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Awesome Long Lasting Body High
by Beebee
Citation:   Beebee. "Awesome Long Lasting Body High: An Experience with 6-APB (exp95208)". Apr 12, 2012.

300 mg oral 6-APB (capsule)


First off, I don't have much expereience with ANY kind of drugs. So bear with me if this seems novice. I've only tried mdpv, 2cp, and this stuff.

At 7 pm I started out with two caps filled with the benzofury. I measured out 150 mgs for each one. We bought it from a reputable source that has never let us down.

I took both caps on an empty stomach and waited. It took a little over an hour for it to start kicking in. And when it did, it was VERY sudden. I didn't have any warning or feelings of 'coming up' at all. It just hit me like a brick! One minute I'm chilling on my laptop, and the next minute, BOOM! I had this immensely awesome feeling all around me. Everything was alright. Everything was good. I FELT ALIVE. Like I've never felt this alive in my life. And I just wanted to make everyone else feel like this. I couldn't hardly stand up because I just wanted to lay down and roll back and forth and touch things. I was clearly under the influence and would never recommend taking this stuff unless you're in a carefree setting.

I could form words and sentences pretty easily and didn't feel very slurred. But it was difficult to think of words to say. Every sense was enhanced. I did not see any visuals or trails or any color enhancement. But the body high was just incredible! Libido was through the roof! I couldn't keep my eyes focused on anything. I (tried) looking in the mirror at them and they were literally independently rolling all over the place. My bf said that the pupils were dilated. I felt waves of coldness. Mostly on my fingertips. For 10 minutes they felt freezing, then 10 minutes later they felt normal. I also had slight cold sweats. They weren't bad or uncomfortable, I just made note of them.

After about a couple hours of rolling around and just loving up everything around me I started listening to music. This was probly at about 10:30 PM. It seemed like it was a part of me. It sounded amazing and made me feel even more amazing. At about 2 AM I started to feel like it was fading a little bit. Everything still felt very stimulated. But it progressivly faded over the next 2 hours. At about 3 AM I noticed my face felt very numb and tingly. It wasn't alarming, just kind of neat. That went on for about an hour until I didn't feel any effects of the drug anymore.

I started feeling the effects at about 8 pm. Give or take 10 minutes. By 4:30 AM I felt completely sober. My eye sight was still unable to focus. So I just went to sleep.
I woke up at about 11 AM and felt a bit drained. Just kind of apathetic towards everything. My eye sight was back to normal though. It took another day to feel completely normal though.

All in all, I loved the experience.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95208
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Apr 12, 2012Views: 12,729
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6-APB (516) : Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Unknown Context (20)

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