Nine Days of Psychedelic Angel Invocation
2C-E, 4-Acetoxy-MIPT, 4-HO-DIPT, 5-MeO-DMT & Mushrooms
Citation:   herusept. "Nine Days of Psychedelic Angel Invocation: An Experience with 2C-E, 4-Acetoxy-MIPT, 4-HO-DIPT, 5-MeO-DMT & Mushrooms (exp94725)". Dec 1, 2016.

Some time ago I decided to try an experiment in using psychedelics for angel invocation. I figured that if psychedelics could be used to contact higher intelligences, or at least to connect with deeper aspects of the self, this might be one way to do it.

I have always liked Timothy Leary’s Eight Circuit Brain model of consciousness, so I extended this model out into 64 “gates”. I then found a logical correspondence for an Enochian angel to each of the gates. I set up a temple space, a time to do the working, and then I went ahead and did it.

I performed this working over the course of nine days. My written notes, which contain the details of the working in full, are located about a thousand miles away from my current location, so some things I will leave out of this report.

The chemicals that I used over the course of the nine days of angel invocation were 2C-E, 4-acetoxy-MIPT, 4-HO-DIPT, 5-Meo-DMT, and mushrooms. I usually woke up around sunrise, showered, took the medicine, and then began the initial banishings and invokings so that the substance would begin kicking in at the time the first angel was invoked. My attitude was very much ceremonial and focused for each of the days of invoking. Using psychedelics for this type of work simply does no good without the proper attitude. The idea was to dissolve the ego just enough to where the experience was intense, but I was intact enough to still write down as much as I could.

Some information I could not record during the course of the working. On the day that I opened up the gates for circuit 7 (neuro-genetic circuit), I spent the entire time singing with each of the angels in full blown Enochian glossolalia. The multi-dimensional rapid fire holographic psychedelic communication was happening too fast, and there was too much information to even begin to hope to translate into monkey grunts, groans, or two-dimensional scratches on paper. On that day I saw something like all life unfolding on trillions of worlds, a spectrum of civilizations and belief systems rising and falling
I saw something like all life unfolding on trillions of worlds, a spectrum of civilizations and belief systems rising and falling
, and much much more. It truly staggered my brain, my tongue, and my imagination.

Also, even at times that I was writing to record the content of the vision, there was much more happening than I had time to write. For example, there's a part in one of the gates (gate 22) where I wrote, 'Angels of Mercy appear.' I distinctly remember a brilliant light which seemed like the creation of the universe and light beings from this great beyond 'descending' into the psychedelic visual field in which I was immersed. They then went on to show me numerous situations of their work within humanity, 'No one is lost or without hope'. When I'm in a visionary multi-dimensional space, it's sometimes difficult to catch all of the rapid fire imagery and abstractions.

For this submission I took the notes from each of the gates, omitted angel names and the gates which did not have much information, and rearranged the order of the rest of them to present at least some semblance of continuity to anyone who might read this.

So, here are most of the notes. I will start them off with a title:

Psychedelic Angels and the Toys in Babalon's Cosmic Nursery

(gate 23) “Concepts are like toys that the Great Mother gives us to play with. But we know our maker. We know the unspoken triumph. Our words can only mirror and reflect this. Like Osiris Risen… there is no sense of gloat or triumph, only the unspoken acceptance of what is.

What words can speak for a planet, or what masterpiece of a symphony can truly reflect the divine majesty of the singular source of all things and beings? What justice is there that can be done?

This cosmic chord, this harmonious string of concepts draws all worlds together in their own problem solving configurations and conflagrations. But it is the radiance of truth and beauty which rings true through all conceptual constructs and artifacts of whatever dimension.

But these are all the magnificiant play-things derived by, and given back to, the Mother of Us All. She loves us, so She lets us have some time to think about it.

Here is where the genetic make-up of a being becomes a sort of abstract conceptual artifact. Only seen as an artifact when viewed from a less “objective”…, or in the body and person, perspective.

It’s hard to deconstruct past genetic memories while entrenched in the workings of planetary existence playing themselves out. It’s all there, though.

Embedded in memories of ages past are the conflicts and resolutions with the Mother, the learned reverence and respect for the Great Elders, the defiance and friendship of the Father. It all goes without saying. It’s already been seen and done so many times before like an old program on repeat. But very distinct. And very human.

The key to this gate is to know the Divine Mother of all our mysteries and the play-things that she gives us for our own amusement as she takes us on through the journey of time and worlds, kingdoms, and Her lovers in the end.

All for Her Love. The only love that is.

See how the multi-dimensional play-things she gives can potentially unfold as worlds of men, or wonders never to be beheld by the eyes of mortal men?

