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Good Synergy
by a1n9t8o9
Citation:   a1n9t8o9. "Good Synergy: An Experience with 6-APB & MDAI (exp94840)". Erowid.org. Nov 14, 2012. erowid.org/exp/94840

T+ 0:00
  oral 6-APB
  T+ 0:00   oral MDAI
  T+ 2:45   oral 6-APB
  T+ 2:45   oral MDAI


Though I have become somewhat experienced with altered states over the last couple of years, I appear to have missed out on the widespread availability of ecstasy due mostly to timeframe and my age. However I have experimented with mescaline (san pedro: amazing! I submitted a report already a few years ago on that), LSD (small dose), mushroom truffles (fun at the Van Gogh museum) and salvia (some of the strangest and scariest but short lived experiences ever!). I have used alcohol and cannabis extensively, perhaps too much at times. I have also used on many occasions nitrous, poppers (nitrate), kratom (bit useless), codeine (fun) and various headshop substance and online RCís, such as BZP + TFMPP (powerful), Methoxetamine (strange and powerful), who knows what other chemicals were in the various other headshop products Iíve tried. I have also tried cocaine once (pretty good), and lately I have tried amphetamine (not great, possibly due to quality) twice and ecstasy or random street pills bought in a pub, which were pretty good actually.

So as I mentioned I have become somewhat familiar with the drug induced states, from all perspectives. I ordered MDAI and 6-APB from a trusted online RC supplier where I got my Methoxetamine. The MDAI arrived first and appeared as a brown tan colour, very soft texture to the powder, like flour really. When tested on itís own it didnít appear to produce any noticeable effects, somewhat difficult to insufflate so I stuck to oral, but decided not to continue upping the dose as thought it was a waste until I procured some stimulant to mix with it.

6-APB arrived in the post shortly later and there being a jungle/dubstep/electronica night happening in a few nights and no word from the guy I got the ecstasy off the previous week I decided that was an excellent platform to test my knew chemical combo! ..and sure enough it was.

[Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.]

Now due to unforeseen events I didnít get a chance to mix and prepare bombs or cigarette paper wraps to swallow and so just brought the two bags of powder with me to my work experience I was doing for college and as I was heading out immediately after decided to just put them together somewhere along the way or at the gig.

At 19.45 with a relatively empty stomach, while still at the work I swallowed a small bomb, roughly mixed 50/50 and approximately the size of a large line of cocaine. These doses get more approximate as the night goes on. About 45 minutes later like clockwork I feel initial slight effects, kinda sped up slightly and tingly, seems promising. At about half nine I swallow another similar size dose walking into town with my friend, I offer him one too. Get to a pub and drink a pint of ale. At about 22.15 I am certainly feeling it, the slight effect from before is somewhat intensified.

Eat a slice of pizza and get to the basement club where the gig is at about 22.30 and I feel more and more sped up and eager to get in there hear some music! We get in and order another pint each, this time Guinness. I go to the toilet and prepare two more bombs to swallow, this time larger, possible 1 and half times the initial dose, I know these are all very approximate and I was aware of this at the time, again mixed 50/50 judging by my eye and Iíve a a keen eye. So the dose this time would like a line and a half of coke or maybe two lines I guess.

This takes maybe 5 mins and within 15 mins of swallowing last dose, Iím certainly buzzing, definitely coming up, feels very good and promising. I begin to talk to my friend about a somewhat personal topic that I experienced earlier that day and throughout the week. Now, I would certainly have been able to tell him about this sober, although on walk over while I was relatively straight and sober I didnít mostly because I was still pissed off/affected by it and was still thinking it over quietly in my mind. But as I came up and up, I was talking almost incessantly. Within a half hour to 45 minutes he feels it too, but it seems Iím on it more. I am more experienced than him with chemicals also.

