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Numbness, Hallucination, Paranoia
Citation:   Chris. "Numbness, Hallucination, Paranoia: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp9451)". Jan 3, 2005.

500 mg insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
Usually Iíll go to the town about an hour away from where I live and spend around 50$ to 120$ on speed and at the most stay up for 48 hours. That includes eating very small amounts and no sleep at all. Although the last couple of times I spent 48 hours awake I would take a small nap during the first day.

The night started like any other speed binges around 7:00pm, I went to S town, met my friend and after playing pool for a couple of hours waiting for the cooks to be done. We finally got it. It was 2:00am when I started driving home. The speed itself was plenty and a white color with a hint of brown. I was unsure if it was cut but once I snorted it I instantly felt up. No wait periods or nothing. I stayed up all night and the night before I got the speed I didnt sleep hardly at all and Iím usually drinking everyday. The night before the speed I hadent been drinking so I was restless.

Around 12:00am the 'start' of the second night. I had finished it all off and 20 minutes later I started hallucinating really intense. The top of my body and my face had gotten really red and it felt like I was getting a high temperature. At first I thought it was the best feeling in the world, sitting in bed watching the wall doing waves. Shadows and lights were really doing weird things. A bug flying on the blue TV screen looked alot like an eagle flying slowly inside my tv. Wings were very detailed. Cigarette smoke curled in the air took the shape of the mask off of scream.
At the time all of this was happening, I still had a sense of reality but the later it got the more reality slipped away and the last things I remember was looking at my wrist and saying something like 'damn wheres the dope monster? Hes supposed to come and see me for the party. He is late'
I started having problems with parts of my body going numb and falling asleep. I think I finally blacked out and while I was asleep it felt like I was having problems breathing and I woke up all of a sudden with intense paranoia.

I got up and turned the lights on and walked around scared. I would feel my pulse at my neck and at my wrist, It felt like my pulse was slowing down really bad and then speeding up and at that point I would get scared and start jumping around trying to get my pulse up. I finally woke up my parents when my face and hands went numb for awhile. My mom was the first one I talked to who took my blood pressure with this little machine and it kept coming up as Error. I started getting more scared and wanting to call the paramedics. When my dad finally got up he said I was hyperventilating very bad. Apparently I was pacing back in forth and breathing hard. Every once in awhile before that it felt like my heart stopped (couldnt find a pulse) And it would feel like I was fading out.

As soon as I sat down and slowed my breathing down I felt better. My heart rate was still doing weird things and I was still red but the fading stopped and the numbness was going away. The only problem I had after that was when I tried to sleep I would be right at sleeping when for some reason I had problems breathing. My dad said I was trying to control my breathing to much. I think about this time I had slept 20 minutes at the most the whole night and not all at once. It was about 6:00am and reality had totally left and I was still thinking I was going to die. I was finally able to get my dad to watch me sleep for awhile after he finally calmed me all the way down and he said my breathing had gotten very very shallow but when I woke up later I felt better. I still had shallow breathing for the next 3 nights. But I lived.

Things I did when I suspected an overdose:

1. I've heard of stroke being one of the overdose problems. And the symptoms of stroke was numbness of face and hands, Also intense headache. I took an aspirin which is a blood thinner being that a stroke is basically blood clogging in the veins of the brain.

2. Started eating and trying to get nutrients in my body which had a good calming effect.

3. I was dehydrated so I drank a little water making sure I didnt drink too much because of water poisoning (low salt content in body) I also ate a few salty snacks (dorritos) along with the water.

4. The next couple of days I took Geritol complete (vitamin) and ate plenty of fruits and vegetables with very little meat.

Theres more to say about all this but I think this is the most important. I think it was the absolute worst feelings in the world and definitely a bad trip. I overdosed on Coricidin once and went to the hospital. But the overamp on speed was 100 times worse. Not saying coricidin is safer. Another problem with me was a very hard time urinating. There thats it!

All I have to say now is please watch yourself and watch your dope. It will hurt you if your not careful and do eat something every once in awhile. I believe the paranoia had something to do with no sleep but Iím not sure of anything. Iím sure speed is something not to toy with and I will never touch it again. Rather be an alchoholic then go through that shit again.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9451
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2005Views: 41,123
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Methamphetamine (37) : Overdose (29), Bad Trips (6), Alone (16)

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