An Awesome Of Days
2C-P & Cannabis
Citation:   twistedfoo. "An Awesome Of Days: An Experience with 2C-P & Cannabis (exp95785)". May 5, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1 g smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00 1 line insufflated Cocaine  
  T+ 4:20 16 mg oral 2C-P (capsule)
  T+ 4:20 1 hit smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 11:30   repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  
  T+ 17:00   repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  
It was the eve of 420, April 20th; I was excited all week for this day to come. My plan was to trip on 16 mg of 2cp for the day in one capsule by mouth all day. Note that I have not taken 2cp ever before and the only other 2cís I have done is 2ci and 2ce. I have not tripped too much before, but I have never had a bad trip before or freaked out so I was like bring it on.

12:00 - 2am: So it began at midnight, I met up with my friend and then drove over to a straight crib and smoked a about a gram of cannabis out of a nice water-pipe. I was feeling pretty good from this, nice and relaxed and taking it easy.

2:00 Ė 4:00am: I continued to chill; Iím just doing good, really happy and relaxed. I bump it up with a line of cocaine around this time along with some cannabis throughout the time. The cocaine mixed with the cannabis at this point gets me feeling good; Iím active and not tired at all; enjoying myself and excited about the rest of the day to come.

4:20 am (+0:00): It had just turned 4:20 am on 420, so to make it extra special. I decide that this was when I would take my 2cp. I had the 16 mg of 2cp in one capsule and I took a sip of water with it. I had not eaten anything until the night before at like 7:00 pm. At this same time, right after I take my pill, I take a nice fat 420 rip out of the water-pipe of some nice cannabis and am feeling wonderful now. Now I decide to head back home so I can get some rest before I start tripping all day long.

5:00 Ė 6:00 am (+1:30): When I get home, i just go to sleep for only about an hour. Iím feeling pretty decent from the cannabis I had smoked earlier. I do not really notice any of the effects of 2cp taking place other than the fact that I only slept for a little bit due to the fact that I was not tired.

6:00 Ė 7:00 am (+2:30): Iím just walking around my house getting ready and things cleaned up for the day before I start tripping. I take a very long shower also at time, and I notice my thoughts behaving slightly different. Iím acting kind of goofy and just talking to myself and being jolly, I sense the trip getting ready to kick in. it begins to come up nicely.

7:30 am (+3:10): Still at home, I took a shower and am ready to start tripping. Iím walking around the house, then suddenly I just feel a slight nausea in my stomach, so I just walk over to the toilet and suddenly I feel like I need to throw up. So I decide to go ahead and puke out whatever I have inside. I had only taken a sip of water with my 2cp and not eaten anything for 12 hours, so I was basically dry-puking and barely anything but like spit came out. After about just a minute of this, i feel all better about my stomach, but I just get the thought of puking out of my head and just try to enjoy myself. Iím beginning to really feel the effects of 2cp kick in now. Itís getting powerful, and I am bracing myself for it now. My body high is warm but [not] really that heavy, it felt like I was floating at some points cause I could not feel my the shoes on my feet. I start to notice some slight tracers going on right now too with my hands and stuff. I start taking deeper breathes as well as its becoming somewhat intense.

7:50 Ė 8:40 am (+4:00): My friends call me up and I have to pick them up since Iím their ride, we were planning to chill early. I leave my crib and brace myself for the world. I look around and it is a beautiful day and I feel like Iím ready to enjoy it. I get in the car and as Iím driving I notice the visuals coming more apparent.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

The roads are getting skinny and then expanding. Then I notice a very distinct feeling come in. It felt like the essence of rubber, particularly latex rubber. My hands felt weird, and when I would touch myself that also felt strange, as if it was not my own hand touching myself. I also could taste the essence of rubber in my mouth, and even smell it. This smell and sense of rubber makes me think that the 2cp is taking over my body and that my brain is starting to melt and the rubbery scent was my brain frying. I did not freak out about this at all, since I know that Iím tripping balls. I have a hard time telling the exact distances of cars while driving, but I can still figure it out pretty well. I notice at a stoplight, as cars go by, I would see the car drive by, and then right behind was like a ghost image of the same car right behind it. Every car was having mad tracers at this time. The lights at the stoplight had like streaks of light flowing from the glow of the light. The clouds up in the sky seemed to be boxed up in the sky and were warping around but I did not take the time to stop and stare since I was driving.

I pick up my friend at his house and am waiting outside of his house, I have been here several times before however this time Iím not really sure if Iím even at the right place but I know I am. My friend finally comes out and he looks pretty normal, but I notice some freaky acme thing going on with his face and it just looks weird. He already has acme, so that was like moving around and stuff and like stretching open and whatnot. We drive to burger king because my friend is hungry, I am focused, but my head is spaced out a bit now. Iím pretty talkative, excited, things were going well. Things are visually getting fucked up around me, and I take notice of all the different colors of like yellow and red and green and orange everywhere especially on my dashboard. For like just a little bit I notice the world is flashing red and blue, and everything has that color tone on it when it flashes. It keeps flashing and I think that there is some strange light flashing, I look around and behind me to see if there are cops at all but there was none. Things are just weird as hell now, with just the strangest of visuals happening everywhere, but Iím just driving and enjoying it all. I pick up my two other friends now and we go downtown which is a 30 minute drive to go to a local head-shop so we can get 50% on everything since it was 420. Iím happy and jolly at this time, feeling great, the trip is intense but Iím able to handle it and the visuals are awesome, I smoked a bowl of herbal incense during the drive as well, I feel the high of that still even though Iím tripping hard.

