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Hyperspace Intercourse
by Dr. Light
Citation:   Dr. Light. "Hyperspace Intercourse: An Experience with DMT (exp95155)". Erowid.org. Apr 13, 2012. erowid.org/exp/95155

100 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


First, a few notes about myself: I am an experienced user of psychedelics, varying from the lesser known research chemicals such as 25C-NBOMe to mushrooms and LSD. I have long since lost track of how many times I have smoked DMT, and I have had nearly 100 break through level experiences. That being said, this was one of my most unique and vivid experiences thus far.

It was to be my second time smoking DMT with my girlfriend, D. She had yet to break through on DMT, and, to acclimate her to the process, I had agreed to attempt to break through, so that she could witness it first hand and get comfortable with that level of depth. We were at her apartment, resting after a relaxing and soothing weekend. The trip set and setting were both ideal. I had already smoked somewhere in the vicinity of 100mg of DMT over dozens of small tokes from my homemade Machine, when she suggested something.

“Want to try something entirely new?” She asked slyly.
“Always.” Came my standard response.
“Why don't I go down on you in your break through?”

Surprised, a little elated, and quite excited, I agreed. Neither of us were sure if I'd be able to break through while she performed fellatio, if the intensity of the act would keep me grounded, or if perhaps I'd be so far into the experience I wouldn't even notice her there. I charged my machine with an eyeballed dose of what looked like about 100mg, several decent sized crystals of DMT.

I sat at the edge of her bed, pants off, and began to torch the material, inhaling slightly. The chamber rapidly filled, and I cleared it, repeating 4 full times, with several small tokes, growing more and more distant, feeling the vibration of the DMT hyperspace tugging. On my last few pulls, D sat before me, and began to work her own magic.

I fell back on her bed, heard the famous metallic hum of other worlds inside my head, and closed my eyes. I was in a room that I refer to as my “DMT waiting room.” It's where many of my DMT experiences begin, when the dose is sub-breakthrough, but the concentration of DMT is climbing in my brain. From here, the trip sometimes rapidly shifts into dramatic experiences. Or, if I am not in the right setting, the room may make up the entirety of the trip.

While typically this room is comprised of magenta hued walls with gold, kaleidoscoping overlays, this time it was deep green, with tints of teal, and the familiar gold patterns kaleidoscoping, circles everywhere, churning like cogs, innumerable triangles and regular polygons painted onto the walls spinning slowly, all gleaming. As usual, my perspective was from the floor of the room, as if I was laying down. I became aware of entities in the room, dancing about, their faces some times passing over me. They seemed aware of me, and were benevolent. I was familiar with these creatures, and they with me.

I could still feel D's mouth on my member, could feel her hand gripping me, and this awareness did indeed seem to ground me, to make it difficult to pass through the waiting room.

I remember linear thoughts, such as, “I need to let go, if I want to break through. Meditate. Breath.” I attempted to focus my breathing, counting my breaths, inhaling slowly to fill my entire torso, exhaling all the way through my stomach.

DMT, for me, has always had a uniquely sensual flavor, and the experience some times come with an alteration of the tactile sense. I noticed heightened pleasure, and felt incredibly aroused, the DMT giving a clearly aphrodisiac effect.

After a few focused breaths, the waiting room took another shape.

I found myself sitting down before a staircase, an other-worldly fire escape. Much of this section of the trip is vague, but I recall many figures passing by, some dancing, their faces all hidden. I recall a couple walking by me, the male aware of me, bending over as if to evaluate me. I saw aliens on bicycles, or some contraption like a bicycle, and young, lithe little alien girls riding about.

One last linear, controlled thought crossed my now rapidly disintegrating consciousness: “I wonder if the act of oral sex during a break through could alter the trip itself?”

With a suddenness that defies explanation, I became aware that I was underneath two figures, and there was a sheen of light indicating a barrier between us. It looked and felt as if I were submerged in water, in some kind of pod or globular cell. On top of whatever was encasing me were two alien entities, and they were in the middle of intercourse. The males face was towards me, but it was blacked out, as if it had been censored. The female was deliciously curvaceous, and while the details were hazy, I recall being aroused by her figure. I tried to focus on the strange nature of their skin, or perhaps it was clothing, which closely resembled well-pollished crome. As I attempted to reach out to them, the environment again shifted.

I was in what I can only describe as an alien hostel, in a darkly lit room with plush furniture, across which were strewn many copulating pairs of aliens. Once again, the details are hazy. I can specifically recall one entity seated on another, lotus style, and a phrase definitely passed through my awareness. “Cyborg sex,” I thought. Whatever was penetrating that entity was discernibly machine. Not everything here was entirely biological. In essence, I believe I was witnessing an orgy between cyborg aliens.

This went on for what seemed like several minutes, until the concentration of DMT in brain noticeably dipped, and I once more became are of my girlfriend, still faithfully performing fellatio on me. I opened my eyes for a moment, just long enough to take in her room. Upon closing them, I could still make out traces of the entities, though the imagery was far less vivid and detailed.

I sat up, smiling, halted D.

“WOAH. WOAAAAH.” Was all I could manage for a moment. She laughed and replied,

“That good, hm?” When I had thoroughly recovered, I recounted the experience to her, marveling at the intensity and vividness of the experience. Apparently my trip lasted about 7 minutes, a remarkably long break through. While I have had many intense break throughs, often times the actual visual aspect pales in comparison to one's sense of things, that ability we have to identify an object or to conceive of it without seeing it.

For those who are curious about these details, we were also struck by the fact that, despite not being aware of anything but my hyperspace encounters, my body was able to achieve and maintain a vigorous erection during the entire duration of the experience.

Hopefully that is not TOO much information for any one, but I thought it might be of value to researchers. In any case, the fact that what was physically taking place altered the nature of my trip was interesting, though not unexpected, to me.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95155
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Apr 13, 2012Views: 25,567
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DMT (18) : General (1), Mystical Experiences (9), Sex Discussion (14), Entities / Beings (37), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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