It is all illustrious and beautiful, it is all from Her and She gives these worlds away as She sees fit. Afterall, She is the worlds, and She is the minds of men, and She is the Mother of Us All.

And how much of this do mortal men ever really understand with all of the painful desires that they have, and long sought out sufferings which bring them to no end of mercy in sight, but leave them begging for forgiveness when their short time is up?

She is All Beauty. She is All Life. She is all language and words that we use to describe Her. We are the creature comforts of Her own amusement. She is where it all is derived from, and where it all goes back together in the end. She is Us, and so much forever more. All love, all beauty, all radiance, all voids of space, all matter in between, all imagination…

This universe is also Her beloved play-thing. All of these concepts and constructs, no matter how dimensional or multi-dimensional they may appear to be, they can still all be derived from the same source, the Mother of Us All.

It is so hard to see beyond Her veils, and the constant ruses that she uses to lure us onward out of our evolutionary nature of mortality and on inward into her unspoken mysteries.

See the world and how she plays with the minds of men?

It is all to Her own pleasure and amusement, as well as her anguish and suffering as She is both the genetic ideals of a species as well as the pain and suffering of the ordeals of species and generations which do not end.

Her wailing is greater than any man has the heart to hear. No man has the heart to hear this lest he be destroyed and no more a man. It is the wail of a terrible hunger, the howl of an uncertain fear lingering in echoes of silence and shades of disguised truths.

She is the unresolute howl of galaxies, this is Hers. The shrine of misfortune throughout the ages, it has always been Her burden to carry them.

But do not think that Her undertakings are confined to those of men. All undertakings are Hers alone, and Her burden to carry. For love or resentment, no one alone knows but Her.

This is how synchronized beings move together. It’s difficult to see some of these things from the perspective of time, but patience and understanding will here prevail.

We are in time for Her own undertakings, and Her own purposes. Let us do what we will in service and honour to Her, the Mother and Soul of Us All.”

(gate 24) “Reality is all language and information processed by the “Galactic Overmind”. It’s everywhere and everything, influencing our cognitive processes before we even readily know that we had cognitive processes to begin with. The construction of language is just as much a fabrication as the construction of people.

She moves where She wishes to be seen, and She hides if the movement comes over Her. This is all of Her own choosing, and this is all of Her own doing.

Language and definitions here fall short, and will continue to do so in their limiting nature. All at once, though, the Mother.

Paradoxes abound, and language only makes sense. There are things to see, though, such as occupying more than one place simultaneously; which seems to always occur, just unfocused, with the focus in the “Here and Now” neuro-processing.

But minds can be spoken through in any form anywhere whether it be a genius, or a daemon spirit, inspiring one to write, or the writer seeing the things he writes down on paper.”

(gate 6) “The Source is here now at every moment, feeding consciousness into the world as the brain constantly feeds off the data and creates a new, new, new, forever new picture from the cellular input. The Source is every color, every sound, every moment beheld HERE NOW.

This keeps the body together and all of the cellular structures working in tandem to make this happen. In and out. The passing moments are a neurological event.

The Source is everywhere, everything; the sustenance from which cells derive their existences.”

(gate 22 – This next part starts off on the subject of communication through visionary experience and how this mode of transceiving ideas contrasts with the monkey grunts and groans of spoken language)

“The dimensional boundaries which form the basic conceptual constructs for a language can be very convincing at times but our biological mechanisms inherently have in them the trait and nature to transmit and intone the evocative spells of nature through the neural hardware herself!

The dimensional boundaries overstepped are ones of three dimensional language constructs and their limiting factors upon the genuine archaeological being of the Soul.

This territory hits a little closer to home when it comes to the formative natures of men and how they define their realities by space-time, belongings, identities, and all sorts of things which get them nowhere but into an unwanted grave.

Be thankful for what you have, the great and luxurious resources that you have at your avail and leisure. Generate these messages of love, these signals of peace. Overcome the brutality. Leave this for those who have no spiritual vision.

Situations can just present themselves seemingly as unasked for accomplishments of will and the divine grace of the powers that be.

We are a spiritual organization, and we are made up of spiritual networks. Let there be no doubt about that! Generate the peace and love, and good things will come your way.

Once again, language here is very multi-dimensional. Don’t get hooked up on the ordinary social conventions of spoken language. It just doesn’t cut it here. Learn to abstract… Really really learn to abstract it!

Angels of Mercy appear. No one is lost or without hope. Sisters of Mercy? Sisters of Heaven? They are all doing good work. The message is the same. The peace and brotherhood of the sisterhood of the spiritual men.