8:40 Ė 10:30 am (+6:00): We arrive at the store, there is a huge line, and we get out of the car and stand in the line. The bricks on the walls are moving around and shifting a little. I can see the lines and stuff moving and shaking a lot. The road is waving and not flat as it should be. In fact during my whole drive the road certainly did seem more hilly than normal. I would look at cars driving by us and from the shadows and reflections on the cars, it looked as if the car was smashed up and had a huge crash or something at one second, then when I looked at it more and stared at it the car turned back to normal. Peopleís faces were a bit disoriented and different, but I could still tell who my friends were and who was not. While we were waiting during this time, I was feeling really sleepy, as if I was about to pass out. So I walk over to my car because I feel like I need a power nap. Right when I walk over there though, I look around my car and the ground is moving around, and then I look at the car itself and it does not look like I parked at all. It looked like the car was rocking back and forth and side to side on the ground like it was slowly sliding around the parking lot. I looked around then suddenly I donít feel tired at all anymore and just walk back in the line with my friends. My body temperatures appears to be messed up because one second I start sweating and the next I am shivering, Iím not sure whether to wear a jacket or take it off, but this only happens around this time for a bit and it is not bothering me at all. Iím thinking to myself in my head a lot, thinking about how many other people in this line are tripping, because out of my friends, I am the only one tripping on anything. I feel like everybody knows Iím tripping but its 420 so Iím just like hell yea dude.

11:20 am (+7:00): My friends get everything they wanted from the shop and we head back to my house. We are smoking on herbal incense right now during the drive, I feel awesome, and the body high is nice and warm, like a warm coat over my whole body. My touch on my hands is still weird, my thoughts are flying around Iím thinking about so many things in a short amount of time. I am still able to comprehend and read everything just fine though. Although when I initially look at something with text, it is totally blurry and a haze like a bubble on my phone, but when I focus I can read again.

11:30 am Ė 2:30 pm (+10:00): I invite my friends over and we are all chilling over at my house. We are just hanging out outside at this time smoking on hash oil and herbal incense. Iím talking about all sorts of stuff, just whatever comes to my head I say it. For a bit I was pretty quiet and just observing my surroundings and stuff, not being the most talkative person. Then at a time I was saying some stuff that was just hilarious, I was making myself laugh so much that I was crying. I had a great time just being my friends. The visuals are still very good throughout this whole time. Like sometimes I would see a honeycomb pattern at some spots. Some peopleís faces were bloated and stuff. My hands looked huge and then skinny. In my trip I noticed everything around me a lot more, like all the little things, not only visually did I notice it, I could also hear things throughout the trip. Like little extra noises, it was as if my ears were amplifying themselves so I can hear so much more. One time I was looking at my friends face, then I turned my head, looked at his face again, and did that about 7 times and every time I looked at his face it would be slightly more warped and messed up than before and finally the last time I looked at his face it was just totally messed up beyond all recognition.

2:30 Ė 5:00 pm (+12:00): My friends and I leave my house, and then I give some of them a ride and chill a bit more and smoke more herbal incense at their house. Then a little later I end up at a friendís house around.

5:00 Ė 10 pm (+17:00): Iím chilling and smoking at my friendís house and we are smoking on hash oil and throughout the whole time. I still notice visuals everywhere very frequently. Like the colors on the walls were changing still, there was a fan on the ceiling of the room and sometimes it would seem to disappear and then reappear out of nowhere. Sometimes the blades on the fan looked as if it was two inches long and then sometimes it looks like there was a gap in each blade. Then the white walls also looked like they had stripes on it. I was still enjoying myself the whole time and just having a good time.

10:00 Ė 1:00 am (+20:00): My mind is still tripping at this time; however my visuals are certainly calming down. I still notice sometimes changing but itís not as vivid as it was before. I seem to not see anything drastically trippy at this time, but when I do see something itís just like whoa. I finally call it a night and decide to head home, I can feel that my body is totally exhausted but since Iím still tripping a little bit in the head Iím not as tired as I could be, and my movement and reactions times in the real world are still a bit slow and spacey. I head back to my house and head to bed, laying around for a bit trying to go to sleep but still cannot, however I do end up falling asleep not too long after and had an awesome nightís sleep.

This being my first experience of 2cp. I would say it is awesome and a lot of fun. I enjoyed tripping as hard as I did, I did not ever think that it was too intense and I never let the drug overwhelm me. I had no problem really being able to perform any tasks; I was able to handle myself very well. I like the fact that this trip is super long as well, at least 16 hours of very good visually and mentally tripping. It was a properly crazy and trippy trip. I never once got freaked out or scared. I am definitely going to trip on 2cp again in the future and next time I plan on doing even more than 16 mg. I would totally recommend 16 mg to anyone else if theyíre looking to trip balls hard for 16 hours. I did and I welcomed 2cp into my brain to take me for a trip.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95785
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: May 5, 2013Views: 10,410
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