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by newtripper
Citation:   newtripper. "Unreality: An Experience with DMT (exp94516)". Erowid.org. Jul 2, 2020. erowid.org/exp/94516

1 hit smoked DMT


Recently I have tried LSD on two occasions, both times with great results, meaning no bad trips. I had asked around for some warning and some suggestions from other users. From what I had learned these two trips were somewhat similar.

I had never tried shrooms as I was younger many of my friends had bad experiences with it in high school and college. I myself have gone to college for five years and I consider myself a very smart individual. I did my homework pre tripping. Read reviews, talked to others who had tried it and from what I had gained it was a good experience. Surprisingly many scientists, mathematicians and educators from my understanding had experimented with this drug.

I had decided that I was going to smoke it freebasing with other experienced trippers and my significant other. Everybody I was with had tried it numerous times so I figured I would be in good hands.

I chose to smoke it sitting down, while making it readily available to lay down if needed. A friend smoked the first hit, waited five minutes while staring off into space unresponsive. We had tried communicating with him to no avail. He stared blankly into space for the first 40 sec. Finally moving his body to look at the walls at around 1:00, when after two minutes saying' wow, it's so beautiful'. Once five minutes had passed and he was able to he served another tripper, I recall how incapacitating it was. Both people had no ability to talk or move. And it had seemed to me that they were ' somewhere' else.

Now it was my turn, I took my hit, it instantly burned the roof of my mouth, after ten seconds I begin to hear a humming noise with a lot of bass to no beat, and kaleidoscopes of bright green, gold, blue and a very vibrant colors all around me. Blinking almost strobe lights surrounded me on all sides. I had lost all motor skills and verbal skills. I left my body, I remember looking down on the four of us and seeing a bright light all around the group. I don't feel that this was the same high as doing LSD. It was more of an out of body experience.

Then everything went to another array of geometric shapes of math configurations and graphs of all different colors all around me

I felt euphoria to the most extreme, I attempted to look around me to see where I was to no avail, I was in space with no body, I felt the ability to see energy like never before. Then everything went dark, I heard the distinctive voice of a recently passed close friend call to me' how long have you been here?' I couldn't answer, I tried. The same person's face appeared from the darkness and said to me as I looked down at my glowing body, ' How long have you been here? ' What happened' and ' are you okay' I would later ask my friends if anybody tried communicating with me to my amazement when they repeatedly replied' no , we just let you trip'. After this recently dead friend had decided that I wasn't supposed to be there, he angrily said' you need to go back' ' you shouldn't be here, you belong down there. Make sure you tell my wife that I love her and take good care of yourself' ' You NEED to go back now, you don't belong here' I wanted so bad to speak to him but was unable.. He said' We will talk later, time to go' I had no feeling of time passing, time wasn't relative to anything in my mind or to him. I remember voices trying to speak to me but I couldn't tell who they were, almost like a group of reporters trying to get an interview all at once!! At this point I was confused. I do remember feeling as if he was protecting me from others trying to talk to me.

I felt the immediate need to leave mentally telling myself to go. Almost immediately I was rushed back to the house where I had taken the hit, I saw my friends and significant other glowing, I felt the need to urinate immediately, so I tried to stand up after seeing the walls in a geometric form in a multitude of colors. I didn't feel like I was on LSD at all, I felt comfortable and an overwhelming sense of relief upon my arrival back home. Flashing lights and geometric forms followed my journey to the bathroom, where I unzipped and tried to urinate, to no avail. I felt relief upon being back home and seeing my friends. Lights, kaleidoscopes and spirals of almost DNA like structure surrounded me as if I was seeing everything in a new light. I went back to the room where I sat down and tried to drink water and calm down. After ten to fifteen minutes ( I timed the high) I felt my vision and my overall state of being begin to return to normal. I decided to drink 3 glasses of water in about 30 minutes afterward to help my mind return to normal. There was no hangover, no ill feeling.

Overall, this experience was enlightening but I would give caution I have tried many drugs as experimental and this was like no other high that I have EVER tried. I can understand why it would scare most people.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94516
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jul 2, 2020Views: 450
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DMT (18), OBE (332) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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