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A Disappointing Night
Bad/Suspect Ecstasy
by Jessica Rose
Citation:   Jessica Rose. "A Disappointing Night: An Experience with Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (exp94862)". Feb 20, 2020.

1 capsl oral Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (powder / crystals)


I have experienced a fair amount of substances before, including MDMA. A few friends and I planned to take MDMA for a rave party in a safe environment at our university. I was the only one of my group of friends to have taken MDMA before, and I was excited to try it again. They were all excited to be taking it for the first time. We purchased something that was sold to us as MDMA, approximately 115 mg per dose. It came in capsules, and we all planned to take it orally.

My boyfriend and I each took one capsule at 10pm, then another one at 11pm. Our tiny friend G only planned on taking 1 capsule, because of her size and inexperience. E and M both took 1 full dose at 10pm, and another half dose each at 11pm.

None of us felt any effects until 11:30, 12am ish. I didn't feel the quick come-up rush that I had felt before on MDMA. At the time, I thought it was something I had eaten for dinner, making the drug slow to metabolize.

The effects of the drug seemed very muted... The previous time I took high-quality MDMA, the euphoria was the most overpowering feeling. I also experienced a fair amount of jaw tension, and other speedy effects like wanting to move around a lot more.

On this drug, there was a general feeling of wellbeing, but nothing like the euphoria from MDMA. I didn't particularly notice any empathogenic effects, although G (who is naturally caring) seemed to feel them a bit more. I also didn't have any jaw tension, or speedy effects. If anything, this drug made me feel more lazy or stoned.
I also didn't have any jaw tension, or speedy effects. If anything, this drug made me feel more lazy or stoned.

The last hint that this was not MDMA was the duration. The last time I took MDMA (the same way, a dose at 10 and a dose at 11pm), I was feeling effects until at least 3am, and awake until 5am. On this drug, I wasn't feeling anything by 2, and was able to go to sleep shortly after that.

The next day, I did some internet research and decided that the effects sounded most like MDE. From personal experience, it reminded me of 6-APB with maybe a touch of MDMA thrown in.

We all had a somewhat disappointing night, because it did not have any sort of the strong happy effects that MDMA does.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94862
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Feb 20, 2020Views: 1,588
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Bad/Suspect Ecstasy (567), MDMA (3) : What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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