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The Truth Behind Smoke and Mirrors
Cacti - T. bridgesii & 25I-NBOMe
by Captain Haddock
Citation:   Captain Haddock. "The Truth Behind Smoke and Mirrors: An Experience with Cacti - T. bridgesii & 25I-NBOMe (exp94431)". Erowid.org. Jan 25, 2012. erowid.org/exp/94431

  oral Cacti - T. bridgesii (extract)
    oral 25I-NBOMe  
    smoked Cannabis  


The only reason I am submitting this is because there is very little literature regarding Achuma and 25i-nbome is very new, have not found a single report regarding the combination.

Duration of entire effects:9:00pm-4:00pm two days later

Setting: My apartment-the town we drove to and my friendís house

Mindset: fairly placid going in, was thinking a lot about death/afterlife and have always wondered about the true nature of reality previous

Preparation of Chimora (Achuma Cactus tea): 2 days of freezing and unthawing cactus and collecting juice from thaw, blended, added to highly acidified water (lemon juice) simmered on low and strained after 1-3 hours for 3-4 times, only included xylem, no woody core, no skin, froze for a week until decided to ingest. Lemon juice and brown sugar added to mask flavor.

Iím a naturally strange person, so maybe this experience in combination will not be the same for others. Notable potency: making this stuff got me high, did not drink more than a sip, I have HPPD though so itís hard to tell. My friend ate some of the strained material and drank a small amount of the tea the day after, purged within an hour but still reported activity.

The day started out driving through fog and listening to mogwai (Mr.Beast), I picked up my friends from a town down the highway, some weed, some beer and drove back to drink the strange brew. Spent the night un-freezing the stuff and smoking a little weed as my friends got drunk and had hi-jinks. I started drinking the stuff at 9, mesc fully kicks in 2-hours later but I always feel cactus a little bit as soon as it hits my stomach, call it placebo or chalk it up to the other phens or betacarbolines contained in the weird prickly cucumber god that is Achuma. I promised my friend I would take him back home before I started tripping, but that didnít work out very well. One friend volunteered to drive as he was the only one who knew how to drive my car other than me. Off the bat I got down a third of the bottle that contained the concentrated aqueous extraction of 2 feet of cactus. I gave the rest to my friends and said ďhave at itĒ as I was de-thawing the brew another homie of mine called and wanted to know if I wanted to chill, I said I would love to but I was at my apartment and very far away from our home town, he didnít seem to mind. He called me and I had to meet him in my parking lot to direct him in, this took a long time, I stood sipping my weird juice watching the streetlights begin to brighten and reality shimmer, seemingly with the wind as the beauty of the void hypnotically come to blossom like Cthuluís telepathic call given the incarnation of a magnolia.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

My friend was tripping and driving (I found this out when I finally found him as he was driving sporadically around the complex). When we met up he pulled two jugs out of his trunk, one was 25-i, the other was flurazepam, he was on both. I offered him mesc, but he declined. When I got back, he was there for a couple seconds, dosed somebody with a syringe in the mouth with flurazepam (sublingual administration of powder broken down into a solvent, aqueous/isoprophyl/base for sedative, acid for nbome) none of my friends other than one I shall call A. seemed to have gotten much down. I poured another cup, drank it fast, allowed them to keep sipping, then as we left poured another. As (letís call guy with jugs A.T.) A.T. decided to go get some more brews, we had to figure out how to get my friend home. Mesc makes me better at driving (never drive on drugs, it endangers others) but I was venturing into unfamiliar territory so at first I was reluctant. My one friend who had volunteered to drive was drunk and had been the one to be dosed, as well as the fact that he couldnít drive back and someone had to wait for A.T. at my place, B. decided to stay at my place and wait as I drove my friends back to town.(never drive on drugs, it endangers others)

I think before I got into the car is when I dosed the 25i, remember asking for it but vaguely recall how it got into my system, I remember a chemical taste in my gums and perhaps even dosing twice but I think I convinced myself I didnít do any before I drove so I wouldnít fuck up my driving. That is why the amount is unknown, I had forgotten throughout the night I had even consumed any and was reminded only a few months later by A.T.. So I drove okay until my friend(A.) had to go to his house to get his medication, we had shared the final cup on the way back. I took a piss and realized the shit was really kicking in, my hands felt very tingly, with my eyes closed it seemed like I was looking into the sparkling satire of the womb a sadistic cactus will put behind your eyelids, with them open everything seemed to become foreign and pulsating, lightning surged through my body and I became dizzy and scared. He got back into the car and I knew that now it was a race against time as I made the long treck home(would have stayed here but I was the only person with keys to my place and had to lock up as well as the fact that my friends were still waiting.)

