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Religion Philosophy Clarity
Citation:   Socrates. "Religion Philosophy Clarity: An Experience with 2C-E (exp95800)". Jun 16, 2013.

12 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
Just as a background, I'm a dude, around 20, and a Neuroscience major. I'm thorough as fuck, so be prepared for a long trip summary. Due to my upbringing, I was brainwashed into assuming that all drugs were bound to first addict you and then kill you, but later learned that the vast majority of drugs are fairly safe with the right discretion. I always liked pot, but was frustrated with how dumb it made me feel both during and after. I've also tried shrooms, adderall, and various pain meds etc. Shrooms were definitely my drug of choice but it was always difficult for me to surrender control of my higher thinking. Let me reemphasize: I *hate* losing control of my mind. Anyway.

So a buddy of mine, T, calls me up and asks me if I'd be down to try some 2-CE. I didn't have any personal experience with it apart from learning about Shulgin (and his creations) in an organic chemistry class. I read up on it, and the consensus was that it's safe if dosed correctly and with the right set and setting. I bought a couple and sold all but two. A different friend, A, wanted to dose that day, so we went down to the store and bought some starbursts/gummies/other delicious psychedelic candy. He ate a 12mg pill as soon as we left. He, myself, and another friend C went on a hike while we waited for it to kick in.

We got up to where we were headed and hiked back down with nary a psychedelic episode. C had to go to work, and so I was the man in charge. We drove to a canyon and hiked up a ways. At approximately t+2:15, I told him that we probably got stiffed and he ate a capsule of powdered sugar. I still had two caps on me and I offered him one. We figured that the only way we would find out would be for him to snort it (which he did off of a little mirror he brought). We continued hiking until we found a little man-made log castle (for lack of better description) which we rested at for a bit. I had read online that an orally ingested dose takes around 1-1.5 hours to kick in and an insufflated dose kicks in within 5 minutes (it had been about 3 hours since he ate the pill and about 15 since he snorted it). He wasn't feeling anything, so I was sure we had gotten stiffed.

About five minutes later, he said that the trees seemed weird. I took this as a good sign and asked him to expound. He said that if he focused on anything it would begin to either 'breathe' or swirl. He still seemed extremely sober so I again doubted the authenticity of the chemical. Later on our hike, he claimed he saw faces on or made out of nearly everything we came across, but still wasn't visibly tripping hard. We got back to his place and grabbed some grub. While I was upstairs (he was in the basement) he really started tripping hard. He was on the ground on his stomach and rolling around laughing because 'it felt like the right thing to do.' My girlfriend came and got me and C got back from work. The next day, they told me that they had tripped extremely hard during the night. They offered to sit me if I wanted to do it.

Finals had just ended so I figured I was due a little fun. We went to my buddies place (K). He has this super aggressive and territorial dog, so I made sure it was safely locked in the backyard before I dosed (set and setting yo). I emptied the cap on a mirror and ingested the rest of the cap/residual powder. I snorted the powder with a hollowed out pen. OH MY GOD. Fucking hurt SO bad. I was thinking to myself: 'This trip had better be pretty damn good to make up for this.' My eyes were watering so bad I couldn't see. Then, extremely suddenly (t+5 minutes) I felt it. I felt dizzy, giddy, and lightheaded. I started laughing maniacally and sliding down the walls in the hallway. Things were swirling and breathing and I was struck by the intensity. I remember getting really cold.

My friends warned me that throwing up was basically inevitable and I should just chill by the toilet till it happened. I was feeling pretty good though, so I went back in K's room and A shut the door. (more background: I'm an atheist and live in a religious part of town. All of my friends are of faith and really haven't accepted my lack thereof). A then goes off on this spiel about how he's worried about my salvation and basically attacks my religious position. I was furious. I yelled 'Really? You're going to wait until my pants are down to assault me about my beliefs?' All three of them were just standing there trying to instigate the fabled 'unwanted spiritual experience'. I told them that I wasn't even really sure who I was, much less what my religious perspectives were, and to direct all questions [sic] to my ass until I was capable of reasoning.

I was still really pissed that they did that to me, but I was feeling so grand that I decided to forget about it. They didn't. About ten minutes later they tried round two. However, by this time not only was I feeling significantly better (in terms of sobriety), but also that I had a new found verbosity and clarity of thought at my disposal. I laughed at their petty way of viewing the world, destroyed their reasoning on every level, and revealed inconsistencies in their philosophies/lifestyles with the capacity of someone many times smarter than myself. It was like mixing a high dose of adderall (in terms of clarity and confidence) with the swirling visuals of a strong shroom trip. I remember looking at a powerade bottle and watching it twist into a DNA helix, bend on itself, and drip nucleotides to the carpet. There were extremely strong hallucinations.

I told my friends how betrayed I felt by them trying to convert me when I was tripping balls. They kind of felt bad and abandoned it (me and C proceeded to have a great conversation about the origin of life). After about 30 minutes, we decided to leave. I was feeling extremely chill and confident. When we walked outside I was struck by how colorful everything seemed. Everything was glowing. Everything was swirling. I almost felt emotional over how beautiful everything was. We continued our religious debate, but after realizing they were fighting a losing battle, they abandoned it. We dropped C off (had to go back to class) and went back to A's house. His mom was at the kitchen table and started asking me questions. I freaked out at first but realized I had complete control over my conversational abilities. Though the picture behind her was dripping to the floor and her face was swirling I was still completely able to carry out a coherent conversation. Insanely awesome.

We went down into his basement and switched on some music. I loved literally every song that came on. We looked through a book about architecture and I discovered that I was able to aptly analyze many of the artistic themes (something I'd neither had a knack for nor an interest in). I talked about how phallic many of the tall buildings seemed and how countries battling for building sizes are just insecure about their dick sizes (somewhat jokingly). I was struck by the beauty of the EMP music museum in Seattle; how its shape and contours conveyed the diversity and subjectivity of music interpretation. I talked to my friend and was surprised with how easy going I felt. An 'anything goes' type of mood. I felt extremely happy and content. C then came over and we went for a drive. I was surprised with how pleasant I was being; I have a tendency to be a little reserved/offish at times, but on 2-CE I was the chillest cucumber to ever grow. My characteristic sarcasm was replaced by a pleasant sincerity.

Not far from where he lives is a little park with a hammock and a see saw. It was the perfect place to be. We went up by where the hammock was and philosophized. My friend talked about how he viewed time as an unquantifiable abstract, how it wasn't tangible but just a relative measurement of events. I talked to him about relativity and time dilation and how that suggests that time is just as concrete as space (as it can be contorted in many of the same ways) we sat there for over an hour talking about everything. It felt fantastic. All of the 'mental fog' was totally gone and everything could be explored uninhibited. I was hallucinating to a very small extent at this point (things were still warped and twisting, but not nearly as intense as earlier).

We then visited my friend J, who wanted to give me some antioxidants (in case 2-ce promoted oxidative stress). It was approximately t+6.5 at this point and I was coming down a little. When he got in the car I immediately noticed that I was coming down. I felt really lethargic and my perfect focus was gone. I got really quiet as I started thinking about things. Me and C then went to a park and talked more about religion, society, etc. J joined us soon after and joined the conversation.

Later that night I started to get a headache, and I found it difficult to fall asleep. The next day I felt pretty groggy and really unwilling to think or talk about anything. Today I reminisced about how wonderful my experience with 2-CE was. To combine the introspection and hallucinations of shrooms with sub par focus and clarity is a winning combo. I'm glad I had a reliable source, good set/setting, good friends, and good conversational material to partake.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95800
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jun 16, 2013Views: 9,039
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2C-E (137) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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