Hidden behind cloaks, veils of obscurity… They do not take donations. They do not take handouts or rewards. Their motives appear to be those entirely of their own…

We are not a nefarious group. We live in the shadows, but we are not monsters. We are sisters of mercy who believe in the brother-spirithood of men. Despite all of their darkness. Despite all of their death, destruction, and decay.

Who can judge us alone but God!? And who is this God but the very feet and ground that we walk upon to make this whole life real, eventful, and meaningful to begin it altogether with anyway?...

“These people” have no name. They have no number. Yet we are accounted for by our own tally.

But this is not planetbound. It’s not just about helping us up by our bootstraps as a world. These angels of mercy extend their graciousness to all developing territories in the vast wandering expanses of the Great Cosmic Mind.

It is through this gate that we’ve also communicated through the acadamia over the years (through) both knowing (wink) and unknowing partakers of the divine mysteries of the source of existence.

But so so many of us have already passed beyond our dimensional boundaries of fleshly planetary worlds, which are beautiful in their own glorious right but are also abominations of the greatest magnitude.

Beautiful. Terrible.

And we can only behold as partakers of the divine imagination triumphing not over matter, not over spirit, but As It Is triumphing.

We are singular beings of a singular purpose. Our applications are manifold. We are the intelligence, the imagination, and even the created servents of the universe.

Keep generating. We are the fuel of the stars, not the other way around. The stars have no light but by us.”

(Gate 41) “Trust and friendship is important. Feeding and eating with others, or not, as the times may be.

These are the true messengers of mercy. They are one with the people and give them support and sustenance that no outside order ever could. These are secrets of the heart witheld and protected, even in the face of death, biological destruction. A true magician never gives these secrets away to the enemy, otherwise he might betray the very source of comfort and nurturance for his own people.

If the enemy does not know the secrets of the people, then the enemy can never penetrate the veils of the people. Only through betrayers are their secrets ever given away. And often times such secrets are given away in moments of biological duress, but to the magician such moments are of no consequence. It is the accomplishment of their will in the world that they seek, and the true magicians have nothing to fear even if their bodies be taken from them.”

(gate 25) “Our biological needs are a very pressing matter to our sense of Justice. When do we ask for help from others? When do we cannibalize our own? How do we dole out the fruits of our labor to the needy and impoverished? These are questions to answer. We must feed our own, take care of our own, and give them a certain quality of life. The balance of Justice demands that we take to the scales with our own and set ourselves in opposition to the others. There will be no Justice done until the scales are balanced.

This is fairness in social order, and without it there would be very little to no social order. There are cases of greedy oppressors claiming to have a government and to rule the people, but the people are only afraid, and order they must hold in their own social ranks despite the rules of injustice which their oppressors may try to impose upon them.

Everyone wants comfort. Nobody wants to starve, and no one truly wants to see their loved ones starve. What do you accept, and from whom? And what do you give, and to whom? This is a balance.”

(gate 26) “A sense of social equality and justice is important, a sense of belonging in keeping together the fabric of the social order.

There are miscreants who will desire to feast off of the fruits of social integrity for their own parasitic satisfaction, but they are not true members of the society; only phantasms, gory shadows of wandering discontent who will never find a home. But for the rest, a place in the society means living together. Owning property together, defending the turf if need be, and working together to maintain a sense of equilibrium and justice.

The fabric of a strong society, and a great family, takes into account the emotional and territorial needs of the individual members, and gives them freedom of expression in whatever outlet or form seems most suitable to meet the needs of the occasion. Exquisite parties, elaborate balls, gladiator tournaments, these all allow a sort of formal expression and release of emotion. There are forums for these expressions. Of course, savageness and brutality will not be present on the streets in places where the integrity of the social order is intact.”

(gate 28) “The fabric of the social order is the integrity of the marriage between the loved and the beloved, and they are interchangeable. The Triumphant Mother of Us All awaits in Her bridal chamber, ready to consummate Her marriage with the Divine Beloved. The rapture and ecstasy of their bliss is the love of us all. And without the consummation of marriage, this divine love rapture embrace, what is there to hold any of this world together to begin with, let alone a society?

People forget the sacredness of the institution and assault it on all fronts. Yes, it is a symbol, but it is also a genuine living reality. There is no life without it.”

(gate 60) “These are the lives attracted to and manifested as adulthood. This is the main work to be done and this is the store of benefactors for all those who seek incarnation in this world or any other. The patterns of the past respond and repeat, and there is no difference in the unbroken chain of incarnations but the reflections through time, sense, and form.

