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21 Gun Salute
by Brer Fox
Citation:   Brer Fox. "21 Gun Salute: An Experience with 2C-T-2 (exp94902)". Mar 8, 2012.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 X mg oral 2C-T-2 (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:05   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:05 2 tablets oral Valerian  


21 Gun Salute

Setup: 32 years old, 150 lbs. I take no medications or supplements. I've tripped on Sinicuichi, Salvia, LSD, LSA, Shrooms (Amanitas and Cubensis), DXM, Dramamine, 4-AcO-DMT, 2C-B, 2C-C, 2C-D, 2C-E, 2C-I, 2C-P and 2C-T-2, and I've dabbled a bit with DMT and DPT. Here is a perfect example of why I like to start low and work my way up, 'cause I didn't do it this time!

Set: I've taken 2C-T-2 a number of times, both orally and rectally. I probably had a threshold trial that I didn't record because I didn't keep a Trip Log at that time (something I highly recommend), but I have records of taking 17 mg oral, 8 mg rectal (a good, light level – very pleasant!) with a 2 mg oral booster @ T +2.5 hr (unnecessary), 10 mg rectal (my favorite experience with this substance thus far), 9 mg rectal (good, but not as good), 12 mg oral and an attempted 10 mg rectal where I failed to deliver the entire dose, resulting in a lighter experience.

My feeling is that the oral to rectal ratio is 2 to 1 with this substance, and after this last experience, I probably won't take any more than 10 mg rectal or 20 mg oral. Rectal is by far my preferred ROA with this substance. The negative effects are absent or light for me at 8 and 9 mg, though this tends to lead straight into a dreamy, euphoric plateau without peaking nearly as visually as 10 mg. 10 mg has, for me, considerable body load between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes which includes nausea and a considerable thickening of saliva, as well as pronounced decongestant and expectorant effects (i.e. I spend a lot of time spitting into the sink during the Come On). This doesn't feel bad, and isn't unexpected.

I used to have chronic sinusitis, but the 2C-Xs (2C-D in particular) have helped me clear my shit up way better than Musinex or Claritin (I have effectively used 2C-D for my allergies as well). I see the mucous related events as my own way of purging and the stronger the decongestant effect is during Come On, the more visual the trip tends to be (on 2C-Xs). I usually only get dry heaves, but I have seen a friend puke and have diarrhea (he was frying BALLS...I gave him two Valerian to bring him down, which it did) on 12 mg ORAL (which another friend I had no problem with), so there apparently is a great deal of individual variation with this one.

I haven't tried 20 mg oral yet (I'm guessing this will be my oral sweet spot, and that I won't like it as much as 10 mg rectal), but I probably should have first and that is exactly the point. The dose response curve on this puppy was unexpectedly high for me. I typically find that 2C-T-2 begins fairly rough, which can include the physical effects as well as a good deal of anxiety or a “need to escape” the experience. It is somewhere around the peak of discomfort that the visuals become overwhelming, and then it gives way (on 10 mg rectal) to a brilliant state of bliss and +3 1/2 visuals that are free flowing, unique and effortless. This leads to a long lived, compassionate plateau, which I find to be very much like I would imagine a combination of Mushrooms and Molly to feel like, though it is nothing at all like a Hippy Flip.

Euphoria, bright colors and a deeply felt sense of compassion towards those around me, even if I'm hiking and those around me are total strangers. The message 2C-T-2 pumped into my head on my 10 mg rectal trip was: “The Unknown Enemy is the Radiant Center of Being.” I assumed this experience was going to go like that, but the folly of assumption made an ass out of me fer sure.

Setting: My apartment, alone, with Valerian Root Extract close at hand, thank the Lord!

Administration: My other admission of error is that I cannot tell exactly what dose I took. I was rinsing out an amber glass vial that had some residue in it and I added 20 mg to that. I had thought it was a I'm guessing it was two. Probably wasn't any more than that but who the hell knows. Classic mistake, expected result. Whereas some researchers like to push the limits and consider Dr. Shulgin's dosage estimates to be too low, one must remember that the good Dr. is a Hardhead by his own estimates. I, for one, tend to react in a textbook fashion to most drugs, and I can usually keep up with the best of them and keep my shit reasonably together, though I am aware that some people like to party WAY harder than anything I'm interested in. I wanna have a good time, not commit suicide.

