headache which feels like my head is being compressed. This is sometimes typical of acid for me, I'm just usually tripping too much to care. This is just kind of annoying now and I'm not looking forward to going back to J's apartment where his sober roommate and his girlfriend are.

5:45 - We get back to J's and interacting with his roommate is weird. I'm too high to be normal with them like usually, but not really high enough to ignore them. We go into J's room and hangout and it's a little better, but at this point I'd rather be sober since I'm not tripping hard and it's just becoming an annoyance. We decide to drink some beer to add to the experience. I'm so glad I got the beers I did. Easy to drink and very flavorful.

We drink for a few hours, listen to music and joke around. As it gets dark, we put in party bulbs (red, blue, and green). These get adjusted all night to just 2 bulbs because all three is too bright. Red and green, and blue and green seem to work best. As the night goes on, we wish we were higher.

7:30 - J and I go to my house to feed my cat, and S goes home to shower. My cat was napping and is very relaxed. I hug him for a bit, feed him, then we go back to J's and drink more. Drinking is going slowly so we aren't getting an extra buzz that we notice, so we go back to my house to get my 2C-C.

10:50 - At this point, we are on the comedown from the acid and have been for a while. The only visuals we had at this point were noticeable on my computer screen as I changed music throughout the day. S doesn't wanna do the 2C-C because his girlfriend is around and wants to see him. He doesn't wanna see her, because she doesn't know of his drug use, bit he thinks she might try to see him and he doesn't wanna explain why he will ignore her texts if he takes it. Eventually, it seems like she will be out for a while drinking, so he decides he's in the clear and will join us. We each take 30 mg orally and his girlfriend texts him right away saying her plans changed and she wants to come to J's. She calls and they get in an argument and he leaves to see her. J and I are nervous about the situation bit there is nothing we can do at this point. After 20 minutes, they both arrive at J's. He has told her everything and she's pissed. It's awkward and J closes his door so they can argue in the living room; this has nothing to do with us. Eventually she storms out. He's upset and we try to comfort him.

11:30 - Visuals are setting in. Tracers are intense and the colors are amplified. This is exactly what we needed the acid to be like once we were out of the public eye. There isn't much breathing happening, but there is an odd smokiness type visual. I was this last week when we took 25 mg 2C-I (my only other experience with a 2C). Fortunately for S, there is no real effect on thoughts besides a shorter attention span. I'm rambling a lot but I can't really just attribute that to the C. It could be equally the alcohol or LSD.

The rest of the night goes on with us listening to music. S eventually feels fine and decides he'll worry about his situation in the morning when they are both sober.

1:30 - The visuals are still going on, but we've gotten so used to them that we think we've come down. We having and keep testing our tracers. It's weird that there isn't much mental effect. Last week's 2C-I trip was similar in that it wasn't confusing like LSD, but I was definitely way higher on the I than the C.

3:30 - It's been 12 hours since the LSD and 4.5 since the C was taken. The visuals have mostly subsided and were drinking more again. Overall I drink all but two of my beers and get a good buzz finally. We stay up chatting until 7:30 am. I go home and feed my cat and get to bed. I'm tired as Hell, but it still takes a good 20 minutes to fall asleep because I'm restless and it's light out.

I slept till 12:30 pm the next day. Not exactly enough sleep. I could've slept longer but my cat was being annoying. I eventually got a nap later, but the day was slightly confusing. Nothing more than the confusion felt after drinking beer the night before though, so it could've been anything.

Can't wait to try the 2C-E that I have and compare.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 95894
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Nov 26, 2012Views: 4,414
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2C-C (262), LSD (2) : Various (28), Combinations (3), General (1)

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