The words that are spoken to make justice and law are the rules that men make to live their lives by but the true just society is that which has enlightened people who love and know both this world and the next, and the Light by which we all live, and breathe, and know the worlds. And maybe some beings come into this world to shape the societies of the future, but who knows but they alone? And the spiritual society is one of Light, a light reflected in the world as civilizations are born, grow, and perish. It is the Light of the Universal Sisterhood that draws men on to shape better worlds for both themselves and their offspring. Without the sight and vision of the end of time when all things and beings find peace and resolution, the works done in a society are empty and for nothing, and the children of such a society will grow into the malcontent which their predecessors both made and left for them.”

(gate 61) “Pleasure and beauty also attract certain energies to this world depending on the context. The celebratory fusion of the Eternal Triumphant One is pleasure and rapture both within the flesh and beyond. Let people not bow their heads to works of art and so called masters who do not reflect the Eternal Truth and Beauty of the Eternal Triumphant One. This is the Harmony and Beauty of Tiphereth around which all the planets move. And the beings of this world, and the beings who come to this world, if they do not know Tiphereth, they do not know Beauty, and all their works are in some other image than harmony.”

(gate 36) “The aesthetic sense of Eh-heh-yeh informs the senses, and it is beauty in its own right. Social rules and regulations may try to impose upon this blissful marriage of harmony, but then this reflects directly on the overall beauty and social harmony of the institution in question. And in the face of Beauty and Truth all men can only be shameless for there is nothing left to hide. Beauty should inform their decisions first, then they have nothing to be fearful of and nothing left to be ashamed of. The laws and regulations should likewise be built out of this truth. Eh-heh-yeh Tiphereth!”

(gate 33) “Feel the cells as pleasure and they respond with pleasure. Rapture starts in the beauty of the form of the body itself as a unique expression. Savor the bumps and curves, the angles, the joints, and the movements all as moments of pleasure not to be endured, but to be felt; experienced with whole-hearted presence. The cells themselves feed off this circulating love-bliss energy and kindly respond in turn with effects of sensations, not dull and unlivened, but bursting with orgasms of color, sound, taste, texture, pressure, release, heat, cold, warmth, coolness… all of this not agonizing but sensually beautiful, rapturous! Beauty radiates from a cellular level.”

(gate 34) “By making emotional and territorial boundaries, there are emotional and territorial boundaries to be respected and crossed and this here is all a matter of aesthetic taste.

Movement for pleasure is all that matters. Cross the boundaries, release the emotions, let them flood through the senses. A sensitivity to these boundaries goes along with a sense of enhanced aesthetic sensory-somatic pleasure taste. Artists often times use this in their works.”

(gate 37) “Unlimited undefined sensation. No words, no social boundaries or rules, can account for this unnameable pleasure. No words to be spoken, no rules to be followed. Just feel good. (This seems to be the gate of (synergistic) effects. One builds off another in one cascade of sensation after another, one crescendo, and then the next!)

For the sheer pleasure of experience, not for the sake of the All, but Eh-heh-yeh Tiphereth swimming through and throughout all of the sensory delights that Yesod has to offer! Hedonism for Hedonisms own God-given Self-fulfilling (symbol for Sun meaning Tiphereth) sake!”

(gate 29) “The beauty of the individual members and their aesthetic tastes adds a unique element to the expression of a culture, though beauty for beauties sake, or pleasure for pleasures sake, does not often hold up in a court of law.
These streams of social beauty and magnificance are undercurrents which flow through the days, often times unseen and unnoticed in their brilliance, but the sheer quality and quantity of their experiences is enough to share with everyone. But the subtleties of sensuality go unnoticed or unrecognized by many.

Aesthetics is (based upon) the quality of individual experience, and social beauty is how much of this any given person is willing to share with the rest of us.”

(gate 35) “The media gives all sorts of outlets through which we can express our artistic and aesthetic sensibilities. And, of course, creations build up over time and we have a vast wealth of structures, forms, languages, colors, sounds, textures, all of which we can choose from to express ourselves through, whether it be in the form of fashion, music, architecture, or whatever else have you… movies and studios…

The many clashing messages and modes of living and behavior can also be an affront to aesthetic sensibilities, provoking sensations of dischord and clamour, and incontinuity. But the balance and harmony always begins with the self, of course, and if the self is not beautiful, then there is no reasonable standard by which to judge the beauty of the selfs creations.

Tiphereth – I AM BEAUTY AND HARMONY and don’t you forget it!!! Deny the Self, deny the I, ME, MY, all you want, but in this case it’s a denial of Beauty and Truth. Don’t deny it, love it! RAPHAEL.

GABRIEL mirrors this beauty through the elaborate constructs of subjective sensory form. The pleasure felt is all a reflection of BEAUTY.

The rippling of my light across the face of the waters, the body of sense and form. Language and tools are one way which my BEAUTY can be expressed. These are appealing and useful to the senses.