Everything was somewhat alright until the last few pages of the journey, when a certain chilling creeping feeling like the rattle of a diamondback sending cold vibrations through my tissue took hold and I knew the drug in my body was going to kick my ass and turn my brain into a basketball full of holes for every bump surging with entheogenic lighting shot from a disco ball turned on in the center, as I neared my apartment I prayed I would make it back alive, there was still a lot of fog and driving sober would have been disorienting. When I returned I felt the basketball exploding and staggered to the bathroom to induce vomiting. A.T. had put half of both jugs through his gums and was tripping face, A. wasnít feeling the mesc as hard yet and just felt a little dopey from drinking with florazepam, B. seemed a little demented but that is his natural humour. It was either Raul Duke or Huxley that said when good mescaline hits you itís just like Bang! Zing! Pow! youíre there and colors are increased a million fold, that is at least how I described it to A.T.. A.T. was talking about where he got the chems and described it as z,f, pound, dash x, html, or basically computer jargon nonsense and B. broke into hysterical cackling for some weird reason.

Then we decided to drive to an old friends house whom none of us had seen other than once after he left town, A.T. was driving and it was strange because he was talking shit on him at the beginning of the night. I jokingly asked B. if he had been date raped and he jokingly? replied he was unsure. As soon as I stepped once more out into the night everything turned horrifying, it was all this weird fight club twist ending and A.T. was going to legally rape, torture, murder and sell us to extraterrestrials as he was secretly the complimentary psychopath villain of our movie plot lives, I was hesitant about leaving no doubt but was very used to mind games and my friends assured me we would be fine. The drive back was very sped up, A.T. was driving pretty good except really fast. I think the whole trip took a serial killer/Palahniuk motif because of how many times me and my friends had watched serial killer documentaries and fight club tripping as well as all of the countless pieces of literature by Palahniuk and/or involving serial killers I had read in the past year or 2. (Kind of an obsession)

As we were driving back I could feel the trip massage my brain banana in ways only Dmt had before, so to say it felt like I was connected to a cosmic matrix and was simply the transceiver for this giant radio signal comprised of a quantum wave function, as well as part of this organic machine capable of anything and everything, I could feel the drug slithering itís tendrils through my beaten up basketball of a brain. A.T. had a control panel connected his phone and ipod in his car and when he called people I was reminded of thumbprints and toxic waste, he put on techno and it scared the shit out of me, it was like the whole thing was like, ďso you thought you had done it all hugh? Well welcome to the future bitch!Ē We stopped at a parking lot near my friendís house and I felt as if, because I had lost my lighter unless I could smoke a cigarette I was about the enter some kind of extraterrestrial/hellraiser like scene from hostel if I didnít beat A.T. into a pulp. Instead I just decided to get out and away from the confusion and techno, my friends did the same.

I got a pack of matches from a gas station on the way and lit up a smoke, we ran into a random party/rave thing and stayed for 3 minutes tops because it just seemed like a bunch of strangers standing around, and only knew the two people who brought us there who then disappeared. The visuals were very much like the art from the movie alien or hellraiser, seemed like salvia hallucinations, tentacles with crab faces and one eye, sprouting feathers or gills from the sides of their alien head, visuals never bother me as much as mindfuck or bodybuzz so that was alright. Scariest thing was as we were walking back I started wondering if my friends and I were actually just schizophrenic representations of each otherís mind and that was disturbing. When we got back A. puked and finally started tripping, he was rather impressed. We smoked some bud outside and I decided this was my last trip(as if). Then B. went to sleep, apparently he and A.T. got into an argument about drugs because B. had quit everything aside from drinking and smoking, A.T. really wanted him to drink his drugs, he apparently tried putting them in his drink twice or something and B. just decided to fake it as he had poured out his drink. I donít know what happened that is just what B. had revealed as we were walking back, terrible first impression but a good thing he wasnít as violent as he used to be. A. and I decided to watch a movie.

