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Perfect High
Citation:   Radioactive. "Perfect High: An Experience with Oxycodone (exp94897)". May 22, 2013.

20 mg oral Oxycodone (extract)

First of all, I have a chronic condition that causes severe pain in my abdomen, and also I live in Canada. I have had surgery for it and am on all sorts of different medications. It had happened a few times that pain would just hit me out of no where and I would drag myself to the office (this was during high school) and would tell them I needed to go to the hospital. The secretaries were informed of my condition and would call my parents right away to come and get me most doctor donít know what to do about me, so they just put me in a room and fill me up with morphine.

I remember the morphine all to well. One moment I would be twisting in agony on the bed with doctors and nurses all around me, I would see the doctor pull out a needle and hold me down long enough to inject me with the drug intravenously. The sensation was immediate and warmth would spread through me body until I was floating on a cloud without a care in the world. This was my introduction into opiates.

I smoked cannabis during my last year of high school and had a great time with it. With some research I found out that I qualified for medicinal marijuana. It excited me to no end, because I could then legally be allowed to purchase and consume at will. I quickly found out that many people hated the idea of me getting it, and that it was excessively hard to acquire. I would need my specialistís referral and it would take up to six months to process the license, and even then there was no guaranty that I would even get it. Not giving up, I went to my specialist with the idea. She was rather taken aback when I brought it up, and only gave me a lector about the dangers of its use.

Finally I just gave up, but it had given me an idea. I remembered back to the morphine and asked if I could at least have some pain killers. This is the part I donít understand. The pain killers were perfectly ok with her. She told me she would write me up a prescription for tramadol to take whenever I started feeling pain coming on. I loved the tramadol. It would make me actually want to talk to people. Whenever my girlfriend was over all I wanted to do was hug her and cuddle with her. She of course didnít mind.

I did research on tramadol and found out it wasnít really a true opiate. It just acted like one. So of course I needed to further this and try out a real honest to goodness opiate, just like morphine. I went back to my specialist and told her that the tramadol really wasn't strong enough (the first lie of pill popping career) and I needed something better. She said she didnít have proper licensing and I would need to talk to my family doctor about that, which I did. To my delight, and surprise, he rather nonchalantly wrote me up a prescription for Percocet 5 mg Oxycodone/325 mg acetaminophen. I ran home after stopping at the pharmacy and looked up Oxycodone on the internet. It was exactly what I was looking for and I have now been using it every month. I only get 60 5/325 pills once per month, and they usually run out after about 7-10 days. I find that this is perfect because by the end I have grow a tolerance, but when I stop abruptly I donít really feel any withdrawal symptoms. I then have to wait another 3 weeks and my tolerance is pretty much back to zero by the time I get my next script. I this has helped me not get out of control, but I'm pretty sure that I am addicted because for those long days in-between I cant go a day without thinking about them and when I'm getting some next.


This part I will try to describe a typical usage of Oxycodone and the experience it brings me. I usually start out with 4 or 5 pills (20-25 mg) but by the end of the bottle I have to use around 50 mg (10 pills) to get the same effect. Now obviously 10 pills worth packs a walloping 3250 mg of acetaminophen and that is way too much for the liver to handle. I remedy this with the cold water extraction which despite the contradictory internet opinions, works quite well. Anyway now to the effects.

I usually start feeling something 10-15 minutes after taking the drug orally. I will feel tightness in my head, like someone is gently pushing on my temples. It used to annoy me, but now I enjoy it because I know that it just means that the drug is working. Gradually my mood starts improving and a start to get a stupid smile on my face. I just canít help smiling I feel so damn happy. At around an hour in waves of tingling euphoria start washing through my body. It obviously is different, but somehow very comparable to an orgasm, or at least having sex. I have heard many people describe heroine this way which is why it baffles me that I can get it so easily. Anyway at this point in the high I get the urge to talk to someone. Typically I am a very shy person and avoid everyone, but I canít help feeling so much love toward my family and friends and just need to be with them. This usually means that I call me girlfriend and just let her talk about her day, listening to every word like it is necessary for me to live. I smile when I hear her voice and chat about nothing really, but to me in my drug induced state, it seems like the most perfect thing and that I would not want to be doing anything else. I also start noticing that me breathing is slower, but I know I havenít ODíed on this dose before so I donít worry about it. In fact I let it soothe me like I am meditating. Just a thought I do meditate, and have tried meditating while on oxy, but find I can't clear the happiness from my mind, and then realize that I donít really want to.

Anyway, after I stop talking to my girlfriend (which could be half an hour to an hour, depending on her mood) I usually listen to music or watch TV. At about 2 - 2.5 hours into the high I usually canít concentrate anymore and go into the nod. I find it strange that it takes so long for me but whatever. Describing what the nod is, is very difficult, you as a reader will not understand what Iím talking about unless you have experienced it. Never the less, I will try anyway.

It starts off feeling like I am so very, very tired that I canít even keep my eyes open. I try to, because if I fall asleep, I miss out on the high. Try as I might I canít keep them open. As my eye lids shut, I completely exit the conscious world and dive deep into my own thoughts. It feels like sleeping, but being completely conscious and aware the entire time. I think about my life, and realize how very lucky I am. I realize that all the problems I worry about arenít so bad. In fact they are nothing compared to most of the world. I start to feel love for every living thing on this earth and for myself. Itís not that the problems go away; itís just that they arenít something I should be scared of or worried about. My life is my life and I love every minute of it.

After about half an hour of this, I start feeling less drowsy. The drug is slowly wearing off, but my mood is generally improved for the rest of the day. I always take Oxy only after all my commitments are finished for day, like school and work, so usually around 7 p.m. or so. By the time the drug has pretty much worn off I go to bed, and I find that I have very vivid and exciting dreams. This includes snowboarding down Mount Everest with a girl in a bikini and a penguin.


Out of all the drugs I have tried (this includes cannabis, magic mushrooms, tramadol, tobacco, and alcohol) Oxycodone is my favourite. I have never had a bad experience on it, and it always just makes me an all around happy person. It is dangerous however. I am sure if I was buying it off the street I wouldnít be able to hold myself back, because the feelings are just to perfect. I have found myself lying about the pain I am in to the doctors to receive it, and am very thankful that they limit me to the amount they do. I wouldnít recommend anyone to try it that would be able to get it whenever they wanted. Maybe as a one time thing, and only if it is not from a drug dealer. This may sound hypocritical, but what can I say. Thank you for your time.


Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94897
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 22, 2013Views: 132,552
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