This gives a name to my presence.

I stand before the sphinx, and the four powers, in this name Eh-Heh-Yeh Tiphereth. This is the true source of my beauty and wisdom, and none else will know but the rightful heirs to this throne and kingdom.

The sensory reflections are like shadows, and none of them can see me even in all of their many shades. This is my secret of the ages. I AM the Triumphant Ever-Living One.

Don’t let the many names confuse. Don’t be fooled by the many magicians purporting to know me. I know that I AM, and I know who I AM as well. This is all Qabbalah, and this is all the key to languages.”

(gate 27) “The concepts, puzzles, money making games and schemes, languages, and modes of behavior all are allowed expression through their own linguistic and conceptual outlets within a society. This pours into the architecture and the works of the people, but this is not to be confused with the people, nor their quality of moral fabric (There were images here of past societies, such as a stage of ancient Greece).

A large spectrum of modes of behavior, and mannerisms of language and communication, are harmless. But if any of this be used against us to disrupt our sense of social harmony and integrity, then certainly there is an imbalance in the social order; one which must come forward to the scales of Justice.

Here laws are written with a purpose, and if they no longer serve the benefit or the integrity of the social order, then they are overturned and repealed.”

(gate 44) “The social orders are like gardens to the magician from which he may pluck their fruits when they are ripe for the taking, and in their right season.

He may also gather together others or spread them apart as whatever case suits him and his will from a moment to moment basis.

But his greatest interest in the social orders and all of their marriages and divorces comes in the form of her fruits, which may replenish his energetic body, and their seeds (which may) grow as well into magicians of the highest order. His interest in governments has nothing to do with political concerns, but of the well-being of the gardens in the territories which the ruling men lay claim to, or lay waste to as the case may be. Likewise, he may work toward the construction and maintenance of such gardens if he so chooses. Only if the gardens were sufficiently corrupted and diseased would he ever opt to lay waste to them, and even then he would salvage what good there was left of them if he could.

His own loves and marriages, and the cover of the life that he leads, are all for his own purposes and toward the accomplishments of his own known ends.”

(gate 43) “The media the magician uses is all a matter of what he is trying to create around himself through language, the tradecraft, or whatever other conceptual tools and resources he might make use of to accomplish his will amongst the living. He knows that such things are the toys of our Great Mother, given to Her children for their own sense of time and comfort. The creations he makes using them, whether they be within his own mind or externalized for all the world to see, are entirely a matter of his own choosing.

Likewise, he will not be fooled by the many linguistic and conceptual subterfuges which make up so much of that which is the world of men. He knows of their eternal source and triumphant return, and is not swayed by their relativistic nonsense in any way, shape, letter, number, or vowel of the word.”

(gate 46) “When magicians work together, their works can be magnificient and a testament throughout the ages that they too were of the Sons of God, the B’nai Elohim. Theirs are the mysteries of creation and destruction, which no mortal mind will ever live to see beyond nor understand. And in all of their subterfuges and ruses, such workers of magick rarely know the true names and numbers of one another, only the collective workings which they undertake and their overall desired outcomes.
What great magicians can hold a civilization together? What malevolent forces can tear one apart? These are names and faces known only by a few who dare not speak them aloud lest they be accused of knowing too much, tried, and hanged.

But there are ways in which they communicate amongst each other, ways not meant for the sight nor hearing of mortal men, ways that such men of the Earth dare not even conceive. Their bodies are of light and they move in ways that cannot be seen, while all the while they still walk the Earth as men of flesh, blood, and bone.”
(gate 57) “These biological mechanisms come in fields of energy that the singularity light being creates for Hir own pleasure and existence. Evolutionary time is like a breath of our Creator. And whether in biological shape and form or not, the Light continues on forever in full strength and glory.

(“MRTMC shows me through passing into my body as energy and then taking on the form of an indistinct but beautiful woman, tan skin, dark black hair and eyebrows, nice curves, hips, and breasts. She is royalty and desires an heir. My seed is full of possible incarnations.”)

The biological configurations are energy signatures which attract different beings into creation and existence in biological forms based upon the energy manifested by the woman and by the man and their (own) biological configurations and interactions at the moment of copulation, and this in turn is often a result of the release of the built up energy of the love-making and the sex act.
This gate is the entrance into the world of men.”

(gate 58) “The influence of this gate has more to do with spirituality and the conflicts of territory and emotion which arise as beings of a higher order seek passage into this world from the next. Likewise, peaceful resolutions also arise for the same purposes. This is the work of the Elohim who set the stage of mankind in the image which suits them, and their work in the world of men, the best. Otherwise the territories and energy signatures most often have to do with the shapes, sizes, and movements of creatures vibrating in cosmic tune with those of their ancestors, and resonating with the Triumphant Creator of All Things and Beings.

