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Chillin On a Tuesday Night
by Dillon
Citation:   Dillon. "Chillin On a Tuesday Night: An Experience with 2C-D (exp95090)". May 28, 2012.

T+ 0:00
5 mg insufflated 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 25 mg oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 8 mg oral 2C-D (powder / crystals)


First off I snorted about 5mg of 2C-D as an allergy test to make sure it would be safe to take a full dose. I actually felt a head change; sort of like I was more focused. It kind of felt like a dose of adderal.

An hour later I weighed out about 25+/- 5mg and swallowed it

20min in I felt something, maybe a little more bit excited or giggly and a bit stimulated

40min. I felt like I was coming up on MDMA, music sounded great. I was a little bit euphoric, rubbing my face felt good because my skin felt soft and warm. I had stimulation that made me want to jump up and dance to the electro music. I also had closed eye visuals of stuff that I would look at right before closing my eyes which would then morph into other things/patterns

40-120min. (I would say this was the peak) I continued to be euphoric for about 20 more minutes and then the stimulation pretty much subsided. We had electro/dubstep blasting with the visualizer on the T.V. This was very entertaining to watch and just overall looked crazy with all the patterns. I felt really 'into' the visualizer. There was a slight movement of objects in the room as if they were shifting positions, nothing crazy though.

I remained giggly for this time as well. Conversation came easily and my mind was pretty clear when I would focus on 'sober' things/thoughts. Somewhere in this period I re-dosed with another 8mg or so. (I wish I had just taken a full dose at the beginning)
After a while of watching the visualizer I seemed a mildly agitated/angry. Nothing really seem that interesting, it seems like I had grown bored of the trip.

120-180min At this point of time I was still tripping a little bit but was coming down slowly. My friends and I watched some funny shows online and also went outside to go get some candy from the gas station across the street. I was still a bit giggly to some random things, especially talking to the cashier at the gas station.

Soon after this time period, I was what felt like completely sober, the feeling of being high had left my body and my mental/visual processes were completely normal. Sleep was super easy! I went to bed at my normal time of 1:00am (about an hour after the trip had ended). I did have some closed eye visuals all the way until I fell asleep-very mild ones though

The day after there was no hangover, I feel great! Although I do not feel more refreshed than normal.

Keep in mind that the above timeline is very rough as I did not take notes during the experience.

I can say this for sure:

-by 40 minutes in I felt great, almost at a peak

-I tripped for about 2 hours and the whole experience from beginning to end was about 4 and a half hours

-The trip didn't have a defining feature, it's like it didn't have much of a personality although at the early part of the trip it did feel close to a trippy version of MDMA

-I have great closed eye visuals (it reminded me of the MDA pills I took in the past)

-My friends (who also researched this chemical with me) and I decided we wouldn't use this at a club but we would use it again in a chill setting at home to hang out and smoke weed on; it was very laid back/relaxing after the early stimulation went away

-When I was completely peaking, I went in the bathroom and the colors just seemed distorted, it was kind of weird to be honest. When I left the bathroom into the dark I saw a bunch of colorful waving lines flowing sideways in front of me but it wasn't right in front of my face

-There weren't any moments where I was like 'OH FUCK IM TRIPPING BALLS' haha

-There was little or no pupil dilation

-I have had a hard time writing the trip report because the trip wasn't anything that sparked my interest/it wasn't 'amazing'/ it was a tad boring

-I would do it again! But I would take 40 or 45mg at once instead of staggering the dose

-I took a hit of weed which did seem to increase visuals for a short amount of time

-My friends who smoked weed the whole time on 2C-D said it had great synergy and seemed to increase the visuals

Conclusion: This a very chill substance thats great to hang out on. At low dosages I could see its value as a smart drug. I would recommend it for other people to try out but I plan to research 2C-C before I return back to 2C-D. 2C-D is a very interesting chemical in it's own sense :).

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95090
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: May 28, 2012Views: 4,689
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2C-D (103) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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