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It Should Not Be This Strong
by mitch
Citation:   mitch. "It Should Not Be This Strong: An Experience with Cannabis (exp94642)". Nov 19, 2020.

3.5 g smoked Cannabis


My experience into the world of complete hysteria started as a usual night by myself. I usually smoke three hits from my bong and that’s it, tonight was different. I had felt the urge to lose myself in my high.

Very determined I set out and picked up from a friend, he claimed it to be very, very strong and told me to take it easy with it. Marijuana seems to affect me in a more potent way than it does my friends, I’m not sure why but when I smoke it usually last about 8-10 hours, and even after I come down I’m still not at that pristine sobriety. Many people underestimate the power of marijuana; I have experienced things that many other people have only experienced with mushrooms, or LSD. It was 1030 pm my usual smoking time, I had just ground up my three and a half grams, and I had a neat little pile on my desk, so I began to smoke…

The first three hits were very smooth, and I had not felt the effects yet. I went through another 6 hits, I then began to lose concentration on what I was doing, after 5 minutes or so I had a goal in mind, to finish my pile no matter what. By the time I was done I had smoked 23 hits. My peripheral vision had become very dark and I couldn’t speak, my mouth felt like I had just put 5 cotton balls into it. I tried to stand but instantly fell over and onto my floor. I must have laid there for 20 minutes just staring at the fibers, until my cat came over to investigate what I was doing on the floor. I had become convinced he could talk, I began to become paranoid after my cat has said, “time is in no perception to what reality really is” I decided it was time to get up from the floor. I made it to my bed where I tried to concentrate long enough to turn my tv on. It seemed, as though I had watched the same commercial for an hour, it happened to be a knife commercial.

It was 11pm now, this is where everything began to get extreme, I couldn’t see straight my vision was starting to twist and turn and I had trouble differentiating up from down. My vision began to go black starting from my peripherals and slowly working its way to the front, until everything went black, my eyes were not closed but I could not see, I began to become very paranoid, I tried to scream but couldn’t utter a whisper. I tried to get up but I couldn’t move it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and holding my head down. I began to see stars and planets, and other colorful objects around my room, one of my paintings started to melt and drip onto my leg, but there was nothing I could do about it. I could hardly breathe, and began to hyperventilate. I ended up passing out from this; the next morning I woke up with a huge headache, and my tongue had split from being extremely dry.

I have not smoked that much since, nor will I ever again. I still partake but with lesser amounts.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94642
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 19, 2020Views: 376
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Cannabis (1) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Alone (16)

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