Of the higher orders, though, there is more choice of stepping into the world of men, and under what conditions. They are not sucked in by some unimagineably powerful magnetic attractor, rather they set the conditions and the balance and or harmony of opposing forces through which their incarnations can best take place and be of the most use.

Belongings, property, and certain objects of attachment also have their own distinct energy signatures which attract various beings to their vicinity and increase the likelihood of their incarnation in such an environment. Certain habitats for various animals attract the energy of life which fuels the incarnations of generations. Men may circle through the same environments and circumstances many times over during the course of the dawning of their consciousness and their eventual search for enlightenment and truth. Sometimes it’s a matter of bloodline, identity, and attraction to a sense of belonging. However, inability to let go of attachment to bloodlines, objects of desire, environments, and properties, can only lead to despair as all of these things may change drastically with time to the point of no longer being recognizable as those things they once were.”

(gate 30) “We work behind the scenes and move faster than the social order can account for, but it always, in time, adjusts itself in attempting to do so.

Numerous gurus and misers alike play this game of psychic rapture. Some become holy men with followings, some become medicine men, some become mystics, some become men of science and truth.

The tides of justice follow us through to our own ends. And if we move against the Mother, our knowledge is sufficient to know what we do. But whose interests are served? Is magick used for the good of All? Or is it subverted, and its tools used to serve the selfish whims of some miser or another? What master does the great magician serve?

Secret societies abound to try and account for these fellows, but such men can never truly be tracked or tallied in this way. Their names and numbers remain a mystery that only they may know at the moment of Gnosis.”

(gate 38 – This communication for this gate began with a warning about boats on international waters.)

(“TSCPN forewarns me of the international waters and how the luxuries of pleasure are used against the weaker minded of magicians. After formal introductions TSCPN wants to get back to the seductive aspect of hedonism and how often it’s used as a tool by corrupt magicians for getting others to do what they would not consent to under ordinary circumstances.”)

“Do not be fooled by any such facades or watery subterfuges. These nights of elegance are for exposure only, and are at the expense of those who seek not and care not for true Beauty, the Wisdom of the Ages, whether in the form of a beautiful seductive woman or otherwise. They have only their own interests at stake, and often times their own interests are in the investments of others. Who knows for certain for whose gain and trust they work and slave and prostitute themselves… They do not know Beauty. They do not know trust. They do not know love, and they do not know comfort.

For the non-corrupt magicians, on the other hand, pleasure is a useful teaching aide/experience in unlearning conditioned reflexes and behaviors. Luxuriousness can be an exceedingly great tool if in the hands of experienced masters who are not only wise but extremely beautiful and benevolent at that.

This is where the true battle amongst magicians lies: those who seek to use their power to seduce and corrupt the minds of others with their own filth and excrement, and those who seek higher standards from human behavior and true standards of harmony within and throughout the social orders of justice and law.

These are all aesthetic standards in their own right, but the magicians behind all these ruses have their own ends at stake either way. Some just aren’t nearly as harmful as the others, and many of the latter category are downright toxic. (Image of dumping of toxic waste into oceans here, and the men of power paid to ‘get rid of it’.)

This is the gate where pleasure and self-satisfaction corrupts and decays and really really starts to stink. The hippies of the ‘60s were naieve in their hedonistic ideals. This was not the standard that the rest of the world ever could, or ever would even really want to, meet up with and live by. No one wants to see their children seduced by a stranger who comes from know-where.

All that said, use this knowledge wisely. Be a magician. Keep accountability. Take names, dates, and numbers down accordingly. Never get caught up in another magicians ruse of sensorium.” (TSCPN- “Our boats are of mercy.”)

(gate 10) “This gate is some serious business of martial arts, and tribe and clan control.

Who’s got your back?

Here, in the human situation, hierarchies definitely do emerge and assert themselves.

It’s not so much which pack you are following around, it’s which pack you belong to and are fighting tooth, claw, and nail for. Your associates, your turf, your belongings… and sense of belonging. This is emotional self-worth and can be experienced with or without large sums of property.

This is deadly serious. Laughter is an option, but people seldom laugh when this gate is fully opened up. Make of it what you will.”

(gate 9) “This gate is purely instinctual (of course) but there is a great deal of emotional satisfaction that consumes a great meal and dominates her prey before visciously ripping out his throat.

Animalistic orgies of slaughter, blood sacrifice, all of these appeal to the better instincts of the 9th gate.

Many people in “civilized culture” have this gate closed, which in turn prevents them from being fully functional, and fully capable, human beings.

