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Depersonalizing Worlds upon Worlds
DMT & Synthetic Cannabis
by NNDavid
Citation:   NNDavid. "Depersonalizing Worlds upon Worlds: An Experience with DMT & Synthetic Cannabis (exp94374)". Jun 18, 2013.

30-35 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
  1 bowl smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (plant material)


I had come into contact with DMT for the first time in my life. I was not very experienced with psychedelics, with the only one I had used somewhat often being 2C-E. I had a fair amount of DMT but was disappointed to missfire the first few times I tried to do it. After trying to vaporize it in a lightbulb without success, I decided to try the sandwich method.

I had around 35 milligrams of DMT (white powder that was sparkly enough it was obviously crushed crystal) that I had put into a small container and shook with Cloud Nine, a type of synthetic weed I had on me. Although all synthetic weed is probably bad for you, I've found Cloud Nine to be the least harmful feeling one, being most similar to real weed except for a strange body-high. It's much better than brands like Mr. Nice Guy, which I believe is sprayed with bath salts and really trips you out.

What my friend and I did is that we each packed half of the cloud nine that had 35 mgs of DMT into the bowl, on top of that put half of a pre-measured 30 milligrams of powder, and covered the powder with regular cloud nine. I'm estimating that we each got between 30 and 35 milligrams. Although it was mixed with synthetic weed, the strength of DMT and the fact that it was just a few hits makes me feel that it didn't have too much of an impact of the trip, none of what happened resembled my experience with the cloud nine.

I was sitting in a treehouse with my friend behind me as a sitter. I took as many hits of it as I could, and heard the high pitched noise getting higher and higher that frequently starts DMT trips (as I've read.) I tried to speak, and mumbled that I was hearing the high pitched buzz rising and rising.

My memory of the experience is not very clear. However, it was not like most of the trips I read about. I don't have particular memories about meeting supreme beings or entities, or about large structures. The first effect that happened I believe, was that everything I was looking at outside became bright patterns of shapes, in a stained glass window effect. Similar to the cover of the album Day & Age by The Killers, except to the point I couldn't recognize things as in the real world. Then, I forgot everything. In my mind, I was living entire other realities. I was an Egyptian prince, or a magical sorcerer, lots of entire lives in alternate realities, most of them not of our planet, let alone our race. I lived through entire lives, beginning to end. Whenever I would get to a new world, I would recognize and remember everything immediately and think 'Of course, how could I have forgotten about this? I've been here before, this is the real world.' or would at the very least remember being there from a dream, always countless times.

At one point, everything was just bright, glowing neon forms, geometric shapes floating in space. In retrospect, things looked a little bit like the Nintendo Ds version of the videogame Galaxy Wars, but I only say that to find something to compare it to, at the time it was my entire life, everything, reality forever. It was as if they were ascended beings. I've heard about beings that are higher than us not needing physical bodies and just being clouds of consciousness, and it seemed a bit like that. Everything was dark and the real world was just large, neon colored bright squares and triangles and hexagons and octagons floating and communicating telepathically. I wish I could remember more of the lives I lived and worlds I visited, I remember the feeling of entering a reality and thinking 'Oh my god this is real, how could I have forgotten about all this' more than what it actually was.

There were times it was very scary. I remember thinking that I could be trapped here forever. It felt like a cycle, like I was infinitely returning to all of these worlds. I don't remember particular visuals as in exactly what I was looking at for much of it, just the entire picture. But I vividly remember entering a world and thinking I had been dreaming, having nightmares of it countless times before and had always forgotten. When something happened in the real world (for example, my friend saying 'stay here') it would repeat over and over and over. The event would happen, and then I'd fade out into another dimension or plane or past life or whatever those things were, and after spending a lifetime there the same event would repeat in the real world and I would remember that he existed. Over and over I would find out my whole life and existence was the figment of my imagination in another reality, such as if you were to wake up and there are no such things as names or humans or planets or animals and you find out your entire universe was a dream or daydream.

When I first came back, I was confused beyond belief. I had no idea who or what I was. When I saw my friend (who looks nothing like me) I asked him, 'Are you me? Am I looking at myself?' and eventually remembered my name but had no idea what a name was. I felt like I was in a videogame, like Portal, just dropped into a fake world with my memories wiped. The idea that I was a human being, that I lived on Earth and had a house and a backyard, it slowly came back to me. At first I refused to believe it, the idea that all of everything was me trapped in this body living this life felt as cheap and hollow as finding out you live in a children's cartoon. With the few words I could muster, I kept saying 'I can't believe this is the ultimate reality', but 'I can't believe' in a literal way, as in I actually didn't believe it.

I felt like I was in a jungle when I first got back, things looked indescribable, every single object resembled the aura of an ancient pyramid of Egypt, with that size and detail, like every single thing was an enormous meticulous monument chiseled out of marble. I was in my backyard but sat still thinking that the trees and branches were physically trapping me. Eventually I figured out how to climb down, thinking at first I would fall. By the time I got down I was back in the real world mostly, when my friend said I left my wallet and phone up there I knew what those things were and went back to get them. But the part of the trip that most stuck with me was forgetting that I was a human and forgetting all of reality, and when I got back being incredulous of my life actually being, this.

My friend said I was up there around ten minutes. I had no more than 35 milligrams, so this wasn't a high dose, I plan on doing 50 milligrams in a week or so. Another friend who has done DMT more than I says the second trip is better because you're more aware, I'm looking forward to doing it again and would probably try to do it purely on its own, the few hits of Cloud Nine could be the reason I don't remember very much.

One thing to stress is that although the trip itself may only be seven minutes or less, you're actually out of it for a considerable amount longer when you come back, I wouldn't say you're back to being 'sober' for at least half an hour after your first hit. I'm not depressed, and have never felt particularly out of my skin before, so although the trip was scary in parts, especially feeling trapped, coming back and having no recollection of my entire life, not willing to believe that I was really a human, that was the most dramatic and interesting part of the trip.

I never laid down or anything like I expected, I spent the trip basically in a trance, sitting up but not seeing the real world. This was just be though, it's not always like this.

I'm writing this about 24 hours after it happened, if I have a more normal 'talks to aliens and meets god and rides giant insects on dna spirals learning the secrets of the universe' trip in the future I'll try to write a report on it, but this was my first experience as best I can describe it.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 94374
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Jun 18, 2013Views: 4,884
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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