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The First Time Felt So Familiar
Citation:   stl1234. "The First Time Felt So Familiar: An Experience with DMT (exp94596)". Jun 9, 2020.

1 bowl smoked DMT
My First AMAZING Experience

Welcome to my very first DMT trip experience! I will do my best to recount what exactly went on during the trip. When I first went into it, I was not planning to write this record of the trip, and therefore am most likely going to forget a great deal of what I experienced. A little background: I have a great deal of experience with all varieties of psychedelics and have been a trip seeker since I was first introduced to the whole culture @ age 19. I meditate occasionally, and I am perpetually seeking inwardly for answers about the nature of my existence and humanity in general. Going into this trip, I was a mix of 90% uncontrollably excited 10% nervous. Anyway, let's dive in.

11:00 pm

Bowl is packed and ready to go in a glass pipe with some marijuana as a buffer. I made the decision to go into the trip sober (as in no weed before hand). Room is about 8x10, with 3 other close friends present. Lights are off, with 6-8 candles burning and no music. I'm on the futon. Atmosphere is as good as any for a spiritual quest, and I am feeling very good about my situation.

11:03 pm

After doing some brief self-contemplation and meditation, I feel I am as ready as I'll ever be to take the hit. The initial plan was to take a medium sized hit, hold it briefly and blow out, and then go back for a second full sized hit. However, about half way through the first hit I decided that I was going to call an audible, and proceeded to take one of the largest single hits of my life. I distinctly remember the first effects of the DMT taking hold simultaneously with my releasing of the smoke. As I eased back into the couch, my vision seemed to become incredibly tunneled and it seemed as though I was passing backwards through a portal, or something similar. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head, and I was gonzo.

Approx 11:04 - 11:12

After this point, I was immediately confronted with what seemed like the option to be separated from any sensations of a body and physical life. I identified this as the moment many people recall from their trips as the 'sensation of dying'. I had told myself going into this that I would embrace it 110%, even if it meant deserting this physical world, and so I gave myself up to the experience. The instant that I embraced what was going on, I was blasted out into this gigantic open space with innumerable symbols, events being played out, people, things, so much was contained within this space. It was in this place that EASILY the most incredible revelation of the entire trip occurred to me. I had been here before, and not just once but SOOO many times. I was finally home, there was no question. Not even an inkling of doubt in my mind. I remember thinking: 'This is why I did this, this experience that I'm having right now. I was meant to be back here again, and I will be here again many times.' After having this thought, and being aware of this thought, I was thrown out even further into this gigantic space and I began to lose the lucidity of the experience. I continued to trip in this space for what seemed like ages, I don't really know as I wasn't perceiving time. The entire duration of time I was in this space, symbols and images I cannot recall anymore where flashed in front of my (eyes?) while I struggled to make sense of any of it. Some things I remember are thinking that I was being rewarded for all of my inward searching day in and day out. Another genuine that I had during the experience was that 'I don't need to worry about my physical life anymore, because when I die I'll be coming back here again'


All of a sudden I can feel the visuals starting to dissolve, and I notice that reality is sort of piecing itself back together. I start to recognize the room as the one I was in before I took the hit, and I begin to recognize that there are other humans in the room with me, although at this point the identities are completely irrelevant to me. I try to look at their faces, but I cannot make out any kind of characteristics that would identify them. Instead of getting confused, I burst out into the most jovial laugh of my life. For the next minute or so, I laughed uncontrollably.


I decide to lay back down and close my eyes, to see if I am still tripping or not. Definitely am still tripping :) I feel a beautiful wave of ecstasy rush over my body, and all I can do to handle it is to let out a gigantic sigh of pleasure.


I lay there for another 30 seconds, and then I decided that the trip must be coming to close by now, so I sat up and re-opened my eyes. This time around, the world looked like the same world I had come to know for the past 21 years of my life. I could recognize my friends very well, and I felt elated that I had returned safely and could begin to try to share my experiences with them. As I was trying to put it in to words for them, I could still feel a mighty trembling going throughout my body, and I knew that I wasn't out of the woods yet. My right leg would go through spells of 20-30 seconds, where it would twitch so fast and consistently that it could be considered 'vibrating', and in fact at some points it felt like my entire physical body was vibrating with this incredible energy that I couldn't resist. One of my friends who has tripped on DMT many times began telling me that this was a common occurrence for him as well, and I hypothesized that perhaps it was the soul/consciousness/whatever reintegrating into the physical body/world. Who knows? :)


My head feels like there is an enormous magnet hovering over it, and it is pulling my brain upwards and out of my skull. I am 100% sober (with the exception of some cannabis) at this point and feeling the happiest I have felt in my life. Literally sitting there with a gigantic smile on my face, just astounded with what happened. My flesh is roasty toasty warm, definitely have a glow going on. It's the most beautiful substance in the world, no question.

Morning After

Well I am still elated with the entire experience, and my interests in I.V. DMT sessions and Ayuhuasca/Changa are now through the roof. If I could take the experience I had last night, and somehow stretch it out over 'hours' in the physical world, I can only imagine how long it might last in the non-physical realm of DMT, as well as all the learning I could do from it. I am left with quite a few interesting thoughts and hypotheses from my experience last night, but I definitely want to try DMT many more times in my life. As a spirituality tool, it is amazing. However, I feel like the longer lasting alternatives like ayuhuasca and changa would lend to more 'learning' from the experience rather than just getting blasted by this incredible experience and then being left 10 minutes later going 'What the fuck just happened?!?!?!' This was something not be missed while on this Earth, that's for damn sure!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94596
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jun 9, 2020Views: 1,125
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DMT (18), OBE (332) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Hangover / Days After (46), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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