I respect Dr. Shulgin's advice. When PiHKAL suggests a dosage, it is probably a good idea to stay in that neighborhood. What is the worst that's gonna happen? You avoid a freakout and have more material for later? Is that a bad thing? You can always eat more, but you can never uneat what you've eaten. PiHKAL suggests that 20 is intense, whereas by 22 mg the person wishes they had taken only 20. I'm inclined to agree. The difference between 17 mg and 20-whatever-I-took was profound, unexpected and unpleasant for the most part. The dose was taken dissolved in a large glass of filtered water over a period of 30 minutes which, in retrospect, probably saved me a great deal of complications and physical difficulties. I find it is better to sip slowly to avoid the sudden shock of a rough Come On.

For my own Trip Log, I've subdivided the Shulgin Scale into different categories. H=Head, B=Body, M=Mental, V=Visual, A=Auditory, S=Synaesthesia. This is neither positive nor negative...a B+3 could be a warm Cocaine fuzziness or a shower of pins and needles...its Quantity, not Quality. I also like to use +1/2 increments...that's just me...

0hr = 2 pm
Immediate alert.
5m = H+1/2, B+1/2
7m – 9m = Decongestant effects begin.
15m = H+1, B+1/2
17m = Sinuses fully open.
23m = H+1 1/2, B+1/2, V+1/2
25m = First stomach twinge, very light. Can be relaxed. H+1 1/2 – 2
27m = Saliva begins to thicken.
30m = Completed taking dose.
31m = Expectorant effects begin (a light cough).
Shower taken to help clean out the shit, effects increase slowly.
45m = H+2, B+1 1/2,V+1
52m = V+1 1/2
57m = H+2, B+2, V+1 1/2 – 2; Stomach getting interesting, but manageable.
1hr 5m = H+2, B+2, V+2; Saliva thick, one mouthful of water puked up while coughing.
1hr 15m = B+2 1/2; Increased nausea, general discomfort. Manageable – no further puking.
1hr 25m = H+2, B+3, V+2; “light and annoying.”
1hr 30m = Time slows to a crawl. “Still dealing with spit and stomach.” At this point I begin to appreciate the quickness of the rectal Come On. It may be more intense, but it would have been over by this point.
1hr 40m = H+2, B+3, V+2 1/2 – 3
1hr 50m = “Unique animation. Unusual and not really worth it.” Auditory +1.
“Time is so fucking slow @ 2hr.”
2hr 10m = “Still yucky but the smile is starting now.”
2hr 17m = “It's OK.” H+2 1/2, B+2 1/2, V+3; Taste becomes enhanced, and I enjoy several sweets throughout the trip, which is a little unusual for me.
2hr 30m = “Unique. Well deserved euphoria developing.”
“Pretty much classic by 2:45.”
“Deep, deep shit @ 2:50. More in the +3 - 3 1/2 range.” Confusion begins. M+2
“Music has become a bit much. Peaking pretty hard @ 2:55.” M+3, S+2
3hr = The Fear begins. Time nearly ends. H+3 1/2, B+4, M+4, V+3, A+2, S+4
“Too high to comply. Either a walk or a Valerian. Maybe both. Valerian in @ 3:05. 2 for good measure.”
3hr 10m = H+3, B+3, M+4, V+2 1/2, A+3 1/2, S+2 1/2
“From the murky depths of sickness to a full blown +4 freakout in an hour. Fuck that...Took 15m to calm. +2 @ 3:30. V works fast. I am impressed!”
“Still depth to get lost in even now @ 4hr.”
“+2 @ 4:45”
5 – 9hr = Comedown. Taste is still enhanced and I eat heavily, smoke a lot of chronic and enjoy a Delirium Nocturnum around 7hr.
10hr = Sleep

Subjective Experience: “Got up early, worked out. Feeling mighty fine.” It had been one of those mornings, though. Was I gonna trip, wasn't I gonna trip, what to trip on and how? After learning that it was in fact the 45th anniversary of the Human Be-In and reading all sorts of stuff about that, I got riled up to blast a 21 mg salute into the collective unconsciousness via 2C-T-2.

