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by Matt
Citation:   Matt. "D-AUM-T: An Experience with DMT (exp95201)". Jun 22, 2021.

6 hits smoked DMT
This DMT experience was probably around my 30th experience that I've had with the substance. And I remember at this time I actually was intimidated by the substance a little due to a over intense experience with it while also candy flipping the night before. So there was some fear involved but a ton of excitement as well, which is normal feeling before I venture into a DMT trip. Part of me wanted to do it again just to get over the fear I had attained from the candy flip dmt blast off the night before.

But anyways so my fiancÚ and I smoked it I took about 6 hits, and blasted off. But this blast off was different because it started out difficult, wrapped in terror. What the terror was, was that fact that at that moment I was scared of the powerful negative feeling I can attain if I'm having a bad DMT trip. And because I was scared of it my trip manifested at first as a not so pleasant experience. I can remember very clearly the closing my eyes telling myself to relax and that everything's gonna be fine. But still some kind of fear was still lingering around me and remember my first intense vision was of a demonic like entity running after me. And this entity had white eyes and was shifting in and out of forms. This was my very first time experiencing a evil like being. Cause in the past it was always entities like aliens, elves, fairies, and sometimes none of them. I've had DMT trips where it was more like a joe Rogan experience, 'geometric patterns made out of love.' But I am not 100% convinced that they are actual entities it is just that it is the best way in I can describe the experience.

So anyways this demon like scary thing was running towards me, everything around me was black and grey. I remember telling myself I gonna be fine, I am creating my own fear just relax. Am out of nowhere I starting thinking about the hindu sacred Aum sound. And how it would sound during yoga class when we would begin the class with chanting and several aum's. So immediately after that thought I let out a loud long, 'OOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM,' which immediately shot a beam of pure light out of open space shattering the demon like thing. And this beam of light in free space was almost like a magnetic to me because I was making the AUM sound which was creating this beam of light. But after the beam shattered the demon, my emotional state immediately become neutral. And that neutral emotional state keep rising into higher states of understanding and bliss.

I remember after the experience thinking how powerful the AUM sound really is and I also thought of Terrence McKenna, who has stated in lectures that under DMT you can 'sing objects into existence.' I found this to be very fascinating. This sound while on DMT it is very powerful, pure, and also beautiful. And I am fully convinced of its positive attribution and feel it could be used to get individuals out of difficult experience with tripping, on not just DMT but any psychedelic.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 95201
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 22, 2021Views: 791
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DMT (18) : Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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