Megamind was put in for a little bit, as we go into the room for the film the floor seemed to have semi-transparent blue/magenta gelatinous energy drifting upwards and the entire area became very choppy like it was all water with different layers of my image flowing throughout an entheogenic storm, since I got back to my apartment everything glimmered like amethyst/sapphire with flakes of gold and perhaps glimmers of emerald. Throughout the night it seemed like I was looking through a really distorted rarefacted projecter, as if everything were a dome like representation of itself. Eventually the whole schizophrenic representation of each other thing came back and it seemed like I had come to the realization that everyone was such a thing, A. (who reported some of the best visuals of his life with much more lucidity than anything else who had consumed ľ-1/3 my portion of cactus) was watching a video by Eckhart Tolle talking about our thoughts killing us and consciousness simply finding a different medium. Then watched something explaining bhuddism for dummies talking about the universe tricking itself into thinking it was separate entities through other people.

It all felt like ancient magic, one big mind fuck feeling like salvia smoked on more acid than I had ever consumed or a truly psychedelic take on the psychotic wonderland offered by dissociatives. I thought A. had lost his mind and was in denial and thought every time he talked he was hinting at some realization I needed to come to in order to save existence. I remember feeling like a scumbag, like the drug had shown me the worm of my mortal life, I remember coming to the conclusion that in order to perceive itself the universe had to trick itself into being aware, that was the hard problem of consciousness.(the past few years I had looked into quantum mechanics, qualia science, substance dualism, things of that nature, I had a novel understanding of the science of consciousness and particle physics on up to M-theory and developments beyond) Having realized this I had caused the apocalypse, everyone would become a serial killer and our thoughts would kill us off destroying the conscious universe and life as we know it. I have been manipulated a lot throughout my life and have struggled with as well as having been fascinated by the subject of manipulation or mind games. I thought I had seen death and realized the secret behind smoke and mirrors, I had also recently watched a video by Ramachandran and looked into the origin of consciousness in the bicameral mind by Julian Jaynes.

I basically figured all of life was a mind game and once you realized this, game over. It was like the feeling of cold chunks of an astronauts brain shot out of his skull to drift through space, it was like staring into a black hole, and it all seemed to be narrated by Edward Norton from fight club. I would describe it as ++++ visually, ++++ euphoria other than slimy body buzz, ++++ mindfuck, perhaps only +++ dissociation as I have left my body on dissociatives, tryptamines, and salvia, but was simply trapped in my thoughts for this episode. Not as bad of a mind fuck as acid for me, not everybody is effected the same and I think my family has a sensitivity to Lysergic derivatives, fun as hell but higher levels always feel a little too chemical/hormonal/schizophrenic for my liking. Had like 20 false comedowns, night went by in a matter of minutes it seemed like, went outside and admired the morning light, everything seemed just like a morning for any other psychedelic trip, covered in spiderwebs of diamond goo and very clear and sharp. I was scared if didnít trick myself into forgetting I had realized ďthe truth behind smoke and mirrorsĒ I would have to fight Ďtil the death everyone I had ever known.

I remember thinking I could never sleep again because casually smoking DMT in the past (still have and ever since have had trouble discerning reality from dreams) had made me realize the secret of dreams (DMT is not proven to be dream chemical by the way, it would make sense but the jury is still out) I remember calling my friend whom I hadnít seen in a while and had only talked to on the cell phone recently to for some reason verify he was not a delusion. I was very concerned for my family and thought maybe A.T. had raped and killed them because they were not returning my calls, they were alright, at one point I thought maybe my friend was the angel of death because he looked very skinny(could suck his ribs into a skeletal shape) was talking about eating only junk food and disliked the woods, he also liked black and is kind of pale, very nice person would never eat me and B.ís soul but that is what I thought at the time. Visuals kind of subsided throughout the next day, not as intense as before, but delusions persisted until I fell asleep. I thought I had made myself insane forever and swore off the stuff for good, smoking weed brought me back up everytime and the woods were magical and sometimes scary. Fell asleep again after waking up the next day and getting a ride back to my place.

After waking up for the 2níd time I felt like I had been squeezed out of yet another weird conveyer belt space ship bladder of a trip. 25i-nbome and mescaline has been described as the best psychedelic combination, 25i-nbmome and mescalito? In high amounts most certainly not for the faint of heart. Over all some residual effects but nothing too permenant. Felt alright after a week or two, other than the fact that I can never unsee what has been seen.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 94431
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jan 25, 2012Views: 4,068
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25I-NBOMe (542), Cacti - T. bridgesii (448) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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