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Very Potent Relaxor
Xylazine & Cannabis
by swim89
Citation:   swim89. "Very Potent Relaxor: An Experience with Xylazine & Cannabis (exp95278)". Oct 29, 2016.

22 mg SC Xylazine


'sedative for cattle, horses, and other non-human mammals'
...sounds pretty hardcore right?

I obtained 0.22ml of xylazine at 100mg/ml. Labeled as a sedative for veterinary use it's normally used in tiny doses (0.02-0.04ml) in combination with ketamine, diazepam, acepromazine, and butorphanol, among other anesthetics. I could only find a couple of reports of human use online, which all had resulted in hospitalization and artificial respiration. I noted that they took 100-200mgs, and the dose should be .25-.5 mg/kg, so I figured 22mg was a 'safe' dose for my body weight.

0:00 inject .22ml subcutaneously and start the movie I was going to watch while letting the effects of the drug set in
0:10 smoke 1 hit marijuana. I am a huge pothead so I never take ANY drug without having marijuana to contrast the effects.
Upon hitting the marijuana, I begin to feel extremely tired and relaxed and I just lay down as my vision gets a little more blurry and the movie plot becomes harder to follow
0:20 I can no longer follow the movie so I turn off my laptop and fall asleep
2:30 I wake up in a state of pleasurable delirium, a state I can only describe as 'damn I'm fucked up.' My whole body was very tingly, as though I was being tickled all over, which made it hard to lay completely still. It felt good but I was glad I didn't take any more or the tingling effect could have become overbearing
3:00 after lying around half asleep, I am finally able to walk around. In the bathroom mirror my pupils are very constricted and my vision is blurry. Still quite relaxed
3:30 the effects are mostly worn off, so I smoke some more weed and watch my movie and feel comfortable the rest of the night

Overall it was a pleasurable experience. I was worried about a couple things, one being that it would make me nauseous because it is used as an emetic in cats, but I didn't experience any nausea. I don't plan on using xylazine again, and if anyone is considering it, definitely don't take more than 25mg or the effects could be dangerous, especially if no one is around to help, should something go wrong.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95278
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Oct 29, 2016Views: 3,109
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Xylazine (610) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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