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On Halloween Day
by sunnmoon
Citation:   sunnmoon. "On Halloween Day: An Experience with LSD (exp94950)". Oct 31, 2016.

2 hits buccal LSD (blotter / tab)


This was my first time taking acid, and I had only previously ever smoked marijuana before that. I was kind of nervous, but very excited. On Halloween day, I met up with my boyfriend, who had taken acid before and reassured me that it was going to be fine. We placed the blotter on our tongues and texted our friend M to do the same. We then walked to the nearby middle school to meet up with M. None of us began to feel the effects until we were sitting at a bench in a secluded park. It had hit us all at different times too, from me, to M, to my boyfriend (B).

The first thing I had noticed was that I was very warm, despite the 45 degree weather outside and my inability to ever really be warm. I also noticed that all the autumn leaves and naked trees seemed very distinct and never-ending, yet also connected to each other. I became very excited and asked B and M if they were feeling anything, to which they replied that they felt pretty warm, but nothing much yet. By this time it was about 45 minutes after we had taken the acid. I put my arm out in front of me and began waving it, only to see that the image of my arm would repeat itself and trail behind it. I was doing this for awhile, until I noticed B and M staring at me. They laughed and told me I was tripping.

Once the effects were more set in, we all started staring at a leaf on the table. M and I both saw little black dots moving all along the leaf! B said he could not see them. I realized that I still had to text my father and tell him where I was, and could not focus on the task. I did not want to do it, mostly because I couldn’t remember how I talked in text conversation. I also was very averse to lying to him, although it would have been a petty lie. Eventually I calmed down and began to mess with my phone. It was very hard to use it, and took a pretty long time to think of the words I could use to sound normal. Once I sent it, I felt liberated.
I began scratching swirls into the table with a stick, and looking for all the little things that were appearing in it. B and M wanted to go walk around, after all, it was Halloween. I was scared to get off of the bench but with some encouragement from B I was able to.

We walked out of the forest and onto the sidewalk. We saw tons of little kids walking around dressed as witches and ghosts, and it felt like the most ridiculous thing. I couldn’t grasp why we celebrate this, it was such a weird thing. We were pretty paranoid about people “knowing” and found ourselves walking very fast. It felt like everyone was looking at us. We would find ourselves walking very fast and would slow down rapidly, only to find that the pace had picked up again.

We decided to walk to my friend S’s house, who lived a ways away. Along the way, I started to see letters in everything. They would be made of the grass, or trees, or whatever I was looking at. If I looked at a blank surface, a concentric circle pattern of letters would appear and repeat itself on it. Later on I realized that this came from the swirls I was drawing on the table. Neither B nor M were having any visuals as strong as I was. We eventually got into the neighborhood where S lived and sat on a hill. B began to talk with M about philosophy; M was unusually quiet. He seemed involved in his own thoughts. I began to tell the others that I needed to get warm, even though I was already. I also became obsessed with the thought that my body and brain were separate. I always said “My body is telling me to…” and wanted my brain to connect what my body needed. I knew that my body was actually cold, but my brain was warm. I hadn’t eaten much all day, so I knew that my body was hungry, but my brain was full. It worried me and I began to feel bad about not taking care of my body.

All throughout the trip I was very emotional and felt in tune with everyone. I wanted to talk with everyone, even though I knew that I shouldn’t. I especially wanted to talk to family members and friends. At one point while we were walking, B brought up his cat, who had died recently. I immediately started to tear up and become extremely sad, even though I never had an emotional tie to the cat. We quickly switched topics when it became apparent that it was depressing everyone.

Eventually we got to S’s house and asked her for trick or treating bags (we had forgotten them). She gave us a few and stood outside and talked with us. S did not know that we were tripping, and was a little suspicious. She began playing with something that B was holding while M and B were talking. To me, it had looked entirely ridiculous and I couldn’t help myself from laughing. She kept asking me what was so funny and I just couldn’t tell her. We said our goodbyes and started to head home.

The letters had become much stronger and now said words like “dream”, “mesmerize”, “capitalize”, lights”, “sublime”, and “peace” which have strong meanings to me. All the letters took on a purple or green haze, and looked as if they were standing up on the surface they appeared. Patterns were much more prominent than ever. Clothes felt very restricting and unnatural. We got back to the school and parted with M, then went back to B’s house. We discussed our ongoing trip, and ways of thinking. I felt as if I had all the answers to questions, but no questions. I also felt that the letters were extremely important and I had to unjumble them. It soon got late and I walked home.

Once home, I got paper and a pen and drew the swirls on a paper, tracing the letters that I saw. They had faded significantly, but I managed to get a lot of them down. It seemed like there were an infinite amount. I tried sleeping but couldn’t and occupied myself for a few more hours until school the next morning. I went about the day in a more positive and uplifted state and the visuals faded even more. They were completely gone by the next day.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94950
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 31, 2016Views: 1,829
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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