I trip a lot for therapeutic reasons...I think I'm ever so slightly on the autistic spectra (nothing that would ever get diagnosed) and my chiropractor, who is into Chinese medicine, acupuncture and cold lasers, concluded (after various Chakra realignments and the like) that I walk weird (only he would notice) and have shoulder issues because my corpus callosum doesn't fire properly and I have some strong hemispheric dominance. This fits, and my cousin has a diagnosed autistic child suffering the full effects of the condition. Autistic or not, I have received tremendous benefit from some basic eye/brain exercises, mind machine and psychedelics, phenethylamines in particular. Last night, for instance, I took 15 mg 2C-C and while lying on the floor my toes began to twitch and my back unwound as I relaxed into the Work the substance was Working on my corpus callosum.

2C-E makes my eyes do a weird focus/unfocus dance as a form of Work. Sometimes the Work is becoming comfortable with a strange sensation or a unique body high a substance is presenting. The sum of all this Work is to allow the non-dominant hemisphere of my brain to speak up and be recognized for a bit. Those unfamiliar with Dr. Michael Persinger at Laurentian University should look into the God Helmet on YouTube. That will fill in a lot of holes about what is happening here. This somehow, I also believe, ties into the decongestant effects I experience, as there are suggested connections between autism and histamine. From my very cursory knowledge of the subject (I am an untrained amateur) histamine regulates somatic serotonin, but I'm not sure “they” quite realize how yet. Something is happening here. There is some connection between the “autism” (probably the wrong word entirely) and the sinusitis, and the added serotonin or the hemispheric co-ordination is doing something to the histamine levels, or 2C-Xs have some effect on histamine receptors (a huge potential for research on PTSD). I had 14 years of sinusitis and I've been weird since I was a kid and then I start eating 2C-Xs and here three years later my nose is clean in more than one sense of the phrase? Right...

This was an UN-therapeutic trip just for the hell of it, and hell is what it was. First came the physical hell. The Timeline above is fairly descriptive, so I'll just get on with it. Took the stuff, and the half hour while I drank it was uneventful. I just sat quietly in the kitchen contemplating the other side of the window. Like I said, this was an UN-therapeutic trip, so I can't say I was plagued with some identity crisis or that I was seeking philosophical catharsis, and I wasn't tripping to accomplish Work. I just was. Took a shower.

Around 50 minutes I was getting some heavier body load, but it was still tolerable at this point and nothing compared to the load 10 mg rectal would have produced. There were some visuals, but where there would have been intense animation, increased texture depth and color cycling via rectal, there was only a “shiny” sort-of watered-down afterimage visual mode which I find hard to describe, though it wasn't very interesting at the time. At around one hour expectorant effects began to manifest and the visuals began to increase ever so slightly in intensity as I moved towards a “+2 - 2 1/2 level of general discomfort” some fifteen minutes later. This was the start of a general malaise, a fatigue accompanied by a tolerable but annoying nausea, and time began to slow. By 1hr 20m I write “I wish it would break,” but that sweet relief would not come for another hour. That hour, of course, was like an ever expanding eternity of physical discomfort, and it was tough to keep the mind on anything other than the symptoms.

Around two hours the animation begins. It is “shiny” as well, and not particularly well defined. This is also where the Auditory hallucinations began at a +1 level, and I describe them as “strange” though I can't remember how right now. There were a lot of qualities to the experience which were confusing, and there was an awful lot of music related stuff.

After a berry honey stick which was deliciously enhanced, I decided to take a hit of pot at 2hr 5m. Usually 2C-T-2 loves the reefer, but my Log puts it best: “Meh!” The pot isn't taking me deeper into the dream as it usually does, but within five minutes the smile begins to show, and in another ten minutes the body load starts to give. I'm waiting for my burst of bliss that usually follows the uphill climb, but it is unexpectedly absent. Taste is incredible, however, and so I enjoy some chocolate and a couple more honey sticks while I put on some St. Vincent (excellent trip music!).

Annie Clark is telling me to “Paint the black hole blacker” and there is, finally, a “well deserved euphoria developing.” I have a vague recollection of the animation being organic, perhaps vein like, and there was some 2C-E “perspective distortion,” as I like to call it, or the growing and shrinking of objects, though this was not as fluid or well developed as it is on 2C-E. “Deeper in unexpected ways, kinda pleasant. Good for music and flavor. Pretty much classic by 2:25.”

Here's where the confusion begins. “This is a long uphill. Strong! Visual and mental. Deep, deep shit @ 2:50. More in the 3 – 3 1/2 range. It is mental and drifty. Music has become a bit much. Peaking pretty hard @ 2:55. This would be my top end. No need to go further down this hole. And what a hole it is. Frying good and hard, a little edge of fear, but that's OK! This is the deepest I've been with this stuff for sure. It feels weird and almost threatening. Too high to comply. Either a walk or a Valerian. Maybe both. Valerian in @ 3:05. 2 for good measure.”