We just keep talking, getting more and more high and speedy, drink another pint. Time flies by and in the space of two hours we just sit at this table chattering incessantly to each other, about personal word, world issues, music etc and we eat another bomb/wrap, this time I believe even bigger, well slightly bigger, this is to be our last dose. Two hours go by and we are shocked to discover what time it is, the music will be over soon and I didnít even dance to it or get close to the sound system so I do so immediately and perfect timing, the DJ just starts spinning some jungle. This pleases me immensely, really feeling it now, in the crowd, a small one, for it is a small club, and almost bordering on disorientation is my first feeling, that and it feels good to dance. There seems to be a lot of other drug users in this place tonight, but the crowd is all and all a friendly one, simply electronic music loving hippies, some of them I recognise from a juggling magician show that was at my work experience earlier.

Music ends, we are out of it, try to gather our stuff and go somewhere else for the remaining hour before pubs and clubs close at 2 or half 2, this is early and far too early for us tonight, but it is Ireland. We make it to another late bar, a frequent haunt of ours. We are now pretty damn fucking high, all the physical effects noticed from pills (ecstasy) and speed, getting dry mouth (dehydration, nothing drastic though, felt worse on headshop stuff) and grinding of teeth, so we drink a can of Coke between us before we approach the bouncers/doormen. We get in, and I think barely, crowd initially feels much to big, we are in our own little self-contained space I believe, kind of like a little two man party about town, we are sharing the experience with ourselves, through mutual feelings and feedback and also the energy shared between us I guess.

Itís about 01.15, we go upstairs and get some water, again there appears to be lots of drug users here tonight, although this venue doesnít appear as welcoming to us as the last place and I sense if from the bar staff and security. I seem acutely aware that other people are aware of our state, not looking to bump into many people except close friends would understand our state. In the toilet upstairs I encounter a young, bit younger than me (23) going berzerk in the toilet, he seems alright though, just had a bit too much stimulants. I then meet a friend of a friend, he tells me this mutual friend is downstairs. I go down and we meet my other friend, I say Iím off my head and he assures me he can tell, after he tells me and I check in the toilets again my pupils are almost full size!

Things begin to get slightly trippy, and more intense. We both begin to experience this particular effect Iíve never had before. We keep recognizing strangers as people who are very familiar to us, some current friends, some older and distant. At one stage I even turn around to my friend whoís with me and for about two seconds I see him completely as this girl I like, now they both have somewhat short and curly hair, but thatís where the similarities end! This is very interesting and a bit strange. We bump into a few other people we recognize, one guy from my class who is on MDMA and I think he can tell we are strongly rolling.

Itís about half 2 or 3 and we decide to buy water and soft drinks and not really knowing where to go since we are still peaking and Iíve to go to work experience at 10 or 11 in the morning we go back to his house near by and stay up till half 6 listening to slower, more relaxing electronic music as we slowly come down, no problem coming down but I do get that feeling Iíve had from other stimulants like itís ending of course and itís simply not as fun as it was a few hours ago, but thatís expected. At 6 we are sleeping with blankets over us on the couch and at half 6 we decide to go to bed and get some rest, I am very snug as I am in a sleeping bad and wake up perfectly in time for my day.

Next day at 10.00 I am feeling wrecked but trudge on, get some nice coffee, followed by a lucozade energy drink and think about going into work. Itís not bad work, just volunteering at an art festival. Get there and luckily itís quiet for now. I keep drinking water as Iím very thirsty, days goes slow but I get through it. I get a bit of weed of my housemate and go to bed with two bongs in me.

In conclusion it was a great night, felt like street ecstasy but even better in my opinion. It was pretty intense at the peak and maybe not that social, at least not to strangers, as in getting talking to people, especially girls in my opinion, not really thinking about them and just enjoying the buzz. The day after was also not as bad as with legal stims. Will definitely try this combo again and think I have found a replacement for ecstasy, which is good because thereís almost nothing but shit around these days in way of that.

Peace and love people, happy experimenting.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94840
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Nov 14, 2012Views: 9,381
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6-APB (516), MDAI (499) : Club / Bar (25), Combinations (3), General (1)

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