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Lessons in Safety for Ill-Advised Use
Citation:   Helper. "Lessons in Safety for Ill-Advised Use: An Experience with Heroin (exp94830)". Aug 20, 2020.

3.4 g IM Heroin (daily)
This method has only a few advantages and many drawbacks.

The positives are that the drug comes slightly slower and more smoothly than smoking or IVing it, and it is simple to do as long as I use a sharp syringe. The latter is very important. A blunt syringe can rip and tear muscle and nerves, doing permanent damage. The drawbacks are that it is easier to get abscesses at the injection sites. It could also cause major damage to a muscle if I do not rotate and inject at different sites regularly.

I'll need a sterile syringe, a bottle of alcohol, a glass of clean water, cotton balls (easy to get, but the smaller the holes in the filter the better), a spoon, fire, and of course heroin.

Prep is the same as IVing. The heroin is dissolved in water and stirred in or boiled in the case of black tar. The solution is allowed to cool. Once it is at room temperature, which won't take long, I rip a piece off of the cotton swab and put it in the water. It will absorb all the heroin-containing water. I put the needle of the syringe partly inside the filter and pull the dark liquid out into the chamber. Boiling causes evaporation most of the time and I'll most likely need to add more water to the solution after the drug is dissolved.

I always check for air bubbles as these could cause major problems, essentially clotting veins and arteries and causing a mess in whatever muscle I shot into. I pull the plunger back so the chamber is half full of air, half solution. Shake the syringe up and down once to gather all the liquid together. Gently tap the chamber to make any air bubbles float to the top. Slowly and evenly push the plunger back in, making sure all air bubbles exit through the needle. At this point I wipe down the injection site with alcohol and have the gauze (or cloth, etc.) ready to go for after the administration.

Choosing a muscle can be tricky, but there are a few tried and true areas that doctors and nurses use when giving IM injections. The muscle at the top of the buttocks is a large, thick area that is very easy to stick without tearing at anything. Thigh muscle works as well. The thicker the muscle and smoother the area, the easier it will be. The injection method is simple: I uncap the sharp, quickly stick it into the muscle, push the solution in and pull out. Place alcohol soaked gauze over the site and massage the solution into the muscle.

In my experience, missing the muscle slightly and hitting fat will merely cause the drug to come on slower, but effects from a proper injection should be apparent in 5-10 minutes after dosing.

The high comes on smoother with less of a rush, but the euphoria is definitely present and it can cause me to go into quite a nod. I use sterile tools and injection site, rotate injection sites, watch for air bubbles, and replace syringes regularly. I avoid this method if I can. I would not use a needle thicker than 28g. I used a far larger veterinary needle once and have always regretted it. Feeling and hearing the tearing of nerve and muscle is something I'll never forget.

This method's ease can trick you into using it too often.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94830
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Aug 20, 2020Views: 2,009
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