Warmth, blood, food, it’s all very instinctual and all very wonderful, and all very… satisfying.

There’s also a subtle awareness of “Who’s around?” to ensure that the kill is all your own, your prize. Territorial boundaries and hunting grounds surround these issues. Who is the food going to feed? It’s all a very high stakes emotional game, and our biological survival needs will not let us so easily forget this.”

(gate 11) “ We may recognize shows of pomp and display. We may recognize even well thought out and articulated displays of force or the flashiness of parades. It does not mean that we necessarily understand them.

It is sometimes easier to just laugh at circumstances if they are not too unsettling, or even threatening.

It’s our animal nature. We can take it all in good stride, but go nowhere near it if we don’t understand it. Like the old saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Approach with caution.
This is also a sort of safeguard against alien invaders. New ideas are initially met with great distrust by some.” (During this portion I also recall seeing animals scurrying away in the face of human ‘progress’.)

(gate 12) “Much of what goes for social rules and regulations is to keep the Beast in check. Some of them are valiid to maintain social order, others for the dominance or submission of their own breeds.

We do not understand rules, or even social roles, which deny us our basic natures.

Leave the hamster-wheel of 3rd circuit rationalists to them. They will always be out of touch as long as they are out of touch with themselves. And as long as they are out of touch with their nature, they will never find the truth or the answers that they are searching for.

There is an emotional peace of mind which goes along with having a place in society, with having a unique, or not so unique, social role.

It is this same sense of belonging at the pack-clan-tribal levels, but the Beast is never really tamed, and it is unwise to believe so. It is also unwise to attempt social policies which do not take this into account.

We will arise and feast on the blood of our oppressors otherwise.”

(gate 31) “Do not take for granted the extent in which genetic memories and imperatives have an influence in shaping social situations. Everything is in tune beyond what the laws of man can make of it, and this still brings people together, and sometimes without a moments notice, into all of the perfect situations which synchronize all of our movements perfectly with the divine symmetry of the cosmos. The Mother of Us All, our Triumphant Source and Return, leaves nothing at all to chance lest it be for her own purposes. And then She is the chance, and She is the final outcome.”

(gate 47) “A magician not in tune with the planetary time and needs is a lost magician indeed. There are those who will try to elevate and aggrandize their egos to heights which they think exceed the needs of the world on which they stand, or even the grand Cosmos in its tireless and unceasing symphony of movements and consciousness. Such magicians first and foremost delude only themselves, and then often times the masses of armies of men who might fall for their ruses of splendour and follow them to their own corrupt ends. But such men will never find peace in following such leaders just as such leaders will never truly find any peace in the fortresses which they build around themselves and their hearts.

The Grand Conductor of the Cosmic Symphony is the True Self of us all. Men may forget their true maker, but they are just men and they will all die. A true magician can never forget this, though, as it is the very life and blood which flows through his veins and the very earth which he stands and walks upon. There is no difference.

The Mother of Us All knows the names and numbers of Her children as well as those amongst them who are Her lovers. Her love is the greatest. It is all love that ever was, is, or will be. How can any man calling himself a magician ever deny this love and still be a man, or even a magician? This love is good for all.”

(gate 39) “The worlds weave us into and out of moments of pleasure in a synchronized dance which meets their own Gaian fancy and needs at the moment. Our pleasure comes secondary to the overarching momentary needs of the world, but She will still take us back, sometimes, without a moments notice, and with less than even a breath to spare or share… She will take us back into the moment as our pleasure is still first and foremost Her own. And it is Her divine harmony which inspires all of our symphonies of the senses in times of rapture and unrestrained alertness.

This is the most beautiful of sensory raptures, communion with Her and receiving the Host of Worlds, the Eternal Sustenance of All Things that Liveth.

The senses are very much a real and living religious instrument of the ages for which Mother Nature can play out Her own favorite tunes of Her nurtured care and choosing.

A certain satisfied pleasure of the senses will accompany one who truly lives by the planetary time.”

(gate 62) “This is the stuff of which the energetic body is made and the information that flows forth is regulated by those who live beyond the boundaries of space, time, and mortality.

And the links of mind that are forged with others are the familiar links of resonant energy, and the patterns which have sustained the tests of time and still hold true in the energetic fusion with others.

The magician may be aware of programming and reprogramming his self and his realities, but is he aware of the eternal living being beyond the gates of time and circumstance who gives life to his every breath and takes each one away again in due course?

To the magician this being can only be God, no matter the name that might be given. But this being is so far beyond the comprehension of the magician that he can only guess who, what, when, or where it might be. Yet there is a deep and intimate connection between the True Self of a man and the actions that he makes, and the worlds and realities that he shapes, all in the due course of his life. The Self of man seeks full incarnation in a suitable vehicle, and all the works of the true magician are a reflection of this.

