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Advanced of Body Experience and Sex
Calea zacatechichi & Damiana
Citation:   ShardeaJ1. "Advanced of Body Experience and Sex: An Experience with Calea zacatechichi & Damiana (exp95540)". Apr 28, 2020.

  oral Calea zacatechichi (tea)
    oral Damiana (tea)
This is my 3rd experience with Calea Zacatechichi and my fiance's first experience. I have been growing several Calea and Damiana plants these past couple of years
I have been growing several Calea and Damiana plants these past couple of years
and I harvested little by little to make small amounts of teas that did have noticable effects but nothing profound. I started growing my plants on a hydroponic system for larger harvest.

Its been 6 months since my last harvest and my grow room was very overwhelmed with these tall calea plants. I cut down large portions of both the Calea and the Damiana plants, I had three small bins full of fresh Calea and damiana leaves (2 part calea, 1 part damiana) I cut the leaves and stems of the plants into small pieces and stuffed them into a small slow cooker that morning. I filled it up with just enough water to watch the plant material rise. I put the slow cooker on a low setting to cook over the coarse of the day (12hours)

Around 8oclock that evening, the water in the slow cooker was reduced by half and a brown tea like color. I strained the water from the plant material using a coffee filter. I put the wet plant material in a freezer bag placed in the ice box for later brewing.

In anticipation to the bitter taste of the calea leaves, I flavored it with Concentrated vanilla extract with several packs of splenda. I had about half of quart of Calea tea.

The experience was originally for me alone but my fiance surprised my by wanting to join in on the journey. I poured two medium sized (10 oz) cups full of the tea. By now, it has been 2 hours since we have last eaten dinner. The taste, although unfavorable, was surprising bearable with the vanilla flavoring. I experienced no gagging or nausea, and the damiana flavor was a good masking.

10 minutes into the experience, my fiance was the first one to start noticing a relaxing euphoric high. I felt it may have just been an early placebo effect but I felt very relaxed myself by then.

30 minutes into the experience both of us felt very relaxed and exhausted. We both where ready to turn in for the night. It was half an hour before hour normal bed time so it was unusual for us to want to go to bed so soon.

We both somehow manage to find the energy to take a shower together. My arms and legs felt heavy and tired but very numb and relaxed. He described a similar feeling. The water felt amazing to us. Heaven like, dreamy like. My thoughts where clear and detailed. My mind was not restless as it normally was. I was able to focus on single detailed thoughts. My ideas where movie like. We had a hard time getting out of the shower because the water was too amazing but we eventually climb out to dry off.

Amazingly, my fiance had the energy to pursue sex. Every touch was electrifying to the point where I began to question whether or not I may have already been dreaming, and if any of this was reality or just an inception. My fiance had, to what he described, to be one of the most powerful orgasms he has ever experienced. The touch alone was enough to satisfy me. I was unsure if it was the Damiana to thank or the effect the calea had on our conscious bodies.

I wanted an undisturbed experience for the both of us, so at this point I decided to sleep in the guest room so that we both where seperate and undisturbed during our journey.

What was the most noticeable to me was how my physical body felt. It was numb, tingly and euphoric. My visuals dragged as my eyes gazed my surroundings and I felt unbelievably tired, but I laid awake for a while. I guess I was still anxious and not wanting to have a bad experience. I could hear the subtle snoring of my fiance in the other room. His snoring to me was very comforting, it was all I could focus on for a while.

I was experiencing closed eye visuals and slight aches in my legs, not enough to concern me. I could literally feel myself drifting into a slumber. But I NEEDED water. I was incredibly thirsty all the sudden. I got out of bed, not questioning why I didnt have to move any blankets or any other obstacles. Everything was dreamlike but very detailed. My body felt like a feather drifting through my home into the kitchen. I already had a cup of water prepared from earlier, I decided to drink it room temperature. For some reason, I could feel the water going down my throat but it wasn't satisfying my uncomfortable thirst. I set the water down in frustration and realized the cup was still full. Once I began to focus on the cup of water, my thirst immediately disapeared. At this point I KNEW I was dreaming. But I was more than just dreaming, I was having an out of body experience (my third one). I prepared myself mentally to see myself. I could still hear the subtle snoring of my fiance in the other room. I decided to look there first. My body drifted like a feather from the kitchen to the master bedroom where I saw my fiance laying still on his side, his snoring was amplified and it filled the entire room, I could feel the vibration coming from his snoring. I smiled. I was in full control of this experience for the first time it was exciting.

I drifted from the bedroom towards the guest room, the volume of the snoring dropped when I turned away from my fiance. I paused before entering the guest room trying to prepare myself to see myself. My past out of body experience, I would usually wake up as soon as I saw myself sleeping. This is by far the longest experience I had. I drifted into the guest bedroom and there I was, soundless in the bed, covered in a cocoon of blankets. I stared anticipating me waking up but I didnt. At first I was overwhelmingly happy, I smiled and stood there for as long as I can. But then I felt a sick dark feeling. Thoughts of me not being able to wake up scared me. I kept asking myself how can I wake up and was I going to be stuck in the dream world forever.
I kept asking myself how can I wake up and was I going to be stuck in the dream world forever.
I was desperate to wake up. I walked towards my sleeping body and sat down on the bed. I could feel the warmth of me sitting on the bed but the bed didnt concave underneath me, it didnt make a sound and the blankets didn't move. I stared at myself for a few moments, I was very still. I was still worried, not knowing if I was stuck forever.

A very disturbing thought pierced through my mind very quickly. That I was simply a ghost and that I died in my sleep and the body I stared at was very still, dead and cold. The thought terrified me, for a split second everything blacked out and I shook myself awake and back into my own body.

I was absolutely relieved that I was awake and alive. I somehow knew that I was awake and in my own body. I could still hear the subtle snoring in the other room, I looked at the time, it was about an half an hour before my fiance was due to wake up from his slumber. I was dying of curiosity as to what my fiance may have experienced throughout his slumber. I sat up typing this story on the computer as I waited for his alarm clock to wake him up.

He dragged himself out of bed and quietly put on his uniform, his kissed me good morning and didnt say much of anything when he prepared his breakfast.

'Well....Did you have any dreams?' I asked
'FUCK YEAH I DID!' He nearly shouted.

He was telling me that it took him all morning to try and process the rollercoaster he experienced in his slumber, trying to decipher what was real and fake. What was reality and just a dream. He told me how detailed and realistic his multiple dreams were and how he was dreaming about his favorite video game star trek. He said that he was INSIDE of the game. The commander of his ship and was battling for his life. He briefly described details of his other dreams. He said that he also experienced a very short but exhilerating out of body experience. Like my first OBE, he stated that as soon as he saw himself sleeping he immediately woke up.

The part of his experience that shocked me the most is that he claimed that he saw me walk into the bedroom only to stare at him for a few moments then turned and walk out. He said that the memory was very foggy and mildly detailed and was the consistency of a dream. I considered that I may have been sleep walking instead of having an OBE because the thought of having a shared experience was too wicked.

All in all...AWESOME!!! Will do it again and again! :P

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95540
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 28, 2020Views: 3,035
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Calea zacatechichi (97), OBE (332) : Glowing Experiences (4), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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