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Citation:   Morphone. "The Experience Diaries: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp95283)". Dec 12, 2012.

10 g oral Nutmeg (fresh)
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Ten grams of whole nutmeg seed purchased from a typical supermarket was weighed out, then grated into powder and put into gelatin capsules for easier consumption. A total of 25 pills were made from the powder which makes the task of getting nutmeg down the hatch much easier and less of a hassle, as it's been said to have a gag-worthy taste.

Nothing was eaten at least 8 hours beforehand to ensure maximum effects.

Pre-warning: Not all of these notes will make sense, I was writing what I was feeling and thinking at the time. Anything in brackets [ ] is post-experience editing.

The first three hours were just to wait for effects to kick in. During that time, typical daily stuff occurred like taking a shower, cleaning up a bit, and taking a walk around. The first effects started to kick in at around +2:30 when I noticed during my walking around that I was spacing out and thinking deeply. I didn't have any way to record my thoughts at the time.

+3:00: It is currently three hours since ingestion and I was feeling nauseous (not a great nausea, it was a suppresible nausea) but I decided I might as well puke because I was tired of holding it back, so I made myself puke [after which I ate a peptobismol chewable tablet which I believe is either bismuth subsalicyclate or bisphenol something]. Unfortunately, I don't want the smell of nutmeg to become a bad memory scent, but I just puked most of my nutmeg out (I hope) and the smell of it is quite strong in my mouth/nose so I can only hope for the best. I've been walking outside for the past hour and the thought cycles are interesting. I also noticed that as far as vision goes, contrast is increased, but no hallucinations. My brother just kindly and uncommonly made me a chocolate chip pancake which I ate. It tasted so good, an enjoyable change in taste from the nutmeg burps that have been ensuing for the past three hours.

+3:40: A very odd high is apparent now. Time distortion is present and ability to tell time how much time has passed is highly diminished. I didn't think it'd be exactly like it, but the relativity/closeness of this high to a marijuana high is very close. The difference felt is that this is a much 'cleaner' and clear-headed high, whereas a marijuana high is confusing and makes me have fuzzy thoughts. Although accelerated evolution and convolusion of thoughts is definitely present, the ability to hold thoughts and actually continue to think about them is much better and less circuitous/unsteady than a marijuana high.

+3:47: Oh man, this is definitely a high. There are no visual distortions but there is a definite body load similar to, but much smoother than a marijuana high, and the thought process is smoother as well.

+4:00: Wikipedia seems to explain it well as 'Nutmeg was also reported to induce hallucinogenic effects, such as ...paranoid ideation'. I would add farfetched ideation as well. [Post-experience editing: I was not paranoid because I have learned that people don't automatically assume/know that you are high when you are high, that is a paranoid mindset and I have gotten past that phase. I said farfetched ideation because the thoughts that would come to my head are not typical thoughts I might think of in a day, they would be something I would normally not think of and very exotic sometimes.]

+4:18: I think the thought process of words is interesting. For this high, the thought process feels smooth, like in the movies with futuristic houses that have the most sleek and smooth designs, it feels like that, as opposed to our current modern day households where things might look aesthetically nice but they don't have as sleek a design as the futuristic items. I could just write and write about whatever comes to my head when I think, but it'd probably be just a bunch of nonsense thoughts, and although very thought out, very weird.

I had a lot of indepth thoughts earlier [during my walk] about life and being older and stuff, but I can't remember them. I just remember that I understood why people as they get older change their ways and how younger people question why older people have such boring/monotonous lifestyles, but that we (the younger people) don't understand why parents have that adult way of living life which is so seemingly boring and the same thing all the time aka adults don't want to seem to better themselves, but we won't understand why until we get to that point in our life, and once we do, we will understand and be satisfied with that way of living because it doesn't seem so monotonous as we thought it was when we were younger.

I would enjoy having this high more often if it didn't require three hours to kick in and so much preparation beforehand to have an empty stomach/not eat hours before. Maybe an extraction of the essentual oils of nutmeg would make it much easier to handle. That way, instead of all that [previous preparation], you could just [ingest] the essential oil or swallow it in a pill. Then you might not have the nausea present with the method of eating ground nutmeg. It is +4:27 into the experience right now and I've been writing since my last time I recorded the time.

+8:45: It is currently nighttime. It is a little hard to type because my body feels oddly light and like [light] weights are pulling on it everywhere. I just woke up from a sleep and the high is even more intense than earlier. I have been getting some closed eye visuals [during sleep]. They are not warm and welcoming kind, kinda apathetic, but they still are visuals nonetheless. My thought cycle is very weird now. Also, cotton mouth and dry lips are very prominent as well as some ataxia and tiredness feeling.

+9:48: I am still feeling effects, the high is at its seeming maximum point [in it's plateau phase].

+10:41: The effects are still prominent. I have had a sort of munchies feel this whole time. [Throughout the time after puking, I was having a munchies feeling but unlike marijuana munchies, eating too much did make me nauseous.]

+14:30: [I finally fell asleep]

+26:38: It is currently the afternoon of the next day and I am still vaguely feeling the effects. I stayed up last night because when I would close my eyes, my body felt like it would start rotating back and forth very rapidly and with increasing force which would make me nauseous, so I didn't want to close my eyes for the sake of puking.

+32:00: The effects seem to be fully gone now aside from some dry mouth/lips.

This was one of the more interesting experiences as of currently. The high was akin to a marijuana high but much smoother and less lazy. It also last for a long time. Considering that I threw up and did not let my body fully extract everything, I don't doubt that my experience would have been much stronger if I didn't. Aside from the nausea, it was generally enjoyable and although I wasn't lazy, I didn't do as much as I would have liked to because of the nausea. A Dramamine/Gravol (dimenhydrinate) or some Peptobismol (bismuth subsalicylate) would probably remove the nausea and make the experience fully exploitable. Although not a lot is reported, I did other things during the time such as sleep, make some music, eat, and enjoy some internet time so it wasn't all lazying around. Nutmeg seems to be a diuretic and the dry mouth presents itself very readily without mercy.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95283
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 12, 2012Views: 15,964
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