There was a deep synaesthesia between the mind and body. The mental part was disconcerting. Here is an example: I was reaching to grab my coat, had my hand on my coat standing at my closet, and I would totally forget what was happening. It was brutally mindless. The visuals had dropped away some by this point and were nothing to write home about, but time was nearing a standstill. Probably went to the closet three or four times for my coat. It's hard to say. It came in waves, as these things tend to do, and it was hard not to contemplate the Fear when the mind was operating relatively “normally.” I've had some bad trips. This wasn't one of them. I know what to look for now, and I turned it off before it could get any worse.

I've been out of body on Salvia and I've had a panic attack on Acid (once out of countless times tripping on it over 17 years) and I've had my ass handed to me psychologically once on 4-AcO-DMT but I have never been on a psychedelic which takes so readily to the Fear as 2C-T-2. My mind would go mindless. Upon its return, I'd contemplate the Fear. This would result in a sort of “vertigo” which was primarily a bodily sensation, though there was a +2 – 2 1/2 visual connection that is best described as an increase in distance, or an “elongation of the arms” while writing. And I was still writing at times during this period, so it's not like I ever came close to a state of incapacity. It was just disconcerting as this cycle built upon itself time and again over the course of the longest goddamned fifteen minutes of my life.

A word about Valerian: The stuff works (at least my brand). I killed this trip with it, a 25 mg rectal “overdose” of 2C-C, a 10 mg rectal 2C-I trip (that stuff is nuts up the butt, not sure I like out), ended my friend's most unpleasant 2C-T-2 trip with it and I use it regularly to take the edge off Aftereffects. I don't know if it's Valerian or Valium they put in those pills, but whatever it is, it works.

As much as I've already written, this is primarily why I'm writing this report. I got my coat on, keys in my pocket, two Valerian in my tummy and I make my way down the stairwell and out the door. When I stepped out on the street, the Fear was still trying to maintain a grip, and doing an OK job of it. The chill of the air helped me shake it and I started off down the block. There were a couple times I had to stop to get it together for a second over the course of the next couple blocks. I'm walking at a normal pace, but of course it seems as if an eternity is passing. I notice that the disconcerting features of the high are becoming less mental and more body oriented, and I can feel the familiar dopey, lazy qualites of the Valerian setting in. Visuals are basically gone at this point, or easily ignored.

By the time I had walked three blocks away from my doorstep a very interesting thing began to happen. I was beginning to enjoy a much more agreeable frame of mind and time was resuming its usual shape. Suddenly though, I could hear “The Bed” by St. Vincent playing more than full blast in my mind. The song was perfectly reproduced, and it took up my entire reality. As I would focus my attention on the astonishing qualities of what I essentially take to be an “Auditory” hallucination, the drug would try to draw me back in as it slowly relinquished control. I would try to put the song from my mind, but then a song I had recently written and recorded would start up instead, and then the two songs began to merge, or cut in back and forth from one to the other. I've had some pretty good Auditory experiences on 2C-I (enhancement) and 2C-E (total synthesis of non-existant “acid house techno riffs” from thin air, flanging &c. over music), but it really was astonishing how realistic and present these songs were to the mind. I also wrote “sort of a tin box effect” in my Log, referring to the distortion of external sounds.

Having walked four blocks from my front door at a regular pace, the trip was now an enjoyable +2 with heavy Valerian overtones. All the Auditory hallucinations ended just as abruptly as they started, and the body high became mellow and relaxed. The mind was frazzed and ready to eat dinner, drink a beer and watch Planet Earth. I walked a little bit further through downtown then made my way back home.

I had previously nicknamed 2C-T-2 “The Hero's Journey.” Long ago I accepted the fact that this is a challenging chemical with a substantial uphill for a Come On, realizing the view from the peak to be spectacular and well won. I'll leave you draw your own Conclusion, as I've already stated my future intent with this one above. Let's leave it at this. Twenty five minutes after the “crisis” began, I wrote in my Log: “I caught myself well. Too dreamy...too mindless. You could get lost in there and it took to the Fear like a champ. The Dragon Won.”

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94902
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Mar 8, 2012Views: 4,790
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2C-T-2 (53) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5)

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