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Almost Limitless
2C-P & Cannabis
by 504treeheadgenious
Citation:   504treeheadgenious. "Almost Limitless: An Experience with 2C-P & Cannabis (exp95766)". May 14, 2018.

10 mg oral 2C-P (capsule)


For the record I have done (in order from least to greatest) Cannabis, Opiates, DXM, Cocaine, Adderall DMT, 2CP. I ordered one gram of 2CP from a reputable website, and also ordered an American weigh Gemini scale and 500 gel caps. When all of the supplies came in I immediately weighed out more than 100 10mg capsules. I some to two friends who are experienced drug user not particularly physchedllics.

My friend is on Spring Break and has her house to herself because her parents live out of state but still have the house. It is a very expensive gated community and the house is very cozy I feel as though it is the safest place in the world sometimes, so I knew could be in a decent mindset for a safe trip. My 4 best friends, and 2 other friends that I sold some 2cp too were also there. Everyone was experienced with drugs.

At 8am I ingested one capsule and began watching something about lions on National Geographic.

9:30am I decide to go walk around the golf course with my two friends that ingested also one capsule at the same time. The golf course was amazing beautiful but maybe it was just because it was actually an amazing beautiful day and golf course.

11:00am The two friends that I sold capsules too came by the neighborhood and we all hopped in the car and began riding around the neighborhood blasting dubstep versions of Kidcudi. I suddenly opened my eyes to see my friends laughing saying “This dude going off back there” and then I realized it I was rolling hard. I closed my eyes again and started dancing to the music and being in one of the greatest moods of my life. Soon my other friends were Jamming just as hard as me. I then found out that the two friends that picked us up had ingested theirs at 10pm and were still tripping so I made them drive us back to the house to be safe because we were all tripping.

12:00 pm Back safely at the house and this house is getting very trippy! Things would be very fuzzy and all colors were extremely vibrant. I felt energized while I was standing yet I felt as though I could just melt into the couch while sitting. We danced and played with glow sticks (my friends LOVE to roll and go to raves) and they seriously know how to trip you out with glowsticks it is one of the cheapest best things you can do. I could see the trail of light, or “tracers” on almost any object that moves.

2:00 pm the dubstep and house combination are just seeming to get too freaky so we all went outside into the backyard. We were there talking very loudly but emotionally in the back yard. Everyone was on 2CP and everyone was intensly into our conversations and just everything in nature. I heard “look at that tree”, or “look at that…bird, plane, thing in the sky, etc…”about 100 times. We finally got truly comfortable all laying in the grass looking at the sky.

8:00pm We all had been still chilling in the grass people getting up to smoke bowls periodically with other friends and such. Everyone there agreed that weed seemed to have no effect and no one really needed it but we are such pot heads we continued just because it was something to do. But I seriously felt as though the weed was not doing anything. It began getting dark and we continued laying in the grass. All of the time between 2:00pm and 8pm were just the same farting around laughing at sooo much because just like on shrooms absolutely everything is funny. Layed outside and played with glowsticks as it got dark and after it got dark eventually going back inside.

11:00pm By this time I am no longer seriously tripping, but I still feel so great. Everything is pleasant, everything is still funny, there has been no need to eat, and I love absolutely everyone in the house. I felt as though I could lay on my other male friends lap and it just wouldn’t be weird, and he agreed. (I still didn’t lay on his lap)

2:00am I arrive at my house (because it is my curfew) just thinking about my day and how amazing everything was. I fell asleep I believe before 2:30am.

I awoke at 8 am the next morning and I believe I still felt something like very pleasant and outside was amazingly beautiful. I wrote it off as it was just a pretty day outside but then 1pm came and I realized I had not smoked any weed yet and I had not even though about it. I am a serious pot head and I wake and bake daily this let me know that the drug had to still be in me.

I have done 2CP about 4 more times since then and also sold a bunch. I warn everyone that I sell it to of everything that I know but some people do not take the warning and I realized I can not sell this. Today, part of the reason I am writing this report is because I received this exact message today “John went to the hospital and jail last night. He tripped so hard he tackle a cop, got tazzed and was screaming bout monsters. Lol 2cp took its first victim.” That wasn’t cool for me I felt like I was selling crack or something and the way people been coming to buy it it seemed like it. It is highly addictive as people keep coming back for more, and I can say I also continuously want more.

Since every drug acts on everyone differently and I have been selling it I can say that it is normal to see someone throw up white foam if they took it on an empty stomach though not everyone does. I felt nausea only once while some others I know felt nauseous every time and some never. Having things to worry about could cause a person to have a bad a trip, I know 3 guys that were worrying about work and sleep and school and they were freaking out until they called in. then they had a much pleasant trip every time thereafter.

I tell people to start with 10mg. Only 1 person claim that they did not feel it, everyone else I sold to tripped hard some even vowed to never do it again, but most loved it and wanted more the next day. After more trips I found out that smoking will definitely make me feel the drug more when I feel like I may have been coming down. I do not sleep for at least 12 hours so I plan accordingly.

Tolerance builds rapidly was not able to trip as hard off the same dose the next day. My last trip I actually decided to wake up at 4am and swallow one go back to sleep wake up at 6am snort one then drive to school just because I felt as though someone that we knew needed to see what would happen.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95766
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: May 14, 2018Views: 943
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2C-P (305) : Various (28), General (1)

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