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A Very Visual Combination
2C-P, 4-AcO-DMT & Methoxetamine
by mmn132
Citation:   mmn132. "A Very Visual Combination: An Experience with 2C-P, 4-AcO-DMT & Methoxetamine (exp94869)". Nov 25, 2012.

T+ 0:00
11 mg   2C-P
  T+ 2:00 20 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT
  T+ 3:00   repeated insufflated Methoxetamine


T - 0:00 - Weighed and took 11 milligrams 2C-P sublingually. I had trouble getting all of it under my tongue, so I ended up putting some water in my mouth, swishing it around, and swallowing.

T - 1:00 - Mild sense that a psychedelic trip was about to take place. Minor melting effects when looking at objects and the desire to talk about memories of travel with a friend online.

T - 1:30 - Body vibrations and euphoria begin. A greater sense of dissolving reality. Anxiety and inhibition are both released, and I feel comfortable saying anything to anybody.

T - 2:00 - Increased body load, but it feels good. I decide to weight out some 4-ACO-DMT to combine with the 2C-P. I hadn't seen any combination reports and thought, 'Why not?'

T - 3:00 - Feeling the effects of both drugs at the same time. I decide to do a couple of bumps of methoxetamine to insure that I won't catch the fear. Dopamine receptors seem especially active afterward. At this point, I have to stop talking to friends on the computer and sit back to enjoy the show. Visuals are VERY active. I haven't had a 2C-P trip yet with the drug uncombined, but from this point on, the visuals become a focal point of the trip.

T - 4:00 - Still amazed at the visuals. I believe that this combination is the best of both worlds - 4-AcO-DMT lends itself well to introspection, whereas the 2C-P is more of a visual experience. I enjoy the best of both worlds with an ecstatic sense of joy for the next 3 hours.

T - 7:00 - I go outside and experience nature. I decide that my cats are hungry and that I need to go out at some point. By this time, the visions have subsided. I make a couple of phone calls and wait for the drug to calm down.

T - 9:00 - The 2C-P is still active, but the rest of the drugs are not. I decide to go to the grocery store to get food for myself and my cats.

T - 9:30 - Fear and loathing at the grocery store. I am haggard from not sleeping through the night and my anxiety becomes an issue while in public. I manage to get what I must and go home. Currently running on six hours of sleep in three days from pushing my body too hard - my right food becomes a little numb. I squeeze them both and tell myself that it's all in my head.

T - 10:30 - Numbness and anxiety have subsided, but my heart rate is still up. I attribute both to high blood pressure and a lack of sleep. I make a note to take better care of myself before attempting to take this large of an amount of drugs.

T - 13:30 - After eating a couple of sandwiches and drinking lots of water, I finally fall asleep for six hours. My body aches when I wake up, and I go to sleep almost immediately. I end up sleeping almost 16 hours as a result of taking the 2C-P without enough rest. 2C-P is active for about 12-14 hours depending on dosage, so make the decision to use this compound with caution. Make sure you're in a safe environment and you have access to drugs to calm your anxiety and/or help you sleep, ideally. Plan to rest after using it to recover.

A highly valuable compound as a base drug for others. From what I was told by a friend who used it the same night that I did, separately, this is a very visual drug and not one that is good for meditation or achieving ego death, but I will research it more to find out if he's wrong. He did a much smaller dose than I did, so I took his statement with a grain of salt. I'm wary of the numbness in my foot afterward, but I will give this compound another chance in the future for sure.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94869
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Nov 25, 2012Views: 4,530
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2C-P (305), 4-AcO-DMT (387), Methoxetamine (527) : General (1), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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