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A Positive Response
Methylone (sold as MDMA)
by Pharmaphile
Citation:   Pharmaphile . "A Positive Response: An Experience with Methylone (sold as MDMA) (exp94868)". Jun 27, 2012.

  insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

Insufflated Methylone Trial- 2/13/2012

Subject 1(Author):
• Gender: Male
• Weight: ~125 lbs/57 kg
• Birth Date: September, 1994
• Allergies: None
• Metabolism: Relatively fast
• Diet: Balanced, nothing special
• Last Meal: Bagel w/ Cream Cheese @ 7:00 AM
• Dose: 50-100 mg Insufflated
• Note: Broke ankle around a month ago, had surgery and am still recovering, although out of cast, foot has been bothering me lately because it still hurts.
• Substance Use History:
o Alcohol (No longer use.)
o Marijuana (Use almost daily.)
o Passion Flower
o Codeine
o Hydrocodone
o Amphetamine
o Lisdexamfetamine
o Morning Glory
o Psilocybin Mushrooms
o Salvia
o Caffeine
o Nitrous Oxide
o Valium (IV in hospital)
o Ketamine (IV in hospital)
Subject 2:
• Gender: Female
• Weight: ~130 lbs/59 kg
• Birth Date: March, 1995
• Allergies: None
• Metabolism: Relatively slow, Thyroid disease, takes metabolism speeding medication daily.
• Diet: Vegetarian
• Last Meal: ???
• Dose: 50-100 mg Insufflated
• Substance Use History:
o Alcohol
o Marijuana
o Prozac
o Trazadone
Substance Data
• Source: MDMA dealer sold as 200 mg MDMA or “Molly”. Claims to know the “chemist” responsible for synthesis of substance, and “chemist” claims it is pure MDMA.
• Price: 20 $ per pill. (This is a gross overprice in my opinion, but when it comes to the black market the customer isn’t always right.)
• Form: Salt grain sized clear white crystals in gel caps.
• Mecke Test: Turns orange at first, slowly turns to more of a red-brown color. Lots of bubbles suggest reaction is very fast and substance is very pure.
• Marquis Test: Turns bright yellow. Lots of bubbles once again.
• Simon’s Reagent Test: Turns solid darkish blue.
• Conclusions: Clearly this substance is not MDMA, from the online data I could collect, and from an anecdotal account of a friend who had tried the same substance, I concluded that there is an exceedingly high probability this substance is in fact
bk-MDMA (Methylone, M1, etc.). I suppose the “chemist” just ordered some on the internet and was ripping off the MDMA dealer. I informed my dealer. I don’t think he really cared either way since I’m probably the only guy who he sells to who cares to check what they’re putting in their bodies. I own a scale which is “accurate” to .1 g. It really is meant for marijuana. It usually doesn’t respond to anything less than .2 g and when I placed a single pill on the scale it did not respond. This leads me to believe that there is in fact less than 200 mg of substance; however, by eyeballing it I am confident that there are at least 100 mg of substance.

Substance Report:
• 3:00 PM- Subject 2 and I adjourn to my bedroom; I use a gift card to grind the crystal against a glossy magazine into an extremely fine powder. I cut it into one long line, split the line into two even lines, and then those lines into two even lines, leaving me with four ~25-50 mg lines. I insufflate one into each nostril, and so does Subject 2. Effects are felt almost immediately, within two minutes I feel extremely stimulated with a calm euphoria. Subject 2 reports the same.
• 3:05 PM- We have moved to the basement and effects are in full effect, I feel a stimulated clear-headedness mixed with a euphoric fogginess, I notice a slight analgesia as my recovering foot does not seem to hurt at all. The drip is bitter but I do not mind and almost find it pleasant.
• 3:10 PM- We are feeling each other up on the couch and tactile sense is amazing. I am rolling pretty hard and definitely feel very horny. No problem achieving erection. I feel extremely intimate with my Subject 2 and she feels the same with me.
• 3:15 PM- Peak is hit, and we have intercourse for the next thirty minutes, as we have sex I stop taking note of effects and just have really amazing close sex. It feels great.
• 3:45 PM- Sex is done. Subject 2 reports that effects have faded but I still feel them. She is not nearly as tuned into her state of consciousness as I am so this comes as no surprise to me.
• 5:22 PM- The main effects have tapered into an amphetamine like stimulation with a slight euphoria.
• I like this substance.
• Insufflation was nearly painless. Another plus.
• The short duration was handy in my opinion.
• The high was very similar to MDMA, and I cannot form a real distinction at this point, I don’t feel as though I have enough experience under my belt.
• I hope to try it again, maybe orally so I can form a more informed conclusion.
• The openness I felt was very sincere, although I have not had any major breakthroughs or anything like that.
• I will purchase a mg scale because it is definitely worth the money.
• Experienced no negative side effects. Very Cool.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94868
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 27, 2012Views: 7,997
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