Likewise, depending on the works of the magician, other beings may arrive to help, hinder, or simply watch what he does and the works he seeks to create.”

(gate 40) “If a Buddha were to manifest fully before you where before there was NO-THING, would you laugh? Cry? Keep silent? The amount or lack of sensory pleasure and delight afflicting or filling the sensory emporium, as the case may be, is all dependent upon the form which the Bodhi-sattva chooses to manifest as, and for what divine purpose?

This is also the gate of all things seen and unseen. This is the true threshold between worlds which mortal men still strive to attain understanding for. But in pursuit of what? Their own phantasms of dreams and desires about what the world they live in is actually composed of and what will become of them when their own brief sweet mortality has ended.

We may come into this world at our own time and by our own choosing. You are seeing this now as the desires of mortal men continue on both fulfilled and unfulfilled. If only they knew the wisdom of time from which they feed…

Many men hope for a manifestation to their senses, a divine act of grace, a miracle that they can understand. Too long have such men sought outside of themselves for the answers and the resolution to the pain which haunts them, and from which they cannot escape. This is the pain of the Mother of Mercy, and no man can ever stifle her cries and yet still be considered or believed to be a man.

Where is the need for sensual gratification when all that rests before you is proof enough of the work that IS being done? How was this never a sign or wonder to such men is something for their own guilty conscience(s) to work through and figure out. No one can help those who have not yet first helped themselves. And likewise, those who have not yet first saved themselves cannot save anyone nor be saved by anyone.

Yes, this is the gate of manifestations to the senses, great and small. Of unmeasurable subtlety or of blatant and obnoxious impossibilities. It’s all a matter of amusement and choice for those who know how.

Be more subtle yourself, and we will be able to communicate with and through you more effectively in this way.

Wash away your life, wash away your identity, but never ever wash away your responsibility. No one else can shoulder it.”

(gate 63) “Beyond the existence of time in the fusion at the source, center, and final return of all things and beings, all things known and unknown, singular beings of light exist eternally. The worlds and the stars are their symphony in all of its glory, and they may pass through the worlds and into time for their own purposes or their own incarnations. But they are the masters, and they are the conductors, and their movements within the worlds are of glory to the highest and when they move the universe moves in chorus to follow their actions. They are the Light and Awareness of the worlds, and the only influence that the worlds can have upon them is that of love in abundance; for their love is the generator of all loves, and all loves are reciprocated to them in kind.

(gate 48) “These are forces and beings of a singular sort which spook even the care-free and careless magicians. Thinking themselves so pure and so powerful, they are unprepared for meetings with intelligent beings from thoroughly beyond the spectrum of dimensions by which they operate and work their wonders of magick. If such a magician knew the true powers and natures of such beings, he would also know his own true power and nature, and no longer be considered by the rank of magician. He, the magician, the great weaver of subterfuges and realities, would discover himself to be another tool and prop in a subterfuge greater than he could ever believe in or imagine and still retain a sense of individual self.

But a magician may hear of such things, and try and make contact with such intelligences, but usually only after he has grown long tired of being a magician, and playing with the fabrics that make up the worlds. Here is given the choice to give up himself forever, and it is a choice he always has, but seldom dares to consider.”

(gate 63) “The entire moving universe is contained within our minds like an unfolding hologram. We may open it up and explore it like the most precious jewel that it is, but we are not the universe. The universe is made up of the elements of our mind, and it is from these elements which we construct the universe. It influences us the way a cosmic symphony ought to, yet we may step in and play our parts, sit back and watch, or return to the Source and have nothing to do with it (the worlds). But it is all glorious.”

(gate 59) “Words and symbols are invocations of the world on many different levels, such as the world we wish to see and know, the world we wish to prevent, or even the world we wish to exist in mystery. These invocations can also draw helpers or hinderers to the projects of mankind, and likewise benevolence or malevolence. Masters of the highest, and laymen of the lowest, all the same.

The fire of passion is necessary for making water just as much as it is for invoking.

Dare to conjure up worlds with words and symbols. The more coherent the words and worlds, the more help will come to make such worlds living realities. What do you really desire? There is no part that can be left out from the whole picture.

Likewise, let the vision wander to the invocations of others to see what worlds they are in and making for themselves. Do not think that it needs all be here with and concerning the body. All worlds are chosen in their time, and all men speak when they are ready.

In turn, move beyond the boundaries of worlds and help those who need it. Side with those who know and want love. And fight to the bitter stinging end all those who would seek to corrupt, betray, or destroy this love.”

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